Some of the Best Places for Writing a Book: Find Your Inspiration

Some of the Best Places for Writing a Book: Find Your Inspiration, by Jessica Class

One of the key lessons writers can take from success stories of decorated writers such as Virginia Woolf and J K Rowling is the role of the writing environment as a source of inspiration. Every experienced writer knows that writing needs inspiration or space that motivates thought. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of finding that one place that allows your creativity and lets you do your thing. For some writers such a place can simply be a corner or a room in your house, or in a secluded office. For others, however, inspiration comes from an opportunity to interact with nature, people, coffee, or food. If you are ready to embark on a journey towards finding your inspirational writing environment, read on. Some of the places that have worked for writers in the past, and which could just be right for you include:

·  The Library
·  Cafes
·  Public park
·  Museum
·  Your Porch
·  Co-working space
·  Botanical gardens
·  Aquarium
·  Shopping Mall
·  Train

1. The Library
The library is one longstanding source of intellectual inspiration. Most experienced writers will tell you about the pleasure of being surrounded by endless shelves of intellectual inspiration. Furthermore, the quiet study rooms you will get in a library are priceless. An additional bonus for you is probably the fact that their Wi-Fi is often speedy which, combined with the plenty of resources and librarians on hand, will be instrumental in helping you in the event that you encounter tricky research. However, the downside is that libraries typically do not allow people to take call within their premises. Secondly, you will have to go elsewhere in the event that you need coffee or lunch. However, if you need a few hours of top productivity, then consider the library as a top option.

2. Cafes
Many experienced writers will tell you of the important role that cafes play in providing inspiration for their writing. A notable example here is J.K. Rowling, who, prior to her success as the renowned author of the Harry Potter spell books, worked in a humble role in the Chamber of Commerce in London. The writer did much of her initial writing in a café called The Elephant House. In general, writers prefer coffee shops for the facts that, besides the access the caffeine that allows alertness, there are also meals, snacks and juices that make sure writers stay full and productive. However, we advise that, when using a café, try to be mindful of other customers, and don’t overstay your welcome.

3. Public park
If you are looking to escape the restrictions of the library and the costs of working in a café, public parks offer serene and inspiring alternatives. It is important to reiterate that the process of inspiration is subconscious, though it requires conscious stimulation. In the same you need exercise to strengthen your muscles, you need to engage your brain to strengthen it. Public parks offer writers an avenue for engaging with nature as you work, with minimal distractions from technology. Consider carrying a chair or blanket to the park as the chairs at the park can be quite uncomfortable. 

4. Museum
The secret to success as a writer is hard work on one part and inspiration on the other. Some writers swear by museums as the source of their inspiration. Sitting on a bench near inspiring paintings or basking in natural history during your breaks may be just what you need to offer your brain a refresh.

5. Your Porch
The good news is that you do not have to travel far to get inspiration or quiet needed to work on your book. Why not get serenity from your own porch? However, you should look out for possibly distracting neighbours, who may be looking for a chat. Other than that, porches provide great convenience. When you get hungry, or thirsty you can always walk back inside the house.  

6. Co-working space
Another alternative is the increasingly popular co-working spaces with such names as “Hub” and “Spark”. Some of these places offer membership or pay-as-you-go alternatives for freelancers looking for office space. However, such spaces can be pricey when looked at cumulatively, with a designated space costing as much as $850 a month. However, the spaces offer certain perks like conference rooms, printing and other amenities.

7. Botanical gardens
Like public parks, botanical gardens offer you the chance to interact with nature, something that has been shown by research to enhance creativity. You get to smell flowers as you work. However, for those looking to escape cold winter weather, indoor gardens offer an aura of spring.

8. Aquarium
This one of the less explore alternatives. However, there is a reason doctors like having fish tanks in their offices. Watching fish swim through water can be quite calming, something that is welcome for the stressful nature of writing.

9. Shopping Mall
Alternatively, you could head down to your local mal with your laptop and write. The mall will likely give you a welcome change of scenery. In fact, there are malls that even offer free Wi-Fi.

10. Train or Bus
Ever tried working while on a train or bus? The inspiring landscape offered while on a train, coupled by the rhythm of the wheels may just be what you need. Hop onto a train or bus and let the ideas flow. 
In summary, here are presented some ideal places for inspiration and quiet as you work on your book or paper. However, you will still need to work on other elements of writing such as research and structure, which is why you need assistance from reliable companies like

By Jessica Class


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