Implementing An Effective And Affordable Book Marketing Program For Authors

Implementing An Effective And Affordable Book Marketing Program For Authors, Guest post by Julian Jingles

It is virtually impossible to implement an effective marketing program if you are an author, self-published with very limited financing available, or backed by a small press, with very limited access to cash for marketing. My experience as a writer and marketer has placed me in a unique position of seeing what is required to execute an effective marketing program to promote and take a good work to the buying public, but not having the financial wherewithal to implement in a substantive way.

Implementing An Effective And Affordable Book Marketing Program For Authors, Guest post by Julian Jingles
It means therefore, that several very interesting books with good sales potential will have floundered miserably, due to weak marketing caused by non-access to financing. This cannot be in the best interest of the society, realizing the optimum good for the nation and its people. How then can this be corrected?

One way is for a literary not-for-profit, social enterprise entity convincing foundations, for example Skoll, Ford, Carnegie-Mellon, Dell, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Walmart, Rockefeller, Gates, Buffett, to make funding available for qualified applicants to tap into for financial assistance to market their works.

Let’s break this out by suggesting this formula. Together, the foundations provide initially $15,000,000, deduct $2,000,000 for administration and management by the not-for-profit, leaving $13,000,000 to be used by 600 authors annually, to market their books. The recipients receiving marketing financing will also contribute to the sustainability of the fund, by paying back a percentage of their earnings, let’s say two percent of book sales, from what they will gain from this input.

From my experience, I observe that the author is placed at an enormous disadvantage when called on to put forward money for marketing and promotions, and be placed in great debt with no guarantees that the “investment” in securing reviews, interviews, discussion within the bloggers community will bear fruits to off-set the expended resources that would have brought the project from thought to book.

There is yet another approach to enable the author that his or her book will receive a reasonable high degree of effective, professional marketing and promotion; this is for the not-for-profit administrative entity to directly be engaging in the marketing of the books.

The author at a reasonable fee of let’s say $500 engage the marketers, who would be tapping into the said foundations to obtain funding, to plan and execute the marketing program. And at the end of the engagement the marketing entity be entitled to a percentage of let’s say four percent of book sales, resulting from the execution of effective marketing.

As I see what the literary industry is like now in America, authors are put into a prejudiced position, wherein the success of a bookc is not based on the merits of its content, or of engaging its readers, instead is favored to the authors supported by the establishment publishers with very deep pockets, and years of being connected to the media and public relations communities, or the author who is financially able to secure the required money to implement effective marketing programs.

More people are writing I am told, and this appears to me to be so, and they must be given fair and unbiased opportunities to reach the buying global markets, and so improve not only the literary outflow, but the socio-economic conditions of those not coming from the well-to-do, or with connections to the literary elite. What does it require to get a book reviewed in the New York Times? Who you know, who knows you, how much you can afford?

Implementing An Effective And Affordable Book Marketing Program For Authors, Guest post by Julian Jingles
Julian Jingles has had a professional career spanning 52 years writing for publications such as the Jamaica Gleaner, the New York Amsterdam News, JET magazine, the New York Daily News, and the New York Carib News. He began work on his novel A Reason For Living in 1966, a teenager just graduating from high school in Jamaica. In 1967 he went to work as a journalist at the Gleaner Company, the oldest published newspaper in Jamaica, and the Caribbean. He has written, produced, and co-directed three documentary films, production managed several music videos featuring Kool and the Gang, Steel Pulse, the Main Ingredient, promoted several music concerts, and a stage play, along with investing in several entrepreneurial projects in America, and Jamaica.

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