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My single most important advice to new writers

My single most important advice to new writers, guest post by P.F. Citizen One

My name is Citizen One: I am a writer and I work as a Petroleum Engineer; this has enabled me to travel to many different countries and meet amazing people who have shared their stories with me.

My single most important advice to new writers, guest post by P.F. Citizen One
My single most important advice to new writers is the following: ‘’write the book, the stories you would like to read’’. This is what I did with my book: Unexpected-Short stories from around the world. I wanted to write the type of stories that I would enjoy reading: true life stories. At first, you feel like you've heard these stories many times before, until you read the ending. This is true life—unexpected.

Unexpected is a collection of true life short stories. Unexpected-Short stories from around the world features seven thought-provoking, humorous and engaging stories that end with the most unlikely twist.

It tells you about the brevity of life and the necessity to cherish what you have. Each story is unique and helps readers to be aware that regardless of what is going on in their lives, at any given time, something unexpected (good or bad) could completely change their life.

 In one of the stories, The Wedding Contract, a man who was forced to sign a pre-nuptial agreement simply because his wife was wealthy and he was considered poor. As time went on, fortunes changed and the man became far wealthier than his wife. His wife and friends dreaded the worst from him because of his new financial position but what he did next was shocking.

 Unexpected-Short stories from around the world is available in Kindle format on at the following link : I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did.

My single most important advice to new writers, guest post by P.F. Citizen One
P.F. Citizen One is a writer. He works as a petroleum engineer, which requires a lot of traveling to different countries, and he uses the situations and varied people he has come across as an inspiration for his great love of writing. His interest in travel has meant that he has picked up some useful languages along the way, and he is now fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German, allowing him to go just about anywhere and still be understood. Most of the time. He lists his great fear as ''being stranded alone on a desert island'' and, as a result, he avoids traveling by boat whenever he can.
P.F. Citizen One’s new book, Unexpected, was published on October 7th and is a book of short stories, inspired by his travels throughout the world and the people he has met.

Catch Up With P.F. Citizen One on his Website & on Facebook!

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