What Everyone Ought to Know About Writing a Book Review

What Everyone Ought to Know About Writing a Book Review Guest post by Shakila Mumtaz

What Everyone Ought to Know About Writing a Book Review

Guest post by Shakila Mumtaz

Writing a book review is an imperative mastery that every writer and the author should have. They should know how to organize their words in order to write a killer review to attract readers. A book review tells the readers about the whole book in a short time. Therefore, it must be catchy, concise, and bespoke.

There are three main sections to be considered when writing an attractive book review. (1) Summary of the book (2) Assessment of the book content (3) Recommends the content according to the current needs of society. Each of these sections has been discussed below.


Summary of the book: 

It is the most important part of a review because it briefly describes the information and the message of the entire book. It also helps to compare the idea and knowledge from other books. There are the following steps to write a powerful summary. 

Read the book: 

An author or writer must have the basic info about the book’s genre or field. The more you know about the book, the better you can summarize. That's why it is crucial to read with passion and determination. While you are reading, note down the important points that need to be included in the summary. Those will help you a lot to write in a well-organized and professional way. 

Introduce the story:

After reading, introduce the book to your target audience because they have no idea about the book content. The introduction should include the title, author name, and time/year. It is also worthwhile to add the objective and the reason for which the book was being written.

Summarize the book: 

Now your reader has some idea about the book, so, give all the details about the main events of the book. It does not mean that you explain every point, but keep it general in your own words. You should also avoid redundancy and repetitiveness. You can add brief quotes as examples. Avoid the use of long quotations and long statements, because these do not attract the readers’ mind and attention, and the book under review will lose the spotlight.


Proofreading and Editing: 

This is the final step of almost every writing project. It will allow you to correct all grammar or spelling mistakes that will make your writing inaccurate. By following this step, you can polish your writing skills in order to boost your career as a creative and professional writer.


Assessment of the book content: 

It is the second step of the review. It should be in paragraphs that deal with each aspect of your arguments, such as how these are right or wrong, what are the pros and cons of the book, how that book will help you to enhance your understanding. It is also necessary to add merits and demerits of the book. It is imperative to highlight all the main points and context of the book so that a reader can get a basic understanding of the book. All the details should not be lengthy because it is a review. It is not essential to include arguments chronologically. You can add these according to your choice. It should be simple and to the point. Tell the readers about the overall opinion about the book.


Recommend the content according to the current needs of society: 

Every society and community have their own preferences and requirements for their survival and growth. They all have different cultures, traditions, and values. So, the content should be according to those preferences and circumstances. You need to know who would be attracted towards your book or its content. For example, a fashion book will get fame from fashion icons and fashion industry designers, and a scientific book will get limelight from professors, researchers, scientists, etc. Therefore, it is worthwhile to recommend the book to its right audience.


What Everyone Ought to Know About Writing a Book Review Guest post by Shakila Mumtaz

Shakila Mumtaz has been a certified “Creative Writer” by Digiskills and a “Professional Writer” by Saylor Academy. She is a “Resume writer” on Fiverr.com. She has completed Mphil Genetics from UVAS, Pakistan. For her, writing is a passion, not a profession. She likes to express her thoughts and ideas through her writing skills. Have a look at her Fiverr account and LinkedIn profile to know more about her. https://lnkd.in/gwBeZ2Khttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shakilamumtaz64/.




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