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Cost is €30 for a side bar banner per 30 day period. €20 for Featured Book of the Month banner (valid for calendar month).

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Review items WILL NOT BE RETURNED. If for some reason we don't like your product, we will get in touch with you before posting a negative review. You will then have the option to cancel the review post, or allow us to post all aspects (including negative) of the product in our review.


Sponsors are responsible for shipping the giveaway prize to the winner. Please do not mail the giveaway prize to us along with the review product. If the giveaway product is sent to the reviewer, we will not be responsible for shipping it to the winner or shipping it back to the sponsor. After the giveaway has ended, the winner’s information will be provided to the sponsor, and the sponsor will be responsible for shipping the prize.

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What is the difference between a guest post and a sponsored post? 

A guest post is an article offering information, tips, and advice. The only links included are in the bio at the end of the post. These links are generally to the authors website, book purchasing page, or the authors selected social media accounts. 

use my Amazon Associate link to point to your books in the posts. That way, if someone clicks on it and downloads it, I get a percentage of anything that person ends up buying within 24 hours of clicking the link. That’s how Amazon Associate works ;)

Free advertisement for you… and all you had to do was submit your content. It’s a win-win situation.

A sponsored post talks about specific services/products and contains links in the text to services and/or products. It is an article written as an advertisement for specific services/products.

N.B. If you do not have an amazon link for your book, yours is a sponsored post.

How is payment made?

Via the paypal buttons above. Just select your chosen advertising option and click add to cart. 

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