W&A Readathon

The W&A readathon will take place this June.

When is it?
6-10th June 2011

What is it?
A whole week to read as many books as possible.

Many people, including writers, find it hard to make time to read. With everyone having such busy lives taking time to sit and read often takes the back seat. The idea of the W&A readathon is to encourage people to pick up a book more often and wake up their enjoyment of reading.

How does it work?
During the week 6-10th June you post to W&A the titles of the books you have read during the week. Posts during that week will all be related to reading in some way.

By posting the titles of the books people have read we will see if any books prove more popular than others, get ideas for books to read ourselves and see how many books we manage to read during the event.

So what books are on your reading list?
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Video: Book Marketing on a Budget- Planning a Book Marketing Campaign that Works

Stacey Cochran discusses for Henry Hutton and publishandsell.com how he constructed his book marketing campaign for his novel CLAWS. This is must-view material for all aspiring writers on a budget, who want to hear creative ways to make people aware of their books without breaking the bank.

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12 rules for writers

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Video: How to make a Facebook fan page

Facebook fan pages can be created for virtually anything - for celebrities, athletes or for specific events or businesses. Creating a fan page isn't difficult, but you do need a general idea of how Facebook works to pull it off successfully. You'll need to log on to Facebook using your personal account information, head to the advertising section to create the page and then decide specifics for how you want to design the page. 

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Site of Interest : Freelance Writing Gigs

This weeks site of interest is http://www.freelancewritinggigs.com/


Freelance Writing Jobs was purchased by Splashpress Media from Deb Ng, who spent five years developing one of the leading website for freelance writers to learn, grow, and discuss issues, questions, and more.  Today, author and marketing professional Susan Gunelius is the editor of Freelance Writing Jobs, and a team of highly experienced writers from around the world contribute to  content and conversations you’ll find here.  Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a beginner, the information you need to be a successful writer is at your fingertips here on Freelance Writing Jobs!

The site is packed with useful information. categories include, to name a few:

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Interview with Cheryl Bousquet

  • What made you become a writer?
I always felt a connection to written and spoken word. I believe words hold great power and have the ability to encourage, support, inspire, heal and illuminate one's soul. I knew being able to put words on paper that bring something to another person's life was a gift I'd been given and embrace it fully.
  • If you weren't a writer what would you be?
A full time softball coach
  • Tell us a bit about your latest book
My 3rd book, Princess Behind The Wall is a collection of poetry inspired by the journey's and stories of abused women. It speaks of their struggles, the pains, their battles and their strength, as they come out the other side to a place of love, freedom and empowerment.
  • Did you design the cover yourself or have it made for you?
Actually, I recruited a good friend and talented photographer, Laurie Luark to design the cover. We also incorporated the eyes of Rhonda Wagner Cramer in the artwork as she was the inspiration behind many of the books poems.
  • How do you promote your writing?
I use a variety of online and direct marketing. Traffic exchanges, safe lists and text ads, e zines, forums and online groups have worked well for me. I solicit sponsorships from local businesses, do some bartering as well as direct mailing, poetry readings, door to door fliers and free classified ad sites. 
  • What are your tips for others writers?
Embrace your gift and do whatever it takes to tell your story or the stories around you. Write from that place within yourself that allows the words to flow and don't get bogged down in the "right or wrong" way to write. Write about what inspires you and you're passionate about and others will be passionate about your work.
  • Where can people find out more about you and your writing?
They can visit my website at www.cherylbousquet.info or my Facebook fan page at
  • Anything else you'd like to add?
I'd like to thank Writers And Authors for providing such a great format and resource to writers and their readers alike. 
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Top tips for how to make it in publishing

The publishing industry is a popular career choice. Jobs in the industry can be rewarding, interesting and flexible. But they are also notoriously difficult to get. If you're looking to get your first break in publishing, read on for some inside information on how to do it.

First, think about which area of publishing you might like to work in. The publishing industry is vast, and covers books, journals, newspapers and magazines. All of these are published in print and electronically. Within each sector, there will be editorial staff, writers, production staff, researchers, marketers and a host of other niche and support jobs. Think carefully about which area you want to enter. Although there is some crossover, the skills needed for each can be very different, and it might not be possible to switch later in your career.

Regardless of the area you want to enter, publishing companies will expect you to demonstrate an ability to use the English language well and a strong interest in the area that they publish in. Most publishing jobs, even entry level administrative jobs, require a degree. This doesn't need to be in English, but it should demonstrate your ability to write well and possibly be in a subject relevant to the publisher's specialism. Some large publishing companies and media groups run graduate training schemes, although they tend to be very competitive. Taking an administrative or support role in the area you want to work in and moving up from there is an accepted route into the industry, particularly in book and journal publishing. If you're not a new graduate, but looking to change career, you could consider entering the industry through freelance work as an editor, proofreader or writer. While it will take time to build up contacts, with the right training and some hard work, you can be successful. Courses run by The Publishing Training Centre are considered to be the industry standard and will help you get your first break. The Bookseller, Publishing News, and The Guardian are key publications in which to look for jobs in publishing.

Book Publishing
Jobs in book publishing can be some of the most rewarding around. You could work in small publishing houses where you could be working with exciting new novelists or niche non-fiction publications, to large houses like Harper Collins or Penguin in London, for whom publishing is big business. You could work directly with the manuscripts and authors as an editor, work to manage and sell author's rights all over the world, co-ordinate the production process or work in book marketing.

Journals and Academic Publishing
Publishing houses such as Wiley, based on the Oxford Business Park, publish a range of journals and specialist non-fiction, and also publish online. There are also many small, highly specialist journal publishers. Opportunities are similar to those in book publishing, although there are also editorial and writing jobs in particular specialist areas (such as law or science), which require a relevant degree.

Newspapers and Magazines
From small, specialist business magazines, to national dailies: the newspaper and magazine market is huge and offers endless opportunities to work in writing, editorial, marketing or research in print or online.

Rachel is a freelance blogger on a variety of subjects, including publishing and careers.
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Press release for charity book drive

Operation Kid Equip Partners with The Giving Effect
to Collect Books for metro Detroit Kids
Inaugural Book Drive Hopes to Collect and Distribute
Thousands of Books for Area Students

What: Operation: Kid Equip (OKE), a nonprofit organization dedicated to supplying metro Detroit kids with free school day supplies and books, will host its first mail in book drive in partnership with The Giving Effect. Between now and May 14th, people from Michigan and across the country can donate new or gently used books to OKE without leaving the comfort of their own home. The postage is free, too.

"I was fortunate to connect with Menachem from Operation: Kid Equip. Their progressive views on social media and their willingness to join us were a tremendous inspiration for building this system,” said Mitchell Silverman, Founder of The Giving Effect. “I look forward to working with them to get many more donations to the thousands of kids OKE serves.”

Local businesses are getting involved in the initiative, too. PublicCity PR has offered to be the first business to cover the cost of postage to donors who mail the first 1,000 books.

“We couldn’t have picked a better organization to partner with. The Giving Effect has helped us take our message to a whole new level,” said Menachem Kniespeck, Founder & Director of OKE. “It’s important to ensure the children of metro Detroit have the proper books they need to become the future of our great state.”

Details: To donate simply collect 10 or more books, put them in a box, weigh it and log onto http://books. operationkidequip.org to print the packing slip. Each donor will receive a tracking number and when the books are received by OKE, the donor will get an in-kind donation receipt via e-mail.

To donate locally, drop books off at
OKE Teachers’ Annex & Operations Center
1830 Stephenson Highway, Suite B
Troy, Michigan 48083
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 2:30p.m. – 6:30p.m.
Saturday from 10:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.

About Operation Kid Equip Operation: Kid Equip’s long term vision is a community where every child’s basic needs are met. To accomplish this in the short term we provide free school supplies, books, hygiene and food items for children who are at-risk. To effect long term community improvement, we work to increase awareness of the issues facing school-aged children to help them succeed in school and in life. For more information about Operation Kid Equip go to http://operationkidequip.org

About The Giving Effect
The Giving Effect (www.thegivingeffect.com) helps donors connect with organizations that distribute essential items such as clothes, shoes, and food to people in need. Nonprofits use the site to publicize their needs and to create stories around each item donated: donors can share these stories online to increase support for the causes they care most about. Sponsors use The Giving Effect to promote their pro-social message: they provide postage to donors who mail items for free to people in need. The Giving Effect is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

About PublicCity PR
PublicCity PR is a publicity company, focused on quickly and effectively garnering publicity and raising the visibility of its clients through the development and execution of strategic media and community relations programs and initiatives. Based in Beverly Hills, Mich., the company is committed to providing its clients the personal attention they need and the results they deserve at a budget they can afford. For more information about PublicCity PR and its services, visit,www.PublicCityPR.net.

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Video: How to Setup & Maintain New Facebook Group Pages

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Interview with Sandy Sims

Why did you become a writer?
I had been writing more as a cathartic exercise than anything else as I had always written proposals in my role as the owner of advertising agency. I found that I had a message I wanted to pass on to people.

Tell us a bit about your book.
It is a book about self-discovery. There are many self-help books out there offering advice on how to manifest your dreams. However, I felt that people are most interested in the process when they hear of the author’s own experience. I write about consciously using manifestation models and then recording the results. The process was to observe the manifestation of smaller ideas and then to gradually raise the bar, taking on more risk each time.

What was it about Frank Lloyd Wright that inspired you to write this book?
Wright was a mystic and lived his life manifesting in the way that this book outlines. His famous quote,
“ The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”
I had an idea to build a collection of Wright’s unbuilt designs in one location and with no experience, whatsoever, naively began to move in that direction and remarkable things happened. I wanted to pass that message on.

How will your book help readers?
I feel we are living in watershed times. The economic, social and political challenges are exceeding the capacities of the structural systems designed to solve them, not to mention climate changes. Technology is forcing last minute decision making to making us our brains differently. We have to learn to trust our intuition and use manifestation techniques with the same degree of confidence we have given to linear thinking.  I feel that the more people read about how others are doing this and recording their results the more confident readers become.

How are you promoting your book?
Like so many first time writers the traditional option of agent and publisher is for the most part closed unless one has celebrity status with a large platform. Having said this, the internet provides a truly viable opportunity. I have created a blog site and am  currently on a blog tour. 

Any advice for other writers?
I feel that if you enjoy writing then that is what you should do. The ability to post blogs is a fast and good way to both write and build an audience. If you are writing a non-fiction book, then you might consider writing the chapters as ezine articles which will give you recognition. Self-publishing and using a Kindle platform allows you to offer your product electronically at a very reasonable price.
Someone said to me that you will put as much effort into marketing what you have written as the writing of it. I feel this is true. 

Where can people find out more about you and your work?

Anything else you'd like to add?
Do what you like doing. The process has magic in it.

For more information about Sandy Sims and How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head, Under My Skin And Changed The Way I Think About Thinking, A Creative Thinking Blue Print For the 21st Century, visit http://creativethinkingbook.com/ and visit this page to get the Amazon links http://creativethinkingbook.com/buy-your-copy/.

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