How to pitch your book via social media

Pitching your book online is a huge possibility nowadays especially with the advent of technology and internet. Social media platforms have all the connections you need to market your book extensively. Chatting and posting on social media platforms are not all the activities that you can do. There are a lot of other useful things that you could do and one of them is an ability to do a marketing campaign for your book. Here is how you can pitch your book through social media.

·   Blog About It
With your blog, there is the freedom to do whatever you please. Why not take this time and blog about your book? Make use of online homework assignments professionals to help you blog about it if writing is not your cup of coffee. Your blog is one of the best places to create a page about your already published book and share the reasons why it is important.

The blog page should highlight on how the book will entertain and at the same time educate and inform readers. Once the post has been made on the page, it would be a prudent idea to link back to that post. Ask those who have subscribed to your blog to share the information you have written on their groups and networks. Still, consider interviewing someone or do a guest post that will see your book get into other people’s blogs.

·  Use your Personal Friends on Facebook
Having good content is one step towards succeeding with your book marketing campaign. The next thing to do is to connect with your friends on social platforms such as Facebook especially those that find something interesting and good about the contents of your book. These are the best people to use to make them share it further in their networks.

This is what you should do once you publish your book. All information sent should be accompanied by a link to the purchase page of the book leading to the store of your choice retailer. Ask these friends and contacts to keep sharing the information on their Facebook walls.

·   Use a Professional Facebook Page
A fan page separate from your personal Facebook profile is also one of the best things to consider. This is kind of professional as far as your book is concerned. Fan pages enhance interactions that drive a lot of traffic. Ask the community in there take part and share information on the book on their separate pages as well. Get the help of experts at WriteMyPaper123 on how you can successfully go about this.

·   Use Google+
Make use of your circle in Google+. This tool is customized for networking with authors. Create a circle targeting the people in this network especially those with same interests as you. You can begin by sharing part of the interesting information contained in the book. It will make a whole lot of difference and in the end, people will be interested to buy the book.

·   Strategic Twitter Posts
Tweet information about the book to people who follow you on Twitter. This platform needs a smart move. Don’t keep doing this. Have a strategy in place and avoid vague requests such as “buy my new book.” Share out tidbits that assist people to understand the value they will be getting from your book. If you want to write a cookbook and sell it, you got to make sure that people will understand the help they will get from it. Once they get it, they will most likely retweet your post.

Social media isn’t just for fun. You can use it to pitch your book successfully.

Stephen Shunk is English language Lecturer. He is keen on cognitive linguistics researching and with pleasure writes blogs about culture and nature of speech, language, and their origin.


  1. Great advice. It's important for all writers to understand that, in most cases, we've got to be our own marketing department.


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