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Thank you for all your support during 2010. I'm happy to see that Writers and Authors has grown both in number of readers and in the opportunities that it offers. It's also nice to see visitors from even more countries. This is a truely international site bringing together people from all over the world with a love for writing and books.

In the New Year you will see more features added to the site including W&A TV which will give even more visiblity and possibilities to authors, publishers etc. The reason for this new feature is quite simple. Video is a very popular platform online. If you have a webcam, you have the chance of being interviewed for the show. Get ready for your close up!
Advertising possibilities will also be available. Email for more details.

The first issue of the W&A Magazine seems to have been a success. The next issue will be out in March and will be bigger and better. For information about submission guidelines and to see the latest issue please click on W&A Magazine above. For details on ad space please email.

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Writers and Author will be back on Monday 3rd January.

All that's left to say now is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you all in 2011!

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CWL: A Patchwork of Perspectives by Alberta Ross

Title: A Patchwork of Perspectives
Author: Alberta Ross

Cover art:


A Patchwork of Perspectives is a first collection of short stories from Alberta Ross.

Within these pages can be found tales which range from normal to just a tiny bit weird. Tales that tell of the young, the old and all in between, that travel in the past, the present and who knows where. Tales just one side of normal.

Purchasing details:
A Patchwork of Perspectives is available from Alberta Ross’s website http://albertaross.co.uk where extracts are available for reading and details of her other publications can be found.

Author Bio:

I spent the first part of my adult life travelling the world, the middle years studying and gaining BSc Hons and an MA and now have settled down to write.  Over the years my interests have expanded, as has my book and music collection.  A short list would include reading (almost anything) science, opera, folk, gardening, philosophy, crazy patchwork, freeform crochet, ethics, social history, cooking (and eating of course)

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CWL: Devoted to creating by Jen Nipps

Title: Devoted to creating

Author: Jen Nipps

Cover art:

Everyone who is made in the image of God is creative. These devotions illustrate how creativity surrounds us and how we can use it in his service even-and especially-in unexpected ways, such as teaching, parenting, gardening, and cooking as well as the more expected outlets of writing, painting, and drawing. Hopefully they will help ignite the spark of creativity in you.

By Mysti Reutlinger on BN.com.

"I received a copy of Devoted to Creating by Jen Nipps shortly after it was published. I found myself amazed at the heartfelt and warm stories all about the creative process in writing, painting, knitting, cooking and more. Jen describes the flow of creativity and the blocks that stop us from completing a project, or at least stalling it for some time. This book is an absolute must-have for every person who finds enjoyment in hobbies, arts, writing and even down to the parent who plays games with their children. It is not only an incredible compilation, it is filled with stories like the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Each and every time I've picked this book up and read, I have found new inspiration and the desire to be devoted to creating in my own life. I couldn't imagine having not read this book the first time or every time thereafter."

Purchasing details:
From the publisher - http://www.awocbooks.com/Book.cfm?b=80&f=d - $13.95 print; $2.99 Kindle
From Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/Devoted-Creating-Jen-Nipps/dp/0937660809/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1292353534&sr=8-1 - also $13.95 print and $2.99 Kindle
From Barnes & Noble - http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Devoted-to-Creating/Jen-Nipps/e/9780937660805/?itm=1&USRI=devoted+to+creating - $12.84 (discounted for online shopping via BN.com). Not yet available on Nook.
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CWL: ELFIN BLOOD by Gracen Miller

Author: Gracen Miller

Cover art:

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Purchasing details:


Scorned by her own kind for her half-breed elf status, Julija lives a lonely existence among her Ivory Elf kin. She is the only one the elves can trust when a magical book in elf lore is stolen. Relegated to steal the Book from the vampire thief, Landau Jamieson, she's surprised to discover he has the ability to walk in daylight. Refusing to be deterred by developing setbacks, she’s committed to executing the heist for an Ivory King who grows more desperate to possess the Book. Nothing about the vampire is as it appears and Julija begins to doubt her mission. Worse, she begins to worry she won't have the strength to guard her heart from her sworn enemy.

Landau is fascinated by the elf stalking him and baffled by the potent hunger she elicits after ten thousand years of celibacy. Soon he discovers the lovely sprite is a pawn in a dangerous game--orchestrated by none other than a reviled enemy from his past. While blind-sided by her beauty and her magical powers, the least of which is the spell she casts on his heart, the sinister plot unfolds. What started out as folly to catch a thief, blossoms into a love that casts aside bloodlines and forges all boundaries.


"SWEET! Are you a vampire lover? Do you like Lord of the Rings?  I love both and really dug this book :)

Hot, action packed and filled with great characters. Gracen Miller has done a really good job in telling a fantasy story that, even though was fiction and far fetched, still kept me pulled in and reading until the last page. Oh so hot and rocking :) 

The action didn't stop and just when you thought it might....yep it didn't. Kicken story that I will be reading again soon :) "

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CWL: Princess behind the wall by Cheryl Bousquet

Title: Princess behind the wall
Author: Cheryl Bousquet

Cover art:

Book Blurb

When I read “Princess Behind the Wall” the words brought tears to my eyes and they touched my heart, I had no idea that anyone could express my struggles in such few poignant words. Every passage was like a voyage back through my own journey and this book is now my daily inspiration, I open it every day to a random page and no matter which poem I read its always relevant to my here and now.

Book Review

Author/Reviewer T.S. Wilkins

Inside every woman is that innocent and fragile being that is much like a princess, but who do we become when that ever so precious being becomes trapped behind the walls of heartache? Princess Behind the Wall is an intriguingly uplifting book of poetry by Cheryl Bousquet. It is written in such a way that it speaks to all of humankind. From the dedication at the beginning of the book to the last poem of the book, we are taken on a journey that understands each and every path in life. Are you on the path of heartache? Are you on the path of misfortune and dreams lost? Are you on a path of any kind that just simply has you down? From the beginning, Cheryl Bousquet reminds you that “the human condition has an amazing spirit.” –And so does her book. This is an encouraging read!

Purchasing details:
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Author: Wendy Webb

Cover art:

Purchasing details:
£3.50 (postage 50p)
Wendy Webb Books, 9 Walnut Close, Norwich, NR8 6YN. UK

Bernard M Jackson, International Review Writer 

            She moors in every harbour, with that quay
            that opens doors, to voyage where she will
            in Pluto’s kingdom, until sailors see
            those depths of melody that coral still.

Well, folks, here at last, from her highly-charged ‘Mermaid’ cycle, is the much anticipated final cri-de-coeur of that ubiquitous, never-say-die First Mermaid of Norfolk, our own Wendy Webb.  And if Xanadu had earlier been designated a dream-filled, timeless wonderland of sheer paradisal delight, eventual realisation can have only determined an increasing awareness that this dreamland state of being does not and, indeed, never has, truly existed.  Thus our metaphysical mermaid can only remain a ‘mermaid’ in a world beset with trauma, limitations and, worst of all, non-recognition by landlubbers of completely earthbound sentiment and orientation.  In short, this phantasmagorical Xanadu has, in effect, become to all intents and purposes, a veritable ‘Xanadon’t’.

It is, then, the stark world of reality that is startlingly brought to the surface in ‘A MERMAID’S TALE OF XANADON’T’; yet, even within this context, Wendy has thinly disguised key elements of the inspirational and actuality beneath an overlay of the burlesque.  Shakespeare, for instance, becomes ‘Mr Avon, in black tails and tights’, as Wendy asks:

            So should I swim with Mr Avon’s flownings
            bored by dry bards that breathe their laurels, crowning
            that tide of words to silence all, too late
            and find that earth’s a tor too deep to speak?

This longer poem has been succinctly crafted in quatrains, and though literary conundrums abound in  great measure, there is much within this work to merit commendation of a superlative degree, as Wendy revisits, in verse, innumerable locations within the UK, where travel has omnivorously taken her.

Place-names are accordingly changed with humorous intent.  Could ‘HeartMore’ possibly be a reference to ‘Dartmoor’?  And how did Wendy’s visit to Buckfast Abbey persuade her to refer to the engaging influence of the BookFast Tabby?  Many other amusing instances of flippant name-droppings and altered spellings of key words, literary characters and song titles are to be found within these verses.  Elton John’s ‘YELLOW BRICK ROAD’ appears here as ‘Hello Trick Road’ [Or, Judy Garland’s], and even in her recollections of her earlier anthology publication, IDYLLS OF THE KING (sublime in legend and folklore), Wendy here speaks of Sir Glancealot and QuinsInEre.  Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is also somewhat irreverently addressed, as she puckishly makes reference to Mr FattaPilla (the caterpillar) and wrily remarks that ‘You need a hookah, too, if you will travel / to Mistocol (i.e. mystical) experiences, wrapped in smoke.’ – A reference to great poetry of the past that had been written under the influence of drug usage.
However, no doubt readers will find this longer poem both fascinating and quite amusing with regard to its outrageous word-play and general tongue-in-cheek approach – Though a poignant sub-layer of meaning is ever-present within its topsy-turvy development.

The OTHER POEMS highlighted have been thoughtfully contributed by eight notable members of Norfolk Poets and Writers.  John Elinger’s poem, ‘Lydd Beach’, with its vivid depictions of tidal changes in the Romney/Dymchurch area, is definitely top-drawer material.  I was impressed with Norman Bissett’s effective art of understatement in a lovely poem that had earlier been featured in WWs ‘COASTING NORFOLK’ (2006).  Wistful nostalgia permeates Anne Mullender’s ‘THOUGHTS’, and Denise Margaret Hargrave’s two poem inclusions are also aglow with sparkling imagery.  There are poems here, too, by Claire Knight, Caroline Gill, Anne Smith and Joan Sheridan Smith, whose ‘OCEAN RHAPSODY’ is a real ‘winner’.  The cover detail of this choice publication is of fine quality and is superbly illustrated, and Wendy is to be complimented for her continued high standards of workmanship, as too are those care-taking workers at CATTON PRINT, where this lovely publication has been duly assembled.

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CWL: Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator

Title: Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator
Author: Karina Fabian
Publisher: Damnation Books

Cover art:


By the 2040s, the shambling dead have become and international problem. While governments and special interest groups vie for the most environmentally-friendly way to rid the world of zombies, a new breed of exterminator has risen: The Zombie Exterminator. When zombie exterminator Neeta Lyffe gets sued because a zombie she set afire stumbles onto a lawyer's back porch, she needs money, fast. So she agrees to train apprentice exterminators in a reality TV show that makes Survivor look like a game of tag. But that's nothing compared to having to deal with crazy directors, bickering contestants and paparazzi. Can she keep her ratings up, her bills paid and her apprentices alive and still keep her sanity?

Purchasing links:

About the Author:
From zombie exterminators to dragon detectives to nuns in space, Karina Fabian's universes make readers laugh, cry and think. Winner of the 2007 EPPIE Award for best sci-fi and the 2010 INDIE Award for best fantasy, she lets her characters take her where they will and is never disappointed. Karina Fabian is married to Colonel Robert Fabian. They and their four kids call home wherever the Air Force sends them. Learn more at www.fabianspace.com

Book Video Trailer:

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CWL: Death of a Liturgist by Lorraine V Murray

Title: Death of a Liturgist
Author: Lorraine V Murray
Publisher: St. Benedict Press

Cover art:


St. Rita's is a vibrant suburban church with parishioners who like things on the traditional side: old-fashioned hymns from the choir, no-nonsense preaching from the priests, pious devotions in the chapel, and warm pastries in the rectory kitchen.

All that ends on the day the liturgist arrives.

He promises to bring the parish "up to date," to make Mass more appealing to the tastes of modern Catholics. But all he does is make enemies; it seems St. Rita's isn't ready to "sing a new church in to being" quite yet. So when the liturgist turns up dead, under mysterious and violent circumstances, everyone is a suspect.

Death of a Liturgist features the return of Francesca Bibbo, the irrepressible heroine of Death in the Choir. Join her and the rest of St. Rita's eccentric crew, including Sister Therese, Detective Tony Viscardi, and Ignatius the hamster (with a little help from the archbishop too) as they try to solve the mystery--and make St. Rita's safe for tradition again.

Purchasing Links:

The book has been included in a wonderful review by Cheryl Dickow, just out, on Catholic News Agency and an e-magazine, Integrated Catholic Life: http://www.integratedcatholiclife.org/2010/11/dickow-my-top-10-catholic-books-for-2010/

About the Author:
Lorraine V. Murray (the "V" stands for "Viscardi") writes a column called "Grace Notes" for the Living - Faith and Values section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. She also writes columns and reviews for the Georgia Bulletin, and has written for other Catholic publications. 

Lorraine's latest book is "Death of a Liturgist," a wild romp through a parish that is hijacked by a liturgist. She has also written "The Abbess of Andalusia," which is about Flannery O'Connor's spiritual journey, and five other books. Lorraine works mornings in the Pitts Theology Library at Emory University in Atlanta.

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CWL: Ellens Tale by Alberta Ross

Title: Ellen's Tale
Author: Alberta Ross
Publisher: Eilios Books

Cover art:

The Sefuty Chronicles are set in a world post climate change, when catastrophic global wars over resources have decimated the world’s population.  The survivors are divided into those who live within the safety of the City walls, and those who exist behind the false security of landmines, intended to be removed after the wars but still remaining 50 years later. 

It is 2162 and two young researchers, Ris and Maia, are studying the effects that the meeting between Ellen, sheltered City girl, and Bix, a genetically changed soldier, and their love for each other, had on history. The research is mainly concerned with 50 year old interviews recorded at the time. A second love story emerges through the incomplete correspondence between Ris and Maia.

Although the back history of the book is horrific, Ellen’s Tale is itself a hopeful and kindly book of two young people who, against all odds, fall in love and make a life for themselves.

Purchasing links:
Ellen’s Tale is available from Alberta Ross’s website http://albertaross.co.uk where extracts are available for reading and details of her other publications can be found.

About the Author:
I spent the first part of my adult life travelling the world, the middle years studying and gaining BSc Hons and an MA and now have settled down to write.  Over the years my interests have expanded, as has my book and music collection.  A short list would include reading (almost anything) science, opera, folk, gardening, philosophy, crazy patchwork, freeform crochet, ethics, social history, cooking (and eating of course)
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CWL: Italian for Tourists by Jo Linsdell

Title: Italian for Tourists
Author: Jo Linsdell

ISBN: 978-1-4092-7826-9

Cover art:

Book Blurb:

Italian For Tourists: Pocket Edition is a basic guide to the Italian language covering phrases and words most needed by tourists. It includes all the words and phrases a tourist is likely to need during their stay in Italy as well as a pronunciation guide and a map of Italy.

The phrasebook is divided into 17 chapters including; Emergency, The basics, Common expressions, Learning Italian, Greetings and introducing yourself, Transport, Hotel, Sightseeing, Asking and giving directions, Food and drink, Health, Shopping, Offices and bureaucracy and Signs and notices and more.

Jo Linsdell came to Italy from the UK in June 2001 and now lives in Rome working as a freelance writer. She wrote the book drawing on her own experience. She explains “A tourist doesn’t need to know everything about Italian grammar or the in’s and out’s of buying an apartment. They want to have an easy to use reference book of the language they will need to use and understand during their stay”.

Purchasing Links: 

At Barnes and Noble
At  Waterstones
At Lulu


By Karen Cioffi
Author, Freelance Writer

Italy is a country I’ve always wanted to go to.  It is where my grandparents came from.  One of my concerns if travelling to a foreign country though, is the language barrier.  What if I needed directions, what if there was an emergency?  Well, Jo Linsdell’s book, Italian for Tourists, covers every possible situation that may arise.  This is the one book I would have to bring with me.

Ms. Linsdell divided the book into seventeen very informative sections.  The first section, Pronunciation Guide, has subsections including word stresses and the Italian alphabet.  The Basics subsections include numbers, colours, parts of the day, days of the week and much more.  Some of the subsections in Transport include words and phrases for cars, trains, ships and airports.  A few of the other sections are: Common Expressions, Hotel, Directions, and Food and Drink.  But, the most important section is Emergency (just in case).  This section lists the body parts among many other words and phrases. It even includes phrases a doctor may ask you.  The detail is amazing.

The format of this book is simple and uncluttered with easy to read font.  This allows for easy and quick access to the section and word/phrase you’re looking for. It is an easy to read and understandable tour guide.

Italian for Tourists includes almost every conceivable word or phrase you would need. It also provides you with the information to pronounce them. The detail in this book is wonderful and thoughtful. It is easy to see that Ms. Linsdell must have devoted a great deal of time and effort to create such a useful and helpful book.  If you are travelling to Italy, this is a must have book.

About the Author:

Born in Gillingham, Kent (UK) in September 1980. Married name Joanne Denise Feliciani. Having passed 10 GCSE’s, went on to study Business Studies, History and Art A-Levels at Yateley 6th Form. Jo Linsdell left England and moved to Rome, Italy in June 2001, where she now lives with her Italian husband and their young son.

She has had various jobs including working in hostels, being a tour guide and teaching English as a foreign language. She now works full-time as a freelance writer. She writes regularly for various websites, newspapers and magazines. She writes in both English and Italian.

As well as her blogging activities, she is also the founder and organiser of PROMO DAY, an international online event for people in the writing industry. Visit her at http://www.JoLinsdell.com

She was featured under Who's Who In The Literary Society at http://www.literaryworld.org/

Video Trailer: 

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CWL: Problems on Eldora Prime by Sandy Lender

Title: Problems on Eldora Prime
Author: Sandy Lender
Publisher:  Night Wolf Publications

Cover art:
Genre: Young Adult sci-fi/fantasy novel
When 17-year-old pilot Khiry Okerson crashes on Eldora Prime, alarms still ring in her ears. She might have solved one problem, but she courts more danger than she realizes when she liberates some unexpected hostages on a foreign planet. Will the dragons she releases become her allies? It’s more likely they’ll join the inhabitants of this unforgiving world to hunt terraformers and the Instigator’s dwindling crew.
Khiry must find a way off this rock and into the United Society for Peace and Strength’s good graces. She’s got a capable marksman on her team in the handsome and renown Kor, but Khiry still wonders how her people can escape with a captain’s treason on her hands and a political leader’s sister in her care—care she can’t guarantee.
Purchasing Details:
http://tinyurl.com/EldoraPrime (the amazon link for trade paperback)
multiple digital formats available through http://www.nightwolfpublications.com/
About the author:
Readers will recognize Sandy Lender as the Choices series author and a leader of world-building, characterization, and revision workshops. Her degree in English and career in magazine publishing augment her book publishing experience for a variety of presentations, including troll extermination on spaceships. Sandy is also a sea turtle conservationist and obsessive music fan.
Book Video Trailer :
http://www.youtube.com/v/M9uLPCXPNNQ?fs=1&hl=en_US">name="allowFullScreen" value="true">http://www.youtube.com/v/M9uLPCXPNNQ?fs=1&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385">
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CWL: Little Shepherd by Cheryl Malandrinos

Title: Little Shepherd
Author: Cheryl C. Malandrinos
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing

Cover art:

Obed is in the hills outside Bethlehem when the angels appear to announce the Savior’s birth. Can he trust that the miracle of the first Christmas will keep his flock safe while he visits the newborn King?
Genre: Children’s picture book
Links to purchase:


Little Shepherd  by Cheryl C. Malandrinos is a fresh rendition of the familiar story of the angels appearing to the shepherds in the field and announcing the birth of the Savior. The unique slant to this particular retelling of the scriptural story is that the reader sees the event through the eyes of a little shepherd boy, tending his first-ever flock of sheep. As a grandmother, I would be delighted to read this story to my grandchildren. As such, I recommend it to parents/grandparents/teachers everywhere who wish to bring this passage of scripture to life for impressionable young hearts to understand.
***Kathi Macias, radio host and award-winning author of more than 30 books, including the Extreme Devotion series and Valeria’s Cross (www.kathimacias.com; http://kathieasywritermacias.blogspot.com)
About the author:
Cheryl Malandrinos is a freelance writer and editor. A regular contributor for Writer2Writer, her articles focus on increasing productivity through time management and organization. A founding member of Musing Our Children, Ms. Malandrinos is also Editor in Chief of the group’s quarterly newsletter, Pages & Pens.   

Cheryl is a Tour Coordinator for Pump Up Your Book, a book reviewer, and blogger. Little Shepherd is her first children’s book. Ms. Malandrinos lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband and two young daughters. She also has a son who is married.
You can visit Cheryl online at http://ccmalandrinos.com or the Little Shepherd blog at http://littleshepherdchildrensbook.blogspot.com/.  

The book video trailer:

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The Christmas Wish List

Starting from today, each day a different book will be featured on the site to offer inspiration for books as Christmas presents.

There will be a mixture of genres and both books in print and e-format, in order to offer something for all tastes.

Give a book this Christmas.
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Review: On this day in Christian History

Title: On this day in Christian History
Author: Robert J. Morgan
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-7852-3189-9

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

On this day in Christian History is a collection of 365 short stories about Saints, Martyrs and Heroes.  The author, Robert J. Morgan, describes it as "an armchair tour of the chronicles of Christianity in a devotional format".

Each story is told in bite size form covering just one page and includes a quote from a relevant passage of the Bible at the bottom for easy reference.

The stories, told on the date they occurred, are interesting and in some cases inspiring, in others amusing. A nice way to learn about Christian history without getting overwhelmed or preached at.

I particularly liked the story of Gregory the Great on September 3rd. A famous Roman who became the father of the medieval papacy, with all the good and bad that entailed.

There is an index of selected topics at the back of the book making it easy to find a story to match your topic of interest. To name a few; aging, friendship, loneliness, parenting, suffering and time management.

On this day in Christian History is ideal for people teaching about the church but also those interested in history as all the stories included contain verified facts. If you have an interest in religion but aren't quite sure where to start this is the ideal book for you.

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Interview with Holly Weiss

When did you become a writer?
I’ve always enjoyed writing, but was not serious about it until 2006. I sang professionally for thirty-five years. My main means of creative expression was through song. About five years ago, I contracted Post-Polio Syndrome, a late-life extension of the polio I had as a child. The increased weakness and fatigue put an end to my singing career. God led me in the direction of writing. One voice led to another, so to speak. Writing is now my means of creative expression, but music will always be an integral part of me and was instrumental in my decision to infuse my main character with the desire to sing on the stage.

Tell us a bit about your book Crestmont.
Crestmont is a historical fiction novel that takes a peek into the lives and loves of the staff at a bustling summer inn in the 1920s.

“A dream, after all, needn’t be fueled by particulars, only by desire.”

So notes main character, Gracie Antes, who is determined to take control of her life. Gracie leaves her unhappy home in 1925 to pursue her dream of a singing career. On her way to the big city, she accepts a job as a housemaid at the bustling Crestmont Inn. Once there, Gracie finds a life-changing encounter with opera singer Rosa Ponselle, family she never imagined could be hers, and a man with a mysterious past. Relive the 1920s with a colorful cast of characters. Discover with Gracie that sometimes we must trade loss for happiness.

Set in Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania, the story is interwoven with details about the town, the rich history of The Crestmont Inn, and the family who passed ownership from one generation to the next.  Many attempts have been made to explain how the mountaintop lake nestled in this tiny town came to be. Crestmont gives a new twist to an old Native American legend, setting the tone of grace around which the story is built.
How did you research for this book?
After a one-night stay at the Crestmont Inn in 2006, I knew I wanted to write a book about it. Our accommodation was converted into a modern B & B from a staff dormitory built in 1926. My interest was perked about what life might have been life during the 1920s for the staff working at this inn. I made eight trips to Eagles Mere over a four-year period, interviewing former staff and those whose relatives had worked at the inn during the 1920s. I found floor plans of the original Crestmont, a 1927 Sears Catalogue revealing everyday items people would have used at that time and old photographs. The current owners of the inn shared difficulties and anecdotes of running a busy inn. I researched prohibition, which was an important issue from the time period. The Crestmont Inn ran tennis tournaments, second only to those at Forest Hills, the forerunner to the U.S. Open, so I researched the making of red clay tennis courts, which were state of the art at the time. 

Who is your favorite character from the book and why?
Creating characters for Crestmont was hands down, the most interesting and enjoyable part of the writing, so this may sound odd, but my favorite character is not a person, but the inn itself.
I wrote the hotel as a central character in Crestmont—a caretaker and an agent of grace. The inn functions as a refuge for many characters in Crestmont and has been a comfort in my own life. Gracie and PT, two main characters, lost ties to their biological families, but find a sense of family and security amongst the other staff.
Foresight and attention to the needs of guests who walk through the Crestmont Inn’s doors are hallmarks of its innkeepers. Generations of families have flocked to the inn year after year. William Warner, the genesis of the inn, longed to provide respite for those pummeled by the stresses of everyday life. He saw a cyclone-devastated hill in 1899 and grasped the opportunity to build a huge Victorian inn with a commitment to serve the needs of its guests.

Finally, the Crestmont Inn is a survivor. The “big house” that Warner originally built, had to be torn down in 1981, but the Crestmont still exists in a different form. The laundry house was converted to a gorgeous dining room and reception hall. Luxury suites evolved from a hot, cramped dormitory. What clinched the concept of the book for me was the story about the Mennonites purchasing the wood from the old Crestmont, hacking it off the building and loading it onto their trucks to build barns and so forth. I saw the “big house” living on in different forms. The image brought tears to my eyes when I heard it and when I wrote the scene in the epilogue.

You've written a readers guide for the book. Do you think this helps with sales?
Many people advised me that a reader’s guide was important, but it is difficult to measure the impact on sales, because anyone can download it from my website without my knowledge.

Who is your publisher and would you recommend them to other writers?
I chose a small, independent publisher, Star Publish LLC. Star offered me a complete package of editing, formatting, and marketing. They promised me a release date of May 2010 and they stuck to their timetable. As a result, I was able to take advantage of the summer tourist season in Eagles Mere to promote Crestmont. Star honors the author’s decisions and works closely with them, offering personalized, quality services. I highly recommend Star Publish LLC to other authors.
Holly Weiss

Where can people find out more about you and your work?
You may find reviews, my bio and “The Story Behind Crestmont” on my website, http://www.hollyweiss.com.
Check out http://bit.ly/cKsT2b and http://bit.ly/df4r6x for two different author interviews.
 I also review newly-released books. You may find my reviews at Ezine http://bit.ly/arjEH4
I invite you to join me at iFOGO where readers and writers can interact for updates on Crestmont. http://bit.ly/d5DgBg

Anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed with Writers and Authors!

My website is http://www.hollyweiss.com. Autographed copies with free shipping are available there. Look on the contacts/links page for my email link. I love to hear from my readers.

You may purchase Crestmont discounted at www.amazon.com or www.bn.com.
Purchase link http://amzn.to/9WZyxI
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My Free Read - An opportunity for ebook authors

I recently received an email about http://www.myfreeread.com and as it might be of interest to W&A readers here's some more information:

Do you write?

We're looking for good-quality eBooks, eZines and self-published articles for our new website!
This is a FREE MARKETING TOOL for you, as we post all material absolutely free for our visitors to read.  In return, you may be eligible for profit-sharing from our advertising revenue.  Don't want to give it all away from free?  No problem -- post a quality excerpt, and include a link for them to buy the full version!

Want to learn more?  Check us out at http://www.myfreeread.com and click on Submit to tell us about yourself!

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A:  Absolutely not!
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A:  Our website is just now launching... we'll have lots more e-books available soon!
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A:  Yes!  Use the online form to submit information about yourself.  We're always looking for new authors!
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Video: NaNoWriMo: 3 Tips for Beating the Mid-Month Crisis

Halfway through NaNoWriMo and starting to lose steam? That's the Mid-Month Crisis showing its ugly face! These three handy tips can help you get over the hump and sail across the finish line with 50K+ words on November 30th.

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Site of Interest: AssEtEbooks

This weeks site of interest is http://assetebooks.com/

The site states:

"You'll see at first glance that it's not just another ebook site, at second glance that I offer the best free ebooks online, and at third glance that I have something special  you won't find anywhere else but here". 

In fact the site offers various sections including;

Free Ebooks 

 Ebooks about Everything 

 Play Arcade Games 

Promote Your Own Books 

 Introduce Yourself 

 Submit Articles

For example under the promote your own books category:

If you want exposure, if your book is new or if maybe you've had trouble publishing,  promoting  or  selling  your book, your book can be listed on the appropriate page, according to subject matter, free as a promotional download, or for sale at whatever price you want!
Or, if you would like to feature it here*, I am willing to dedicate almost unlimited space for you to describe your book and/or yourself. It's all  free. Unless you sell your book, in which case we get a prearranged percentage when it sells.

The site is managed by Thomas A. Retterbush.

Worth a visit!

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