Review Policy

Review Policy. Want your book reviewed? Here's everything you need you to know about getting your book reviewed on the Writers and Authors website.

Books I review on the Writers and Authors site are either from my own collection or a free copy provided by publishers and authors. I'm happy to review books from all publishing sectors e.g. traditionally published, self-published etc...

I do not guarantee that I will post reviews on a particular timetable, unless we have agreed in advance.

All reviews are my honest opinion. If I can't honestly recommend the book I will not post a review. 

I do not send the finished review to the author or publisher prior to posting or supply the link to the review post on site after posting. I will notify the person who requested the review about the day the post is scheduled to appear on site.

I am currently only accepting print copies for review. Copies received will not be returned and may be used as give-away prizes for Writers and Authors contests.

The person sending the review copy is responsible for all shipping costs and taxes. I will NOT pay to review your book. Should a package be delivered with a payment request it will most likely be declined and returned to sender. 

My rating system:

If you have a book that you think I might be interested in please contact me via email with your book blurb and any other relevant information.

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