Excerpt: Spectacle by S.J. Pierce

Excerpt: Spectacle by S.J. Pierce

Title: Spectacle 
Author: S.J. Pierce 

Publication date: June 4th 2018
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

Excerpt: Spectacle by S.J. Pierce
About the Book:

People fear what's different...

Mira (Mirabella) Foster and her parents are citizens of New America, one of three remaining landmasses after the great floods, and with the threat of starvation and disease looming on the horizon, a discovery threatens to push everyone to the brink of chaos - blue markings develop on people's skin. Markings that allow them to camouflage, but also make them feared, and eventually, targets of violence.

Mira's dad is one of them.

Secrets of who they are and why they're here are quickly unveiled, and though her father and his kind work to make peace, something goes wrong and a war erupts between the races. Something her father is blamed for and ultimately leads to their banishment on a deserted island.

Freedom comes at a hefty price...

Terrified and broken, Mira is ripped from her human mother and is sent with her father's kind to live among the treacherous wildlife where rattlers, boars, and mountain lions run rampant. But just as they manage to find their new normal, a set of unearthed secrets threaten to turn everything she knows upside down. Nothing is as it seems, and their banishment may have been for darker reasons than she ever could have fathomed. And strangely enough, everyone looks to Mira, the daughter of their shamed ruler, and her friends to be the ones to help make it right...

If she can only find the courage. Because after everything they've already survived, this may just be what costs her and her friends their lives.

Spectacle, Part One is the beginning of a three-part series. Suitable for ages fourteen and up.


Spectacle has made it to my TOP TEN LIST OF DYSTOPIAN BOOKS to read. ★★★★★

This book is totally ADDICTIVEFAST-PACED and SUSPENSEFUL, with great lead characters and complex world building. ★★★★★

HUNGER GAMES meets AVATAR in this spellbinding Young Adult, Science-Fiction series by bestselling author S.J. Pierce.

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When I’m finally ready to move again, I strip down and wrap a cloth around me. I face the house to watch Maggie and Jacks. He’s laughing at something she said and she pulls him into a hug. The imagery calms me and gives me a surge of reassurance. Maybe he really will be okay if I leave. 
Their moment is over, and she helps him stand and move to his mat. From this distance, it’s all the more apparent how weak and frail he’s gotten. 
And he’s only going to get worse. 
Grief clenches my heart. Maybe he’s right. Maybe this mission is about more than clearing our fathers’ names. A better future might be in store for him. For all of us. A future we were robbed of. 
A new feeling claims me – something bold and unwavering. Something I see in Jacks’ spirit, and Luxxe’s and Blythe’s and everyone else’s, but had been missing in my own – a steely determination to make these monsters pay.
With my newfound courage in tow, I make my way to the house, my next words poised on the tip of my tongue: “I’m going.”
I’ve chosen my path.

Excerpt: Spectacle by S.J. Pierce
About the Author:
Multiple Award Nominated and Bestselling Author Susan James Pierce has a degree in Marketing Management, works for a Fortune 500 company in Atlanta, Georgia, and devotes her precious, spare time to writing Paranormal, Sci-fi, and Contemporary Romance novels.

Please visit www.sjpiercebooks.com and sign up for her mailing list or subscribe to her blog if you'd like to hear when new books come out! 

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Excerpt: Spectacle by S.J. Pierce


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