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I'd like to take this oppportunity to thank all Writers and Authors readers for their support this year.

Since the relaunch of this site in October this year Writers and Authors has been nominated for various awards and has won both the Preditors and Editors Truely Useful Site Award (October) and the Randal's Sanctuary Writing Matters Web Excellence Merit Award (December). Thank you to all who nominated or voted for this site and helped make it an award winner.

As a special Christmas gift for Writers and Authors readers, I'm giving away FREE copies of the 43 page Writing from the Soul: Critiques Don't Bite ebook. The members of the MuseItUp Club have kindly offered this FREE ebook. Within, you’ll find helpful information on why and how critiques are an important area in a writer’s life. Copyright 2008 to the writers of this Ebook. To get your FREE copy just email me at writersandauthors@yahoo.it with 'Christmas Gift' in the subject line.

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I'd also like to invite you all to take part in PROMO DAY which will take place on Saturday 9th May 2009. There are lots of FREE promotional opportunities for writers and other members of the writing industry on site. Preparations are already underway and updates can be found on the blog http://promoday.blogspot.com. I'm still looking for moderators for the event. Anyone interested, please email promoday@ymail.com.

Starting in January, I will also be posting to a new site called 'The Weekly Book Review'. Anyone interested in having their book reviewed, please email theweeklybookreview@ymail.com.

Writers and Authors will be back after the Christmas holidays on Monday 5th January 2009. I hope you will all continue to enjoy this blog in the New Year.

Best wishes and happy holidays,

Jo Linsdell - Feliciani
Founder and Manager
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Sought-After Guest Soars on Authors Access Radio


Contact: Carolyn Howard-Johnson

E-mail: HoJoNews@aol.com

Phone: 818-790-0502


Sought-After Guest Soars on Authors Access Radio

Frugal Message Hits Top Spot for AuthorsAccess Listeners

Ann Arbor, MI--Cohosts of Authors Access radio, Victor R. Volkman and Irene Watson, announced multi award-winning author Carolyn Howard-Johnson was the #1 most popular guest on AuthorsAccess.com podcasts for the year 2008.

Volkman says, "With more than 1,000 listeners this year, Carolyn again proved the lasting power of her Frugal Book Promotion message. Not only is her message popular, but it's way out in front of all the other guests, the 2nd most popular podcast was 20% behind Carolyn's. We wish Carolyn continued success in 2009 and we are certain her message will become even more important as economic turmoil continues." That podcast may be found at http://authorsaccess.com/archives/90

This is the 2nd year that Howard-Johnson has starred at AuthorsAccess. In 2007 she was also among the most listened to among industry luminaries and gurus such as Mark David Gerson, Jacqueline Church, and JC Simonds. Authors will also find helpful podcasts from well-known names like John Kremer, Shel Horowitz and Patricia Fry on AuthorAccess.

Authors Access is a joint project of Loving Healing Press and ReaderViews. It features interviews from people around the world who can help authors better manage their writing careers. The show is recorded live each Thursday evening and posted immediately on www.AuthorsAccess.com. Since 2006, aspiring authors have browsed and downloaded more than 75 posted podcast shows for free. And they come back again and again: more than 50,000 podcast episode MP3s are downloaded per year.

Watson is the owner/manager of Reader Views, an Austin, Texas, based company that offers book reviews, publicity packages, editing services, as well as support to up and coming authors. The company provides quality service with professionalism, efficiency, and personal attention.

Victor R. Volkman is the publisher/owner of Loving Healing Press, an Ann Arbor, Michigan, based independent press that produces books in the Self-Help, Psychology, and New Age genres. It empowers authors to produce books which redefine what is possible for healing mind and spirit.

Howard-Johnson was selected as a guest for the pair's radio show because of her strong record helping authors. She edits an online newsletter for authors,"Sharing with Writers." She is also author of the HowToDoItFrugally.com series of books for writers that includes the Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won't and The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success

Both books are winners of USA Book News' Best Book award and The Frugal Editor also won Reader Views Literary Award and the New Generation Award for Marketing. She sponsors the annual Noble (Not Nobel!) Prize for books (http://www.myshelf.com/backtoliterature/column.htm) and is also an instructor for UCLA Extension's renowned Writers' Program.

Learn more about Howard-Johnson at http://www.howtodoitfrugally.com .

Learn more about AuthorsAccess at www.AuthorsAccess.com


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Christmas Wish List:Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes

Title: Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes
Author: Frances Shan Parker

This book is available at bookstores such as Barnes and Noble and at Internet websites such as Amazon.com.


A Hospice Volunteer Meets Her New Patient

Pointing her out to me, the nurse aide said, “That's Henrietta sitting by herself at the table.” I followed her finger to an oatmeal-colored woman who sat humming while folding a napkin. She had just finished eating and still hadn't wiped her mouth. A light coating of chicken grease looked like high-priced lip-gloss when I walked closer to her.
Henrietta was going to be my new patient, my first at this particular nursing home. Later, she would become my first patient whose health improved so much she was discharged from hospice care. For now, she knew nothing about me, including the fact that I was coming. I only knew she was seventy-nine and declining mentally with a form of dementia. I pulled up a chair next to her and said, “Hi, Henrietta. I’m Frances Shani Parker.”
Looking me straight in the eyes like she’d known me all her life, she responded, “Girl, I know who you are, long as we've been friends. I’ve been waiting for you all day. I kept wondering when you were coming. I hoped you hadn’t forgotten me, and here you are. What took you so long to get here?”
“Well, actually I got lost,” I stammered, processing these new details concerning my whereabouts.
She laughed and said, “Shucks, I get lost all the time. When you get lost, go to the lady at that desk over there. She’ll tell you where you are. She’ll tell you where you want to go. She knows everything. I’m surprised you didn’t go to her before. We all do. How about some dinner? The chicken is something else, nice and tasty, just the way I like it. And I ought to know because I just had a wing that almost made me fly.”
“No, thanks. I’m not too hungry now. I’ll eat when I go home. Some leftovers are waiting for me. I just came to visit you. I want to know if it will be okay with you if I come see you every week.”
“Okay with me? Of course, it’s okay. Look at all the years you’ve been coming to see me. If you stopped coming, I’d be wondering where you were just like I did today. So much is on the news, I’d be worried something happened to you. Keep on coming. I don’t ever want you to stop.”
“I’m looking forward to seeing you, Henrietta. We can talk together, and I can take you on wheelchair rides when I come. We’ll get to know

each other better, that is, better than we already know each other,” I added, remembering our extensive “history.”
“Sounds good to me. It’s been working for us a long time. I think what you need to do now is eat something. You must be hungry after being lost all that time. Call the waitress over here and order some food. Don’t worry about the money. Just put it on my tab. They know me at this restaurant. I eat here a lot.”
So, this was Henrietta, an interesting oasis of serendipity. What would the future hold for us as patient and volunteer? I smiled to myself, buckled my mental seatbelt, and prepared for another intriguing ride.
Henrietta was a patient who had dementia, a group of conditions that gradually destroy brain cells and lead to mental decline. Many conditions can cause dementia, but Alzheimer’s (Ahlz-high-merz) disease is the leading cause. Most people who have the disease are over sixty-five, with eighty being the average age of diagnosis. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the disease, which advances at different rates, destroys memory and the ability to learn, reason, make judgments, communicate, and perform daily activities. Patients may also experience changes in behavior and personality such as anxiety and delusions. There is no cure for patients with dementia, and eventually they need complete care. The quality of life improves for dementia patients and caregivers when they receive effective care and support.
Working with patients who had dementia introduced me to an interesting world of adult fantasy. Henrietta was one of many patients who kept me on my mental toes when we interacted. Patients with dementia enjoyed talking and hearing about the past. Frequently, they embellished their stories. Sometimes they remembered detailed incidents from childhood, and minutes later, couldn’t remember where they were. They needed encouragement when they became afraid. If they became angry or paranoid, I tried to figure out the reasons why. Distractions helped patients change their thoughts. Just like everyone else, they felt respected when their opinions mattered, so I let them make some decisions, usually limiting the choices to two, so they wouldn’t feel overwhelmed.
I often wondered what it would be like to experience life from these patients’ perspectives. I wrote the poem “Pieces of Our Minds” to capture aspects of their reality.

Pieces of Our Minds
On the border, on the brink,
we shiver like quivering tears
swollen to fullness with distress,
reluctant to spill an excess.

Strapped in delusions
wondrous and weird, we ride
roller coasters of reality
through joy and fear.

On the brim, on the rim,
like balls circling in frustration,
we scramble for thoughts
lost in nets of uncertainty.

Invaded by memories,
peeping, creeping, weeping,
we laugh and cry to the
rhythm of nostalgia.

On the fringe, on the edge,
changing, adjusting, impacting,
we crave compassion in our
search for society’s sanctuary.

© Frances Shani Parker

Frances Shani Parker is an award-winning writer, consultant, and former school principal. She is author of the nationally endorsed book “Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes.” With stories, poems, and general information, she presents a captivating account of her hospice volunteer experiences in Detroit nursing homes and her insights on caregiving, death, and bereavement. Her website is www.francesshaniparker.com.
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Christmas Wish List: What Choices We Made

What Choices We Made
Fantasy short stories by Sandy Lender

Available at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/What-Choices-We-Made-Stories/dp/1439209561/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1228093156&sr=1-1


Sample from the short story “Enara’s Choice” in What Choices We Made:
Enara’s Choice
From the History of Onweald ca. 200
By Sandy Lender

Seven thousand years before Chariss was born with the mark of The Protector, Enara of Hleo-burgh scooped a turtle up off the sand and carried it toward the surf. Any passerby would have thought she’d picked up a precious artifact the way she cupped it carefully, holding it securely around its plastron and carapace so that its miniature struggles didn’t knock it from her hands.
But there were no passersby this morning. All the important men in the township were still snug in their beds after the night’s long wedding ball. And all the servants busily prepared a wedding feast and a wedding chamber and a wedding ceremony and, last but most hideous to her, a wedding hall in a warlord’s castle.
She shuddered as she stepped onto the beach, but it wasn’t the Meredore’s breeze lifting her auburn locks from her shoulders that sent a chill through her body. No, the summer winds were welcome and warm like the sand on her bare toes. Her involuntary shudder was revulsion. She hated someone. And today she would marry him. Tonight she’d accept one of his warrior’s children.
Not all Geasa’n had the ability known as prophecy. Enara hated it. She’d seen horrors beyond belief, and knew what her descendents would be asked to endure because of the power they’d be granted through her line. She knew which of her future daughters would have the geasa as well, which would prophesy despair for the ones to come after, which would make the choices for the betterment of Onweald, and which would fail.
“It’s not fair to any of us,” she whispered, placing a soft kiss on the turtle’s head.
With a sigh, she stepped into the surf and lowered the turtle down, not caring that her skirts became heavy with the slopping tide. The creature continued its flying motions in the water, and as she released her hold, it swam away, flitting crazily off where the force of the tide would take it. She watched as it disappeared among the waves buffeting one another, wondering how it could ever come up for air.
“Be safe, little one,” she said, and her spelled words encompassed the creature, her geasa wrapping around his tiny body under the water, weaving protection around him like a perfect piece of armor. Because she was a member of the Geasa’n, and a powerful one at that, her gift to the little animal was phenomenal, and even the gods in Mahriket took note.
“I wish I could swim free,” she whispered after the turtle.
She stood knee-deep in the warm waters of the Meredore, letting the tide suck at her legs as it flowed outward, listening to the crash of waves off to her side for several minutes. It occurred to her that she could swim free as the baby turtles did. It occurred to her that she could walk down to the harbor and charter any one of the shipping vessels to take her away to Bellan.
Instead, she looked down at her bare feet under the water and watched the sand slowly seep over her toes.
“I can save you right now, Eowere,” she whispered to no one.
She lifted her head, lifted her hands, held her arms outstretched from her sides as if embracing the horizon ahead of her and let the weight of her auburn tresses pull her head back to scream at the morning sky, “I can save you right now, Chariss! I can choose for you, my daughter!”
But no tears accompanied her outburst. She’d already cried until her eyes were as gray as dawn before a thunderstorm. Instead, she let her arms fall back to her sides and dropped down into the water. The thought drifted through her mind that she could drown herself.
Now tears came and sobs racked her body as they had done so often during the weeks that she’d known of her impending marriage. How could anyone be awake and watching her on the shore?
The person splashed into the water and crossed the tide to her. She felt a fellow Geasa’n’s long fingers take hold of her arms. “Enara, I’ve just returned from the greatest place to tell you the greatest news and I find you like this? What’s wrong?”

A short bio about Fantasy Author Sandy Lender

Fantasy enthusiasts will recognize Sandy Lender as the author of the breakout novel Choices Meant for Gods in 2007, but she began writing stories when she first learned to string words together on the page. As a child, she entertained the folks in her great grandmother’s apartment building in Southern Illinois with tales of squeaky spiders and mice picking berries, and then won contests and awards with short stories and writing projects as she moved through the elementary and high school systems all over the St. Louis area.

It was apparent that a career in journalism was her calling, and she found herself proofreading, editing, and (finally) writing for trade publications after she graduated from Truman State University in Missouri. Now she serves in the magazine publishing field during the day and writes fiction at night, keeping house in Southwest Florida where her love of sea turtles and all things related to the ocean waters keeps her imagination growing.
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Christmas Wish List: Angus Grady

Title: Angus Grady
Cheryl Pillsbury
Available to purchase from


In the early thirteenth century; Sir Charles disobeyed the Elders and fathered a son, named him Edward. He was the thirteenth son, as such, it was forbidden for him to have a child. He pleaded with the Elders and they agreed on the condition, that his son was raised according to their laws. Only then would they allow the child to live.

Sir Charles tried to honor his pledge, but failed. At the age of twelve, Sir Edward learned of the darkness dwelling within him. He became the Warlock everyone feared. One night; Sir Edward slaughtered his family and went on a rampage killing people at random.

At the age of twenty-one; he took a virgin bride. With the help of his evil partner; Logan Wylde and black magic, Lady Katherine willingly conceived a son which the Elders forbid. Sir Edward’s wife died in childbirth. Sir Edward named him Angus Joshua Grady; a thirteen son of a thirteen son. The warlock took his son and offered him to the dark side, but an Elder intervened and took the new born. It was believed that the villagers had killed Sir Edward, but in reality, it was Duncan Wyatt, the Elder, disposed of Sir Edward before the villagers arrived burning all evidence of the evil that had taken place.

Duncan and his wife Sarah raised Angus as their own son, under the watchful eye of the Elders and the light to guide them. Over the centuries Duncan kept his son’s destiny a secret, if Angus knew, what he was capable of, and the powers that dwelled within him, it could result in the destruction of everything known to man.

Many centuries have passed, it’s now 2156, the unthinkable has occurred resulting in mass devastation; leaving many islands inhabited with humans, and various life-forms.

Duncan Wyatt, founder of Allard Island ; the main Island , governs the people with the help of his Enforcers. Angus, with his close friend Nigel Gargan and Rick Thaxter; a vampire, help keep the peace and enforce the laws of their world. The Enforcers maintain the peace between all the Islands and its people; all the while keeping Angus’ destiny a secret.

Duncan and Angus share a very close father and son bond. This bond is what protects Angus and helps to keep him safe. Nigel and Rick, his closest friends help also to protect him and keep him safe.

Each story is a day-to-day account of Angus’ life and adventures. Each one you will learn more of his past, his powers and the physical changes he endures and what they mean to him and his world.

The first adventure gave you an introduction of who and what he is, a touch, now read and learn more detailed developments of him and his world; his very existence.

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After the War, Before the Peace by Sharon Poppen

For purchase, visit

Author available for signings in her regional area.
Contact Denise Cassino for marketing materials and scheduling
303 838 3399

Publisher: Xlibris Corp
ISBN13: 978-1-4010-6545-4 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 1-4010-6545-7 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN13: 978-1-4010-6546-1 (Hardback)
ISBN: 1-4010-6546-5 (Hardback)
Subject: FICTION / Historical

On their way back to Mexico, tragedy struck. They’d suffered a driving rain for a couple of days and were now in a particularly rocky area along the banks of the Brazos River. A gravelly beach next to a flood-gorged ravine and a small copse of cottonwood trees offered shelter too good to pass up.
Jim found a little cave among the rocks and was attempting to light a fire to make some coffee and hot food. Joe and Michael were tending to the horses and bringing their bedrolls in from the rain. Thunder and lightning added to their misery. Talking was impossible in the torrent.
One of the horses had wondered off after being unloaded. Once they had secured the others and their gear, Michael set off to find the stray. She wouldn’t go far in this weather.
Jim was taking his first sip of something warm in two days and Joe was about to remove his poncho when they heard the distinctive crack.
“That wasn’t thunder!” Jim looked at Joe.
Through the driving rain, they headed in the direction Michael had taken. They crept through the trees. A horse whinnied. In unison, the brothers veered in the direction of the sound. A bolt of lightning pierced the sky and gave the brothers a clear and horrible view down into the half-filled ravine.
Michael lay sprawled face down on its muddy wall. His legs, up to his thighs, were in the running water while the top of his body was motionless in the mud. There was an ominous dark stain just below his right shoulder.
Two men on horseback were leading the stray horse down the ravine toward the river. One was wearing Michael’s poncho and hat. The other carried Michael’s rifle. The brothers raced along the ravine until they were directly above them.
Jim yelled, “Stop!” and fired a warning shot into the water directly in front of them. The men turned and shot back toward the demanding voice.
“I said stop or you’re dead.”
It was now pitch dark, neither pair could see the other, but the men in the ditch fired wildly.
“Stop or we’ll shoot to kill.” Jim warned again.
“Fuck you!” A bolt of lightning pierced the sky as shots were exchanged.
“You ok?”
“Yeah, you?” came Joe’s response.
Another bolt of lightning showed the two men laying face down, floating in the water.
“Shit. You go back to Mike while I check out these bastards.”
“Not alone you’re not.” Joe was already scrambling down the ravine wall watching for
movement from the floating bodies. He stood in the thigh deep water, grabbed one of the men’s boots and pulled him up on the muddy wall of the ravine. He touched his neck. The man was dead.
Jim pulled the other man up next to his pal. This one was gurgling, trying to speak or cough.
Abruptly, he jerked and was dead. The brothers turned and raced back to Michael.
He had not moved. They knelt on either side of him as Jim felt for a pulse. “Strong!” he
yelled to Joe over the rain. “Let’s get him back to the cave.”
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Writers and Authors wins another award

Writers and Authors has won another award!

"After a thorough review of your site, http://writersandauthors.blogspot.com/, I am pleased to present you with our Writing Matters Web Excellence Merit Award. Your site was a delight to visit and I look forward to visiting again in the future".

Randal's Sanctuary, home of Writing Matters Web Excellence Awards

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Christmas Wish List: Fit for Faith - 7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health

Fit for Faith - 7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health by Kimberley Payne
ISBN: 0-9735082-0-5

Bio: Kimberley Payne is a motivational speaker and author. Through her work, Kimberley hopes to inspire people to live healthier lives that glorify God. Visit her Website at www.kimberleypayne.com.

Purchasing Info:
Workbooks can be purchased from my website www.kimberleypayne.com

Exercise your body & exercise your spirit

God created you as a whole person. Therefore, take care of your whole self, not just the individual parts. A direct relationship exists between physical, emotional and spiritual health. A healthy body gives you the energy and enthusiasm to carry out the purposes that God has for your life. Practicing healthy living glorifies God.

Cardiovascular exercise & Strength training + Prayer

Think of exercise as either cardiovascular activity or strength training. Cardiovascular activity helps you to increase energy and keep moving. It is good for your heart, lungs and circulatory system. Strength training (also known as weightlifting) helps you keep your bones and muscles strong, reduces bone loss and improves balance and posture.

Prayer helps you to enter into a spiritual communion with God.

What cardiovascular exercise and strength training do for building a strong body, prayer does to build spiritual strength. Your body requires exercise and food, and it needs these things regularly. You cannot just take care of it at the beginning of the week and forget about it. Your spiritual life is similar to your physical body in that way. You cannot pray just once and have a healthy, growing spiritual life.

In strength training, you start by lifting small weights, and as you grow stronger, you can lift heavier weights. It is the same with prayer. You start by praying a short amount of time, and then as your desire grows you can spend time in prayer every day.

Just as exercise strengthens your body, prayer strengthens your spirit. Similarities between exercise and prayer include:

5To be physically and spiritually healthy requires discipline. You need to practice both daily and use this strength or you will lose it.

5The effects can be both immediate and/or long term. You may see the results right away or the effects can be cumulative.

5Both exercise and prayer improve balance in your life, improve your quality of life and boost your mood.

5With a pure motive, both delight God.
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Christmas Wish List: Abbadon: Book Two of the Angelic Chronicles

Abbadon: Book Two of the Angelic Chronicles by Marion Webb

Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation (November 26, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1425798659
ISBN-13: 978-1425798659

Purchase from: Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Abbadon-Marion-Webb-Sisto/dp/1425798659/ref=pd_bbs_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1210785185&sr=1-1

or signed copies directly from the author - http://www.marionwebb-desisto.com/site/article/24

Seriel entered the palace and walked through the square reception area. He came to the archway that opened onto the spacious room and passed through it. Samael was seated in his jasper chair and Lilith was with him. She was sitting on the first archangel’s lap with her arms encircled around his neck and her head resting against his chest. Most of her body was blanketed by Samael’s enfolding wings. The scene was one of peace and loving companionship and, if one of the participants had not been a demon, Seriel might well have perceived it as enchanting. He stood in front of the two oddly matched cohorts and stated:
“I am here to discuss your unconscionable treatment of the angels who departed from Abbadon. But first tell that demon to leave us because I find her presence most disturbing.”
“Perhaps it is her likeness to Malkura that troubles you?” Samael beamed down at Lilith and she returned his smile.
“No, it is because she is a demon. Archangelic matters are not the concern of soulless beings.” Seriel looked directly at Lilith and demanded, “Leave us, demon!”
The first archangel opened his wings and sighed. “Do as my brother directs, sweet Lilith. He is in a belligerent mood and I am feeling too contented to argue with him.”
The lilin slowly stepped down from the archangel’s lap and stood beside Seriel. She looked up at him demurely and sank into a deep curtsey. Then, as she straightened up, Lilith offered, “You judge me harshly, Lord Seriel. I do not attack angels or drink their essence. I bring pleasure to your brother in his exile.” She moved close to the seventh archangel and took hold of his left hand. “I could also bring much delight to you, too, my lord.” All sign of coyness was gone as she lifted his hand to her face and began to caress her cheek with it.
An expression akin to horror appeared on Seriel’s face as he tried to free himself from her grasp. However, Lilith held on tightly and brought his hand close to her mouth. She smiled at Seriel, turned his hand over and licked the open palm. A raucous thought-laugh escaped from Samael as the seventh archangel shuddered and finally managed to pull his hand away from the lilin. He exclaimed:
“If you touch me, again, I will strike you with my crystal wand. Leave us!”
Lilith turned to Samael and pouted her lips. She asked, “Must I leave, my prince? I do so enjoy watching the rivalry that exists between you both.”
The first archangel stood up from his chair and, offering the lilin his arm, he escorted her to the archway. “There will be little rivalry on this occasion, sweet Lilith. My brother cannot change what I have decreed. Wait for me in my resting chamber, and then I shall tell you further tales of the games we archangels used to play when we were first birthed.”
“I shall await your return, my prince.” Lilith stretched up as Samael inclined his head down toward her. She kissed his cheek and turned to look at the Lord of Sorcery while suggesting:
“Give thought to my offer, Lord Seriel. I am certain your brother would be willing to share me with you.”
“You are a little rascal, Lilith!” The first-born archangel placed his hands around her waist and gently pushed her in the direction of the reception area. “Now do my bidding.”
The lilin disappeared from view and, as Samael walked back to his brother, Seriel asked:
“How can you allow that demon to be with you in your home?”
“She relieves my boredom. Life in Abbadon can be tedious and lonely. Surely you have found it to be so?”
“Yes, there are occasions when I regret losing the company of our siblings, but I do not seek solace in the same manner as you do.”
The Lord of Lightning-Swiftness sat down in his jasper chair and leaned back against the cushions. “Do you wish to be seated? I can tell Semyaza to bring a chair from another room.”
“No, I prefer to remain standing.” Seriel moved to a position in front of his brother and persisted, “Pray tell me how you can give your affection to a creature that has no soul. I cannot understand such behaviour. Surely you do not love Lilith?”
“Of course I do not. There is only one who has captured my love, but until she comes to me I must find comfort wherever I can. The lilin lies down with me when the resting phase is near, and then I dream of Malkura. Those dreaming thoughts ease my troubled memories.” Samael looked down at the emerald gemstone on his right forefinger and wistfully added, “Do you remember her beautiful eyes? A soul can become lost in their green depths.”
Seriel nodded his agreement, but then queried, “And while you are sleeping what does the lilin do? Without a soul a demon has no need for resting. Does she wander around your home or does she keep company with the other demons?”
“Unless I have opened the doors prior to resting, she cannot leave the palace.” Samael looked thoughtful. “Sometimes she visits Lamassu, but on other occasions I have no notion of what Lilith does during the resting phase. It is not something that has concerned me.” He arched his eyebrows and added, “Perchance she just stays next to me and admires my archangelic beauty. Usually, when I rouse from sleep, she is either on the lapis bed or close by.”
“Have you never considered the possibility of her attacking you while you sleep? Demons have an insatiable lust for essence.”
The first archangel shook his head in disbelief. “Dear Seriel, what is this obsession with perceived danger? Are you becoming another Gabriel? I do not wish to be reminded of our fourth-born brother’s constant warnings and cautions. Cease this foolishness! It is most distracting.”
“Well, I trust you keep your light wand close by when you are sleeping?”
“I do so worry no more.” He stared off into the distance as though caught up in some pleasant thought. “And once I find a way to bring Malkura here, I shall send Lilith back to the demons. Then your fears will be ended.”
“Our sister will never come to Abbadon. If you wish to be with her you would have to return to her which, I believe, is now possible. And that brings me back to my reason for coming here. How could you subject those angels to such diabolic torment as being assaulted by the demons?”
“They departed without my knowledge and permission.”
“And if you had known of their intention, would you have given your consent?”
“No, I am the Lord of Abbadon and will not allow anyone’s departure.”
Attempting a different approach Seriel remarked, “I thought you loathed essence imbibing as much as I do.”
“Previously I did find it to be most unsavoury, but I needed a punishment that would deter any other angels from leaving me.”
“And now you feel it is acceptable?” The seventh archangel looked incredulous.
Samael combed his fingers through his long maldor hair. “Perhaps not acceptable, but most assuredly it was necessary.” He stared at his brother and confided, “I shall share a truth with you. I thought the drinking of angelic essence would no longer concern me. Yet when it was happening here, I was sickened as before. I needed to concentrate on happier events in order to shield my senses from its distress.”
A look of relief passed over Seriel’s countenance. “Then it would appear that something remains of the Lord of Light. The first-born of the Source has not completely abandoned his former radiance.” He moved to the large cushion that lay on the floor beside the jasper chair and sat down on it. “Thus, may I conclude there will be no more imbibing of angelic consciousness?”
“Oh, there well may be more occasions when essence drinking will occur. However, I will make certain I am not present when they take place.” A smile that was almost a smirk played about Samael’s mouth as he remarked, “I see you have decided to sit down. Are you enjoying the comfort of Lilith’s cushion?”
Seriel jumped up as though something had struck him. He repeatedly brushed his right hand over the part of his tabard that covered his buttocks and gave his cloak a forceful shake.
“Whatever ails you, brother? You behave as though you could be contaminated by sitting where the lilin has rested. Have you forgotten from whose essence she sprang?”
The Lord of the Seventh Essence kicked the cushion away from his feet and sat back down on the amethyst floor. He stated, “She may have been created from a facet of our sister’s consciousness, but there is no trace of her exquisite nature within that demon. Again I ask you, how can you tolerate her presence in your palace? How can you let her touch you and even lay down with you?”
A stony expression appeared on Samael’s face. “I do whatever brings me pleasure. Malkura refused to come with me to Abbadon, thus, Lilith has become my consort.” With his innate lightning change of mood he leaned across to his brother, slapped him on the back and questioned, “And what of you, dear Seriel? Have you yet found an angel who eases the pain of your unrequited love for the Shekinah?”
Looking annoyed, Seriel replied, “I have often told you that Malkura is the only one I cherish.”
As though addressing an invisible audience in the empty room, Samael declared, “Such a sad tale of secret love. My brother’s deep affection for a sibling who cares naught for him and who is oblivious of his love for her.”
Seriel turned to face Samael and revealed, “Malkura knows of my affection.”
The first archangel glared intently at his brother. “You have been keeping secrets from me. I thought you had chosen to never tell Malkura of your love? When did you abandon that decision?”
“I told her shortly before I came through the portal. Knowing I would probably never see the Shekinah again, I disclosed my feelings to her.”
“And it is obvious that she did not respond in kind. You would have never followed me to Abbadon if our sister had returned your affection. What was Malkura’s answer? Did she tell you that she could not give you her devotion because she loved another sibling?”
“No, she did not express any loving thoughts of you.”
A burning light glinted in Samael’s eyes as he explained, “I was not referring to myself. The sibling in question is Michael.”
“You have previously alluded to our sister’s fondness for Michael. I am certain you are mistaken. The only archangel she has ever loved is you.”
“Once she did, but now she has abandoned that love.” Samael twisted the large, emerald ring back and forth on his finger as his brooding countenance looked into the green clarity of the jewel.
“Not abandoned, but rather, put aside. It was too painful for her to care for you after your actions against Gabriel and me.”
“And how would you know that? Did she disclose her misgivings about me when you told her of your love?”
“Malkura conveyed the need to set aside her love for you on another occasion. When I declared my passion for her she stated that having loved unwisely once, she could not cherish another brother who chooses strife and disruption.”
A silence ensued between the two archangels. Each was lost in thoughts of their absent sister.
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Author: Leeanne Marie Stephenson
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 1424165075
For more information and to purchase this book, go to:

Nicole was apprehensive, sensing that his presence was near. Her anxiety heightened as she turned from the ship’s railing and saw a tall figure coming towards her through the fog. She recognized his confident stride and powerful well-muscled body. As he approached, panic rose in Nicole, causing her knees to almost buckle beneath her. Travis’s strong grasp clasped her bare shoulders forcefully, pulling her close to him. Nicole struggled against him, trying to push away her desire to melt into his arms and give way to the rising passion she felt whenever he was near.

Nicole looked into Travis’s piercing blue eyes and gasped upon seeing the flames of passion and desire reflected in them. With a moan, Travis’s mouth came down possessively upon her soft yielding lips. Nicole felt her defensive walls crumble as pulsating sensations whirled in her body, igniting an all consuming desire that only he could satiate. She sighed and molded her body into his, letting go of her self control.

Travis caught her to him, holding her against his virile body and kissed her, plundering her lips until she had no will of her own. It was as if someone had lit a fire at every point they touched. Somehow her fingers were buried in his hair, feeling its crisp unruliness with the last of her reeling senses and somehow her full lips were opening under his. Her lips were smothered by his mouth and a strange lightheadedness possessed her body as waves of explicit pleasure rocked over her. The fever reached her mind and nothing mattered except her hunger for the man that held her in his arms. She became limp with desire reveling in this primitive fierceness.
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Christmas Wish List: A Guide to Weddings in Italy

Purchasing details:
Title: A Guide to Weddings in Italy
Author: Jo Linsdell
ISBN: 978-1-4092-4489-9
Publisher: lulu.com
Available to purchase from lulu.com



Roma, the Eternal City, is one of the most important Capitals of the world and centre of the Catholic religion. Roma is a cosmopolitan and dynamic City, appealing thanks to its monuments that make you re-live the splendours of the Roman Empire with its monumental churches and its historical palaces rich in extraordinary works of art like many masterpieces by the great Michelangelo…
…just imagine how great the wedding photo’s will be!


Types of weddings
In Italy it is possible to have a valid civil wedding, religious wedding, symbolic ceremony or a simple blessing. The Civil Ceremony takes place inside the town hall or in specific locations.
The Catholic wedding ceremony is always performed in a church.

In the Protestant and Anglican ceremonies the wedding rite can be performed in a church as well as in a Palace, Castle, Villa, or Garden.

The Symbolic Ceremony can take place in a Palace, Castle, Villa, or Garden.

A Blessing takes place in a church or in a Palace, Castle, Villa, or Garden.
In the case of legal weddings, it is necessary to present documents to the local authorities, the documentation necessary varies according to the nationality of the bride and groom and the type of ceremony requested.

Italy has long been a popular and romantic destination for foreign couples and this trend continues to grow. Italy is a little trickier for weddings in terms of regulations that some other destinations, though, so it’s good to start planning early. Rome is a popular destination for Church marriages abroad. People go away for many reasons, perhaps to keep everything small and simple, or because of a recent wedding in the family, or possibly because this is what the bride and groom really want. Rome is a great city for a wedding...you’ll have wonderful wedding photos!

Many couples choose to go through a wedding coordinator to handle the paperwork (especially if they don’t speak Italian). Some of the larger hotels have on-staff wedding coordinators; there are also independent coordinators you can hire to assist in the process.

From the magnificence of Rome and Florence to the ethereal beauty of Tuscany or the indescribable magic of Venice, Italy has romance enough to share with all who visit.

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Christmas Wish List: Hi, Daddy!

Purchase details:
Title: Hi, Daddy!
Author: Janet Elaine Smith
Genre: Contemporary romance/humor
Publisher: Star Publish LLC
Retail Price: $16.95
ISBN: 1935188003
Availability: Most online bookstores or local bookstores or Amazon.com


Mitzi LeFleur heard the phone ring in her office. She ran in, pushing the door hard, hoping to catch it before the party on the other end hung up. She had already missed four calls today. She just couldn’t be everyplace at once.

The title on her door declared that she was “Director of Public Relations.” She smiled as she thought of the irony of the name. The company was on strike, and she couldn’t even get the workers and the executives to agree on a time to sit down and try to negotiate. If she couldn’t get them to communicate, how on earth could she possibly get the public to relate to their computer products?

“Yes?” she said into the phone, her voice oozing with the anxiety she felt.

“Mitzi?” the voice asked. “Is that you? Are you okay, hon? You don’t sound like yourself.”

Mitzi sank into the big brown leather chair behind her desk. That was all she needed! As if she didn’t have enough problems of her own, Bob Jones—her “ex”—had the same perfect timing he had always shown.

“Of course it’s me!” she snapped. “Who did you expect? The Queen of England? Sorry, but she’s all booked up for the day.”

“No need to be so sarcastic,” he said. “I just had this really strange feeling. I needed to talk to you. You were always my favorite sounding board when I had a new idea. Sounds like you could use a good ear too.”

“I don’t need your ears,” she said, “or anything else you have to offer, for that matter.”

“I hope you will change your mind,” Bob said. “I’m flying into New York tomorrow. Please say you’ll have dinner with me. I really do need to talk to you.”

Under normal circumstances, Mitzi would never have considered such an offer. Not from Bob. But her life the last few days certainly couldn’t be shoved into any mold of normalcy.

“Well, okay,” she said, surprising herself. She hung the phone up and looked around the office. She had to be out of her mind. She wasn’t in any shape to deal with Bob. Not with her life as hectic and mixed-up as it was now.

She heard someone calling her in the outer office. She would just have to deal with Bob later. She could always tell him she couldn’t make it when he called her after he got in. After all, she reasoned, it isn’t like he is coming to New York just to see me.


It had been such a confusing day. Mitzi kicked her burgundy heels off and flung the gray and white pinstriped jacket from her suit towards the chair as she walked past it. The jacket slid onto the floor, but she was too tired to stoop over and pick it up. “Later,” she said as she glared at it.

It was only when she finally sat down for a few minutes that the realization of exactly how exhausted she was. It was an emotional exhaustion, not just a physical one. It had been a long time since she had done mere secretarial duties—way back at the beginning of her climb up the executive ladder of success. Now that she had arrived—after all, she was one of the five vice-presidents—she found herself thrust back into answering phones and making copies of memos. And all because the peons at the plant wanted more health benefits!

She reached for the phone, determined to cancel her dinner with Bob. She really wasn’t up to seeing him tonight. In fact, she admitted, she was never up to seeing Bob, even though they had parted on friendly terms.

Mitzi laughed out loud. Who ever came up with the term “friendly divorce”? Oh, sure, they acted civilized to each other when they met, but that was only because she did such a great job of masquerading her true feelings. It wasn’t bad enough that Bob had dumped her, just because she couldn’t give him any babies, but then he had to turn around and marry Barb.

She remembered, all too well, the day Bob told her about Barb. They were as opposite as day and night, as oil and water, as honey and vinegar. But Barb was already Bob’s wife by that time. It was too late for her to do anything about it, even if she could have. Besides, Barb was the one thing Mitzi could never be. Barb was pregnant!

The phone in her hand, Mitzi tried his cell phone. All she got was his voice mail. He hadn’t told her where he’d be staying, so she couldn’t call him if she wanted to. She had no alternative; she might as well get dressed and face the music.

Mitzi felt amazingly refreshed after she showered and changed for dinner. She carefully chose a bright blue full-skirted dress. It was, she remembered, Bob’s favorite color on her. The boldness of the color caught the blue in her eyes and made them jump out at you. As she put on fresh makeup, her cheeks seemed to take on a rosy glow of their own even before she dabbed them with blush. Her shoulder-length hair, naturally blonde, fell in soft waves around her face.

She stood back and checked in the full-length mirror on the closet door. She smiled in approval as she said, “If I were Bob Jones, I wouldn’t be able to resist you tonight.”

She slapped her face, striving to come back to reality. Bob Jones had no interest in her. He had proven that, more than once. First there was Barb. That ended in disaster. Then there was Jill. She had been far too slow for Bob. She could never keep up with his hopes and aspirations. But, like Barb, she had been fruitful and multiplied. Jeff and Kathy were living proof of her fertility. Finally, there was Peg. Mitzi really thought they would last together forever, especially when the twins came along. Two sets of them in just a little over two years! Peg was as bubbly and effervescent as anyone Mitzi had ever met. But that stupid land scheme of Bob’s out in California had seen to the end of their relationship.

Mitzi wondered why she was taking such pains to try to impress Bob. He knew her, exactly the way she was—her faults and her assets—and she had plenty of both! He was probably only coming to show off wife number five, anyway. Seemed like that was the only time he showed up in her life.


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The Christmas Wish List

Starting on Monday, and running up until Christmas, I will be posting a selection of samples from books by various authors. The samples will be from a mixture of genres.

This is the Writers and Authors Christmas Wish List. Ideas and Inspiration for Christmas presents to suit all tastes.

A book is a great present for all ages!
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Review: The Sacred Bones by Michael Byrnes

The Sacred Bones by Michael Byrnes
Reviewed by Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes, publisher of Time with Tannia (timewithtannia.tripod.com)

On his debut novel, The Sacred Bones, author Michael Byrnes brings us a fascinating mix of myths, legends, and themes of today in a controversial story full of intrigue, conspiracy, murder, modern technology and religion- the perfect combination for a breath taking story.

The book starts with the story of the Knights of the Temple and their duties regarding the Church and its secrets. The story then moves forward and the suspense starts in Jerusalem's present time. A relic is stolen from beneath The Temple Mount leaving behind death, destruction, and confusion. Both Muslims and Jews are blaming each other for this incident and both start their own investigation. The Israelites authorities bring in antiques expert, Graham Barton, to help with the identification of the stolen relic and its commercial value, whereas the Palestinians bring in political mediador, Razak bin Ahmed bin al-Tahini, to conduct the investigation and to reduce tension among the radical Islamic groups ready to take action for the desecration of their El-Aqsa Mosque.

Meanwhile, in Vatican city, American geneticist Charlotte Hennesey, Italian anthropologist Giovanni Bersie, and Father Patrick Donovan work together to analyze and identify the human remains inside an ancient Jewish burial box – an ossuary.

This book is a roller coaster of emotions as all these characters find themselves inside a spider web of conspiracy, murder, potential war, cover up of evidence, and zealous actions to protect an ancient secret. Will the truth set them free? Or will the truth cause their death?

I highly recommend this book to readers looking for a fiction book tastefully written, while merging difficult topics with the eloquence of an experienced storyteller. I can see this book finding its way to the big screen and becoming a major motion picture.

Bravo Mr. Byrnes!

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lop├ęs author of The Window To My Soul, My Walk With Jesus
(2004 Tate Publishing ISBN 0975393359.) The book could be purchased directly from the publisher at www.tatepublishing.com and at all major online stores.
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Interview with Monique Terrell of Sparkle Professional Office Services LLC

what is Sparkle Professional Office Services, LLC?
Sparkle is a Virtual Assistant Company that specializes in eLearning & Training, Social Media & Network Marketing and Media Services. We work with Coaches, Authors, Speakers & Trainers.

what made you start the company?
I wanted the flexibility to determine when I work, how I work and who I work with. I wanted to enjoy myself everyday and work with in the two areas I enjoy most, people and technology.

What is a Virtual Marketing Assistant?
As a VMA we work with our clients who need web/virtual marketing assistance. From setting up a Facebook profile to managing a Ning Community we help with almost all things web marketing.

What is an academic Virtual Assistant?

This specialization is an area where we have worked with educators to assist them in a manner that the traditional teaching assistant would. We assist with syllabus updates, online course site management and updates and reseach assistance.

Are your services available to international clients or only US?
Our services are available both International and US.

You will soon be offering virtual tours to clients, how important do you think is it for authors to tour?
I believe it's very important for the Author to host a virtual tour especially if they are looking to reach a broad audience that may not otherwise have had the opportunity to hear about their book. Also, it can save on money and time vs the traditional tour approach. Not that you abandon one for the other but I certainly think an Author has nothing to lose but everything to gain by going on a VBT.

Where can people find out more about your services?
They can visit our website at www.sparkleofficeservices.com.

Anything else to add?

We are looking for bloggers and authors who are coaches to be apart of our first VBT. If your interested please contact me at smterrell1@gmail.com
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Anna Maria Prezio Interview

Tell us a bit about your latest book “Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster”.
The purpose for writing this book is two-fold: First, to allow people to express themselves and their experiences without fear of embarrassment, chastisement or humiliation or worst yet, to be told that they are crazy. Knowing that others have had similar experiences can allow them to express it, and know that their experience is real and not just their imagination playing tricks on them.

Second, once the fear is gone, those experiencing a haunting can know what to do to put their mind at ease and find serenity in their homes and in their lives. They can change their environment and feel better in a peaceful place. They can free themselves to create and design a better, more fulfilling life. “Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Bustser” is an easy guide to understanding why spirits, souls and supernatural forces exist, and how to release them — and the fear. Some very clear and proven methods of Feng Shui, provides solutions, what to look for and remedies to de-clutter your environment from entities, spirits and ghosts.

Keeping a secret such as interacting with a spirit or entity can haunt you and create a feeling of dis-ease with yourself and your environments. Some of us are more sensitive to the spirit world, see entities and oftentimes sense them around us. The ability to talk about it and clear the air through many different methods as defined and expressed in my book, can free us from the fear and allow us to discuss a subject that has been taboo for many years.

“The more we know and understand about what we fear, the easier it is to accept a solution”

What is Feng Shui and how can it benefit me?

Feng Shui is a science and art of creating a harmonic environment in all aspects of our life. It is an ancient practice used by Emperors to give them the advantage of winning territorial wars.

How do you know your house is haunted with ghosts?

You may have ghosts and don’t even know it.
Do you get an uncomfortable unsettling feeling when you enter a room?
Do you hear unusual noise activity?
Do you experience a physical discomfort, a sense that someone is hovering over you?
Do you smell cigars, foul odors, unusual odor and odors you can’t determine its origin? Do you see ghosts, shadows or something pass you by in a flash?

How can I use feng shui to get rid of ghosts?

Five rules to a Serene and Ghost-Free Environment:
(taken from Anna Maria Prezio's ten rules in her book, “Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster”)

1. De-clutter is the number one rule for a productive, peaceful and serene environment.
Any type of clutter will invite spirits and promote ghost attraction. Keep all pathways clear, clean and spacious.
2. Do not live near or across from a funeral parlor, a cemetery, gravesite, dumpsite, or a hospital.
Even churches tend to attract spirits.
3. Do not buy or live in a house built on sacred or consecrated ground.
Many houses that were built on ancient burial grounds have spirit energies.
4. Keep all dead things out of your house and office.
Ashes or remains of people, pets, and even dead plants, must be removed from
any environment.
5. Trees, shrubs, walls and fences too close to the house inhibit the flow of healthy chi energy.
Cut them back to allow sun to enter. Ghosts like to hide in weeping willow trees, so keep them far away from the house.

Refer to the tape with the salt water remedy…

Ghosts are more afraid of us than we are of them.

What makes you different from other feng shui experts?

I was the only one able to link and combine the two areas of feng shui that had been a tabu for centuries. Yin vs. Yang Feng Shui…explain.
I incorporate mind, body and spirit to correct spaces.

Do you have to believe feng shui in order for them to work?

No it’s not a belief system or a cult. Feng Shui is a natural science. However, your environment affects your mood. Every one of us has felt uncomfortable in some spaces as we entered a house or office.

Even Donald Trump himself uses it because it makes him money even though he
told me that he doesn’t have to believe it. It makes him money because his clients want a house, building or condo that has correct feng shui, particularly his Asian clients. Westerners have caught on to this ancient practice because it works.

Why do you believe in Feng Shui?

It’s not a myth. Its an established practice, studied by the ancient masters and is still applicable today especially in our hurried, frantic life because we don’t have much time to create serenity in our lives. Albert Einstein promoted the benefits of feng shui.
Famous people use it, like Oprah, Richard Branson, Sting, Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg, Coca Cola, Disney…

Where can people find out more about you and your books?

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Writing Competitions this month- December 2008

Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau Win £150. Closing date 31 December 2008. Click here for details.

WD Poetry Awards
Deadline: 19 December 2008
We are now accepting entries for the 4th Annual Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards. Whether you write rhyming poetry, free verse or haiku-- as long as your poems are 32 lines or fewer, we want them all! Winners names will appear in the August 2009 issue of Writer’s Digest.
Click here for details or to enter online
Also, new for 2008. The 1st- through 50th-place poems will be printed in a special competition collection, published by Lulu.com.

Sunpenny YOUNG WRITERS' Short Story Competition:
After the success of our first children's writing competition, we're thrilled to announce that this will be repeated with an Autumn version! Please encourage schools and classes to join in; the Alleyn's Junior School in Dulwich presented some very high quality entries in the Spring competition, and we'd love to see more schools participating. Closing date: 31st December 2008.
Sunpenny YOUNG WRITERS Competition: Click Here

Eltham Little Theatre Inc.’s Ten Minute Quickie
Closing Date: 12 December 2008

Eltham Little Theatre Inc. invites entries for their first ever short play competition, “The Ten Minute Quickie”. Successful selected plays will be performed at The Eltham Performing Arts Centre, Research in 2009. Selected plays will feature actors from the ELT talent pool and will be directed by fresh, new directors as well as some of our established favourites.
Plays should be no longer than 10 minutes in length, no more than 8 in the cast, with minimal props/set. Playwrights should be 16 or over and complete and sign this application form.
Click here to download details and entry form

2009 National One-Act Playwriting Competition
Closing Date: 31 December 2008

Noosa Arts Theatre holds this annual competition to foster and encourage playwrights, whether amateur or professional, who will be judged on the quality of their written script, and on its suitability for staging in an intimate theatre setting. These scripts will be judged anonymously and equally by an adjudication panel.
Click Here for details and Entry Form.
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