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Want to be featured on the Writers and Authors blog? #GuestPost

Want to be featured on the Writers and Authors blog?

Submit your guest post for publication on the blog.

N.B. These guidelines are here for a reason. Please follow them when sending your submission. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in your post being rejected (this is valid for both individual authors and those submitting through tour companies).

Disclosure (and why I host you for free): I use my Amazon Associate link to point to your books in the posts. That way, if someone clicks on it and downloads it, I get a percentage of anything that person ends up buying within 24 hours of clicking the link. That’s how Amazon Associate works ;)

Free advertisement for you… and all you had to do was submit your content. It’s a win-win situation.


Please keep on topic. Writers and Authors readers are interested in articles about/related to writing, the writing industry, events for writers, how to, marketing both on and offline, time management, etc...

Although you are welcome to use your own experience as an example, guest posts should be geared towards offering advice to other writers and NOT just be an elaborate authors bio. The interview feature is for 'getting to know the author'. 

All guest posts must be original content.

Articles should be between 400 and 800 words. I will however consider longer posts, and may break them up and use them as a series of posts.

This is currently a non-paying market, although this may change in the future. 

Want to be featured on the Writers and Authors blog? #GuestPost Writers and Authors is for all levels and therefore welcomes submissions from both experienced and beginner writers.

All submissions should be sent in the body of an email to with "guest post" in the subject line. Send in plain text. No indents etc. Verdana 12. One line spacing between paragraphs.

Include an author byline with your web-link. NOTE: You may only include a maximum of 2 links and they must be directly relevant to the post e.g. to your author website or the product page for your book. ALL guest posts MUST include an author byline.

Please make sure you submit an author photo to be posted with your article. Images should be sent as jpeg attachments.  Tour banners and a book cover are also welcome.

Copyright should be that of the writer submitting the article. Copyright will remain with the author.

Currently particularly interested in (but not limited to) posts about:

- Ways to Build Traffic To Your Author Website or Blog
What Everyone Ought To Know About Publishing a Book
- Ways To Sell More Books For the Holidays
- Reasons To Relaunch Your Book
- Pre-Publication Marketing
- Lessons About Writing You Need To Learn To Succeed
Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Publishing
- Writing Strategies For Beginners
13 Myths About Writing A Book
Warning: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Author Brand
5 Incredibly Useful Marketing Tips For Authors
- The Most Common Self Publishing Mistakes To Avoid - Using NetGalley to Promote Your Books
- 10 Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors
- Top 3 self-publishing mistakes – and how to avoid them
- 10 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing
- Social media – the pros and cons for writers
- How to crowdfund your book
- How To Be Pitch Perfect
- Amazon Giveaways
- Self Published Authors and B&N
Things to Consider Before You Turn Your Book Into an Audiobook
A Self-Published Author? How to Distribute Your Books Offline
- A Guide to Author Websites
- The Raise of Mobile-Reading and implications for Authors/Publishers
- Publishing through Smashwords, Kobo, etc...
- Using Book Subscription Boxes to Promote Your Books
- Selling Books Directly Through Your Author Website
- Author Newsletters (types, content ideas, etc..)
- Tips for working with an illustrator
- Finding an Agent
- Tips for getting offline sales
- Tips for getting reviews
Writing a Book Proposal
- Using social media to pitch your book
- How to craft a query letter
- Tips for formatting your manuscript
- Legal issues for Authors
- Book Clubs
- Talk about paper vs computer, and how you write your first draft.
- Making the most of book ads throughout the year (Amazon, Facebook, etc...)
- Top Tips For New Writers
- Advice on Writing a Series
- The Writers Toolkit
- Selling Books Internationally
- How To Pitch To Book Bloggers
- Your Author Business Plan
- Self Publishing Best Practices
- How To Host A Book Tasting
- YouTube For Authors
- How To Write A Killer Book Blurb

- Openings and endings
- Backstory
- Plotting 
- Things You Need To Know About Writing INSERT GENRE HERE.
- How To Write a Synopsis For Your Novel
- How To Organise Your Editing
- Adding Emotional Depth To Your Characters
- How To Create A Revision Plan For Your Novel
- 5 rules for setting a writing goal you’ll stick to
- How to write a memoir that matters
- Ways to overcome procrastination and beat writers’ block
- How to write a winning book proposal
- Best Books For Writers

- From Page To Stage and/or Screen

How do you keep your ideas organised? Do you use an outline? Note cards? Spreadsheets? Talk about how you manage all the information for a given writing project.
- Your favourite writing advice: What have other writers said that inspired you to keep going? Pass their meaningful words along in a blog post.

A few things to keep in mind

Please DO NOT send multiple emails to follow up on your submission. If you followed the guidelines above correctly I will contact you via email to let you know the date of posting and the permalink for the post. If you don't hear back from me within a month of sending me your submission chances are you didn't follow the guidelines and therefore will not be featured on site. 

The editorial calendar tends to fill up a month or two in advance so please keep in mind that your post may not be posted to the website the same month you submit your materials. If you are planning a book tour and would like your post to be scheduled during a particular time frame please let me know when submitting your content and I will do my best to post it during that time. If not, it will be posted on the next available day on the calendar.