What Authors Need To Know About Blogging Schedules

What Authors Need To Know About Blogging Schedules

This website is all about helping writers and authors, be it from helping them promote their work, or by offering them information and tips to help improve their careers. Blogging has become an important element in marketing and publicity for authors over the years but a lot of authors don't understand how it works.

Given what a powerful platform blogging can be, I thought it would be a good idea to do a series of posts to explain some important points that all authors should be aware of. In today's post we're going to discuss blogging schedules as a lot of authors don't realise what happens, and why, on the other side.

Blogging schedules

Whilst there are lots of blogs out there that will post content without using a blogging schedule, most of the bigger, professional blogs will have an editorial calendar for their posts.


1) Organisation. It makes it easier to plan posts for the site, and keep track of who you're hosting and when. It also helps keep track of the posts you've set up in advance (everything goes much more smoothly when posts can be set up in advance as it means content goes out at the same time each day- readers appreciate this consistency- and it means that should something come up - bloggers have lives too - that the post won't get missed).

2) Algorithms. Professional bloggers pay attention of algorithms and research factors that will help get better results for the content they post to their sites. As an author you might be wondering "what differences does it make if they post an interview or a guest post?" Well, it can make a big difference. 

Different content works best on different days of the week. The type of content that works best on which day will differ from blog to blog as each has their own unique readership, so there are no fixed days that apply to all. It is an important factor in blog traffic though so make sure that if a blogger requests a guest post, you send them a guest post. 

The type of content posted also pays a role in SEO for the site on search engines like Google. 

3) Readership. In order for a blog to grow it needs to appeal to readers. By creating a balance between consistency, and variety of content, a blog will attract a stronger following. 

Consistency comes from posting at specific times/days, posting specific types of content on specific days, and, of course, in the branding of the site. 

By posting a variety of content the blogger can keep things interesting for their readers. e.g. posting a guest post on a certain day of the week, every week, but with each one covering a different topic. 

Most book bloggers will post their posting schedule to their submission guidelines and/or review policy page of their blog. Make sure you read them carefully when contacting the blogger and make a note of their lead times. 

What Authors Need To Know About Blogging Schedules

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