Book Reviews: What They Mean To Me

Book Reviews: What They Mean To Me, guest post by Thomas William Lowrie

On the subject of book reviews, I personally don’t worry too much about what others think but the reviews help the books to become more known and with that I get to meet some interesting people.

That being said, I do get a warm and fuzzy feeling when someone connects with a character. It’s no secret that I write as Ray Lafayette which others say they feel like they were there when they start reading or they know someone that smells like Smoky or acts like Henry. I tend to get a good laugh out of that.

Book Reviews: What They Mean To Me, guest post by Thomas William Lowrie
Many of my reviews come from retired military folks that spend hours reading and are looking for something different, sometimes a book will be too graphic or grizzly, most of them don’t want to live or relive any of that. Sometimes the information is incorrect and they know it. Most of all, there are and were a lot of men and women felt that they were unimportant in their duties, Ray makes them feel like they did something, something real.

With all that, with all the signed copies, most of my readers don’t know how to give a review or don’t want to be misunderstood. To me, that is fine, the personal words are enough. When they tell me they are going to send it to their children or better yet, grandchildren, I can barely contain myself. These are the people I want to get to. I want them to understand that these things really did happen and everyone is important. I don’t feel that many of them quite understand they too are important.

Now the bad reviews. I have had a few individuals who have read the book and undoubtedly will try to challenge me on time travel or past lives. Since I’m not an expert on either subject I simply cannot dispute their claims. I do point out two little truths, the first is the book is a work of fiction. Only I know the real names of all the characters. The other truth is that science is working on it but hasn’t proven either of these yet.

My hope is that everyone enjoys Ray for what he is. Review or not.

Book Reviews: What They Mean To Me, guest post by Thomas William Lowrie
Thomas William Lowrie is a WWII writer and author who has published two military novels, He Was and Out of Time.

He has lived outside of Las Vegas most of his life, but his best memories are of the days fishing in South Texas. Summer vacations were the best. That is also where he found his best friend and wife, Tina. He could not have done any of this without her. Of course, Ray pecking at his brain for years had something to do with it too.

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