Things Authors Need To Know About Book Bloggers

Things Authors Need To Know About Book Bloggers

Continuing the series of posts about book blogging, today we're taking a closer look at some of the things authors need to know about book bloggers.

Book bloggers want to share their love for books with the world, and serve one or all of the following: the reader, the author, and the publisher.

Book bloggers offer more than retail stores

Readers want to hear from readers. Book bloggers have an audience that is specifically looking for information and opinions about books: an authors target audience. Some also concentrate on specific genres and so reach a very niche audience.

Book bloggers will post to their blogs, but also to their various social media platforms, giving authors a wider audience.

Post review etiquette

Thank the book blogger, and share their blog post everywhere. Help drive more traffic to their site. The bigger their audience, the better it is for you.

The biggest challenges for book bloggers

Book blogging takes a large amount of time. Between reading and blogging, book bloggers can often feel overwhelmed. For many, it's something they do in their free time, and not as a full time job. Sometimes it can be hard to meet a deadline and they then worry about upsetting the author. The best thing you can do to help them, is be flexible and understanding. 

The book blogging community

The book blogging community is very supportive of one another. They like nothing more than discussing the books they've read and giving reading suggestions to their fellow book blogging buddies. It's part of the reason they do what they do. They may also share information about authors who were a pleasure to work with (and those that weren't).

PR Research indicators

Book bloggers may also share their opinions about book tour companies they have worked with. If you are thinking of using a book tour company to do a virtual book tour for your book, check the sites of book bloggers to see which ones they regularly work with. It's a good indication that the company is doing a good job. 

Things Authors Need To Know About Book Bloggers

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