Interview with Chloe Quinn

Interview with Chloe Quinn

What genre do you write and why?
The main genre I write is romance. I started writing romance back when I was a teenager. Of course, back then it was more young adult focused. But over the years my writing has matured with my romance stories which are now more adult (that’s code for sexy borderline erotic).

Interview with Chloe Quinn
Tell us about your latest book.
My latest book is called “Passion in Season” which is the first one of the stories included in my collection “Four Degrees of Chloe”. The degree series represents the four types of romance I write sweet, sensual, erotic, paranormal. “Passion in Season” is my sweet degree.

(Giggling right now because I got a little off track. Blush)

Now back to the question of what “Passion in Season” is all about.

The story is set in Napa, California and centered on a very serious and incredibly ambitious businesswoman named Colby Michaelson. When we are first introduced to Colby works for an exclusive winery and is in the middle of landing the account of a lifetime. The account is with the Hayes hotel, the one hotel the executive board at the winery has been trying to get their wines in for years. She knows that if she lands this account, she will be promoted to a senior position making her the youngest person ever to hold this position that was not part of the family who owned the winery, The Griffin Family.

Colby soon finds out the Hayes hotel has a few things Colby must do for them to sign the deal, one of those things being attending a week-long wine festival called Passion in Season in Napa. The catch is she must attend all events marked mandatory by the Hayes hotel in her digital event calendar which can change at a moment’s notice. If she misses one event during that week, the deal is off.

Now Colby must stay at the event especially since most activities mandated by the hotel have only a matter of minutes separating them not allowing for time for the hour drive it takes for her to get home.

Adding to this, Colby learns her assistant Vero has made a significant miscalculation by canceling Colby’s reservations at one of the hotels in the area. This causes Colby to freak out because, without reservations to stay at one of the sold-out hotels in the area, Colby is unsure how she is going to make this work.

Luckily for Colby, her sexy company-assigned driver, Hank Allen, does have a room at one of the hotels that he is willing to share with her for the week. Colby can’t deny the intense sexual attraction that exists between her and Hank. But she knows that she can’t be distracted from the wine festival events by giving into one of the most distracting ideas, a budding romance.

You’ll have to see if Colby can stay on task and get her job done or if she gets swept up in the passion.

What did you edit out of this book?
What I edited out of “Passion in Season”? Well, I had a lot more about Colby’s assistant Vero. When you read the story, you will discover a little about what a selfish young girl Vero is. In a different version, Vero’s troublemaking gave Colby more headaches.

I decided for story purposes and the fact I wanted to concentrate more on Colby and Hank; I edited out Vero heavy story contents. However, I don’t scrap the parts entirely. I use the edited parts of my books either for future books or release the edited chapters to my VIP Chili Pepper Club members (newsletter members and Facebook reading group). Here’s my newsletter link and my Facebook group link so you can check it out.

Do you Google yourself?
Honestly? Yes, I do. (blushing with embarrassment because I have done it before.)

Interview with Chloe Quinn
What formats is the book available in?
“Passion in Season” (along with all my other releases) is available in both eBook and hardcopy paperback form at Amazon on my Amazon page.

What’s the best thing about being a writer?
I would say being able to create colorful worlds filled with fun, adventure, romance, suspense, and basically exciting life situations.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing?
I have a website: that has a lot of things about me as an author along with a lot of fun extras for readers to enjoy. I also am on several social media sites. Some of the sites are

There’s a full list of all of them on my press kit page.

How do you research your books?
Contrary to belief, writing romance does require research. Well, at least I think it does. I like to make sure that if I’m going to say one of my characters has a particular career, or if they are studying a subject at school, for example, I will research the background to make sure that the information (even if I don’t place a lot in the actual body of the story) is correct.

For instance, with “Passion in Season” I had to research specifics that applied to the wine season in Napa, California. Also, I had to study the wine business itself especially since the winery is the subject of the next two sequels in the series as well.

But to answer how I conduct my research, I primarily do my research online.

Another source I like to use which I did with the “Passion in Season”, I love to visit the actual location of where the story is going to take place. So basically, for this story, I went to Napa and visited wineries. (Hard life as a writer isn’t it.)

I also research my topics by consulting with experts in the respective fields of business like for “Passion in Season” I discussed wines and marketing strategies for wines to secure new accounts with wine stewards.

Interview with Chloe Quinn
What are you currently reading?
“Run” by Lexi Miles. Lexi was sweet enough to give me an ARC. And like all of her stories, this one is exceptionally well-written and incredibly entertaining. If you like high octane novels laced with hot steamy sex, this is definitely the one for you like it was for me.

Let me tell you what the story is about. It’s about newlyweds Judy and Blake. Judy discovers on her honeymoon that she really doesn’t know Blake her new husband when his past literally comes knocking. Series of very exciting events began to occur through the book that helps Judy (and us as the reader) get to know just who and what Blake is.

I think it is a must-read. I loved it. I couldn’t put it down. You have to read it!

When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
I love to binge watch TV. It usually is either a crime show like “Criminal Minds” or “Elementary”. Of course, I watch series based on graphic novels/ comics books like “The Flash” or “Arrow”. I guess that comes from watching “Batman” and “Superman” movies when I was growing up.

Another thing I tend to do is work on my YouTube channel. I don’t have much going on there yet, but I do have a watch list of the songs I like to listen to as I’m writing so readers can hear the soundtrack to my books.

I also like to read all kinds of things in my spare time. A lot of times this is also where I get my ideas for my next stories.

Lastly, taking photos, walking and playing with my pups, cooking, and hanging out with friends make up the rest of my time.

Well, now you know a little more about me, Chloe Quinn. I wanted to thank you, Jo, for this interview. I really had a great time answering your questions for writers and authors.


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