10 Top Book Writing Tips for Beginners

10 Top Book Writing Tips for Beginners, guest post by Alyssa Johnson

Every person has the interesting story to tell. In some time, the idea to share it comes to mind. But how to do that? Some people decide to search the net writing “I want to write a book, where do I start?”.

There are many articles by famous authors and bloggers who have achieved success in their careers. They are ready to give the pieces of advice. Surely, many men, many minds, but I have chosen the top ten common points:

1.    Idea. Think about the idea you want to write about. This may be the question, which influenced you much, or the one you want to put. It is also about the actuality – will the reader accept it or not.

2.    Dedication. You have to decide for whom you are writing the book. The real person may inspire and coach. Also, make the white pages look not that scary at the beginning.

3.    Title. It is the best description for the book, it is the face of all your work. The title can be working but you are able to change it to the current one lately. It is also the initial point you will make story circles around.
The title is a saying, which expresses the plot in two/ three words. Be careful, because it is the first what a person is going to see.

4.     Volumes. Make it short – no more novels in style of Charles Dickens. They are not popular nowadays. The format of a blog is more suitable for the demanding bookworm at present.

It is all about the current literature style, which is called post-modern. It requires freshness and rhythm – a kind of similar to the rapid modern life. That means the reader will have not much time to be involved in deep essential transformations of your heroes. 

5.    Impression. Write your book amusingly. Capture attention with the “word waves” – firstly, impress and then help to calm down. The useful tool will be short sentences and bright description to each process, which takes place between lines. Remember, that bright does not always mean long. “Write shortly. Write clear. Write sincerely.” as one author wrote once.

6.     Language. Your story is supposed to flow slightly from one page to another without any “rough corners” and moments. There is a suggestion you may forget but not completely about the grammar rules and style stuff. It is because of the “author voice” you are welcome to follow. Just leave the corrections to the editor.

7.    Characters. The problem is imagination is sometimes unbelievably wide. And so to express even a small idea the extended number of characters is needed. The reader will simply lose the time trying to remember their names. Some of them may be even forgotten and the time passes in the book.

8.    Word confusion. The steps to writing a good book include many points but, probably, the most significant is language usage. You have to avoid repetition and as a result, prevent the reader from being bored.

9.    Mood. Try to express the mood and feelings of characters in the dialogue. That is what attracts the eye mostly. Dialogue is something private and even intimate, closed from the author’s eye.

Here one more point should be also mentioned. Do not confuse writing from the first and second person. Arrange this question for yourself when getting started.

10.  Read like a reader. If continuing the topic about the author and his role in the characters living, it is definitely important. Nevertheless, when you have done everything needed, put away the pencil. The next your task will be to read the story like a reader.

Being completely away from the author’s thoughts and the changes is hard but necessary. Yes, they are still possibly to be done, but the book partly belongs to the world now. You are not the only owner, the time to show it to the audience has already come.

This tips on writing a book is a short summary of that pieces of advice one is able to find and get freely. But that was connected with it being created, What about the promotion? You have to look for the additional information. Surely the biggest market is the global network. Do not lose your chance!

To sum up, find yourself in literature – among words, between lines, inside the pages. Do not be afraid of being open to other people sharing emotions freely. Remember, that they also fulfil your life.

Alyssa Johnson is a blogger and freelance writer for Aaustralianwritings whose priority values are hardworking and sense of purpose


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