Interview with Peter Murphy

Tell us about your latest book.
THE LAST WEEKEND OF THE SUMMER is the story of a family getting together in Grandma’s lakeside cottage. They all know that there is a significance beyond the end of the summer season. Some think that Grandma Gloria might be dying and wants them together one last time.
The three siblings, Johnny, Buddy, and C.C. arrive with their own families and partners, along with their much-troubled mother, Mary.
Some are dreading another family get-together and some are ready to try to make the most of it, but when they learn that their estranged father is also joining them, most of them are thrown for a loop.
Jake and Mary’s relationship had ended acrimoniously when the family was young and much of what had happened back then was never really spoken of. As the weekend passes and the real reason Gloria had brought them all together is revealed, the past is thrust on all of them. Each one is forced to come to terms with all that had impacted on them, all that had shaped them, and all that had never been out in the open before.
Each one has to come to their own terms with it all and . . . well, the reader must decide how each one fared.
What's your favourite quote about writing/for writers?
If you sit around waiting for inspiration, you are a waiter and not a writer.
What's the best thing about being a writer?
For me, the best part of being a writer is that I can create little worlds that make far more sense than the crazy existence around me. I came to writing after a long and varied career, as well as being a husband and father. It is my reward to myself as I do it for me and it is what I find most enjoyable. The hours are random in that some nights ideas have woken me and forced me to my desk, but at the end I have something that I can be proud of—especially when I receive positive feedback from a reader.
Where can people find out more about you and your writing?
And I can be reached @
Please drop by and feel free to write with any questions, comments, or opinions you might like to share. I can be very social after I have had my morning coffee.
Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

It is a very difficult choice for me, but I would have to say Gloria—the grandmother. She is coming to the later stages of an interesting life and has realized the value of honesty while not forgetting the need to be compassionate and tolerant. And while she does come to reconsider the wisdom of trying to force her family to reconcile, she remains steadfast in her efforts. She is the rock that every family needs.

Why do you think readers are going to enjoy your book?

Most of us have grown up in families that can be both wonderful and terrible at different times. This family is no different, but the reader has the liberty to form preferences and allegiances to different characters without becoming caught up in the dramas of real family relationships.

Where can a reader purchase your book?

A full listing can be found on my publisher’s website. Please see the following for details

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by young parents who find a way to balance all that life demands against the needs of their children. I am inspired by those who overcome great odds to achieve their goals and most of all, I am inspired by the old who encourage the young.

Who or what inspired you to become a writer?

As a child growing up in Ireland, I became fascinated with story-telling which was once a huge part of the culture that my parents had enjoyed as children. They were kind enough to share some of it with me and in passing it on to my own children, I came to realize that it was a most important part of human existence. I also grew up in a house that was so full of books that I had no choice but to read. My mother placed great importance on books and writing and I guess I inherited some of that.

When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

Mid-morning, I play guitar for an hour or so. Then I walk the streets of Lisbon with my dog, stop for coffee, and people-watch the afternoon hours away.

Thank you to Writers and Authors for allowing me the chance to “speak” with your readers.


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  1. Really enjoyed this interview. I like learning about the author behind the book. And this was a fantastic read!


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