Interview with Thomas Keech

Interview with Thomas Keech

What genre do you write and why?
All my novels are set in the present day in the U. S., and they all explore some aspect of life here, so I guess you could them Contemporary American novels. Having said that, they are all very different, ranging from comedic political satire to teenage desperation to twenty-somethings searching for a path in life to my current novel, which explores the psychology of physicians who prey upon their patients and the effects of these assaults on the patients themselves.
I write what I think needs to be said about each situation, and what I need to say is always different. As a result, none of my novels are anything like any of the others.  I dont think this has helped me financially, because if you like one of my books theres no guarantee you will like the next book. But I really dont want to write the same book over and over with different characters names. Im trying instead to be more creative and to explore more and more of this crazy world of ours. 

Interview with Thomas Keech
Tell us about your latest book.
Its called Doc Doc Zeus: A Novel of White Coat Crime. The story is told through the eyes of the three main characters.
Doctor Zeus is a successful physician, but theres nothing else good about him. He cheats on his wife, degrades his mistress, stiffs his partners, defrauds insurance companies. Worst of all, he is a lifelong misogynist who has the power to act out his antagonism on his female patients.
The main protagonist of the story is a suburban teenager, Diane. Diane gave birth to a baby girl at fourteen, but at sixteen she is still seeing Dr. Zeus as her gynecologist almost weekly even though she suspects there is something strange about these visits. She has lost her bearings after giving up her baby girl for adoption. Shes lost her faith in her church and she cant connect with her old friends.  Dr. Zeus acts so kind and understanding she thinks they are becoming deep friends, but this is just the beginning of a seduction that gradually becomes more abusive.
David Green is a novice investigator for the medical board. He learns that the board is aware of what Dr. Zeus is doing but cannot do anything about it. He wants to be a power player in the world like his wealthy law student girlfriend, but his student loans are dragging him down. He is so frustrated at the boards impotence and his own unimportance that he takes a potentially dangerous shortcut in his investigation.
Who is you favourite character in your book and why?
Diane, the teenager who turns out to be much more that a victim, is my favorite character. At the end of one of my previous books she was fourteen, pregnant, refusing to marry her boyfriend, and unsure of what to do. She was just a minor character in that book, but I couldnt just leave her hanging out there that way.
Even in her minor role in that novel she had the strength, resilience and sense of humor to make you feel that she was probably going to carry it off.  So I decided to watch her carry it off. And she probably would have done it without too much drama if she hadnt run into Dr. Zeus at her lowest point. Knowing what I knew about Dr. Zeus, I knew he would be her greatest challenge, and I wanted to see how she would do against him.

Are you a plotter or a pantser? 
I always start off as a panster.  Im always hoping at first the plot and characters and ideas will just flow from some scene that just pops into my head. But it never works, and after about three or four months I realize theres no conflict here, or the characters dont seem real, theres no plot that will hold anyones attention, or all of the above.
Then I think about the characters, their motivations, the likely progression of the story, and how I can get any reader to give a damn about what happens next. I get a lot of suggestions from my writing group, and I take a lot of them. I begin again. Repeat. Begin again. Repeat until I am absolutely sure that this is the absolute best I can do on this subject. Then I give it to my proofreaders who point out a million idiotic things that are still wrong in the manuscript; then I do it again

What did you edit out of this book?
Dr. Zeus may be a master manipulator, but he has the narcissistic tendency to forge ahead without thinking about the consequences. At one point he is on the verge of losing his marriage, his profession, his business interests and even the love of his daughter.
I wrote a scene where the pressures got so great he tried to run over his wife with his beloved antique Jaguar.  It was a fun scene to write, but on second thought I realized this was not the kind of thing a narcissist like him would do.  He would be way too smart for that. What he would do is raise the stakes by damaging his wife emotionally.

Interview with Thomas Keech
What formats is the book available in?
The book is available worldwide as an e-book, including at Kindle, Nook, Cobo and iBooks. Its available also in paperback and hardback editions.

Who designed the cover?
Vanessa Snyder designed and did the artwork for my last three novels. She is an artist in Toledo, Ohio, who mostly does fine art. Vanessa has stooped to do book covers for me just as a favor to an old friend. Her covers have always earned more praise than the texts of my books and rightly so.

How do you research your books?
I dont research at all before I start. Im always thinking I want to catch some feeling or moment in time and that what I put down has to be original and not derived from any outside source.  Using this method, I make stupid mistake after stupid mistake, and when my writing group friends point this out to me I go back and research where I was so off base. I learn a lot this way, basically stumbling forward blindly and then researching the point I was talking about and finding out I was dead wrong and starting over again. This is a hard way to do it, and I dont recommend it, but it seems like the only I can get started.

How do you select the names of your characters?
Thats a fun question. Sometimes I actually do it just for fun. In Prey for Love, I gave the selfish, heartless mother the name of one of my nicest nieces, a niece whose personality couldnt be more the opposite. At other times I make them up out of thin air. In Hot Box in the Pizza District, I thought I had made up an original name, Dory, only to be told later that Dory was a character in numerous Disney films and was known to everybody under the age of forty. Sometimes I put in a name just as a placeholder, as I did for Tim in Hot Box, and I grow to like it and the name just sticks. As the smartypants omniscient author of The Crawlspace Conspiracy, I sometimes gave the characters names that hinted obviously at their personalities, as in the State Senator Samuel Slip Slidell. 

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Stop trying to write the Great American Novel and settle for writing one fairly decent American novel.

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Book Showcase: Leave the Pieces Behind by Shirley Anne Edwards

Book Showcase: Leave the Pieces Behind by Shirley Anne Edwards

Title: Leave the Pieces Behind

Author: Shirley Anne Edwards

Genre: YA Romance

Purchasing link:

Book Showcase: Leave the Pieces Behind by Shirley Anne Edwards
About the Book:

Bree Apollo is an average fifteen-year-old girl: she loves chocolate, baking cupcakes, and her neighbor, the hunky and all around popular seventeen-year-old Foster Quinn. Except Foster is clueless about her feelings for him, instead treating her like a kid sister and begging for her homemade desserts. As a fellow chocolate lover, he should be Bree’s for the taking, if it weren’t for his oh-so-perfect girlfriend.

After she overhears Foster making fun of her to his friends, she’s devastated. And not even chocolate can take away the pain. She intends to wallow in grief for a boy that was never hers to begin with, but Austen, her eccentric new neighbor has other ideas.

The strange boy down the street always wears a black fedora, walks barefoot, and focuses all his energy on building a treehouse in his backyard. For some reason, he’s elected Bree to help him. At first, she turns him down because he acts too awkward and takes everything she says literally. But after learning of his autism, she decides to help with his construction (forgiving him for not being a chocolate fan), even though she doesn’t know a think about power tools.

As Bree and Austen grow closer, Foster notices Bree no longer worships the ground he walks on. He wants her to go back to that doting version of Bree, but Austen has become more important to her than she’s ready to admit.
Austen may just be the one to help her move on from Foster.
Like two pieces of a puzzle, they fit together perfectly.

About the Author

Shirley Anne Edwards is a Northeast girl who first found her love for books when she read Nancy Drew’s The Secret of the Old Clock Tower at thirteen. Shirley found her love for writing at a very young age, and since then has let her imagination run wild by creating quirky characters and vast worlds in her head. Shirley is also a brownie addict who loves to bake when she’s not busy writing. Shirley lives in New Jersey and works in the entertainment industry in New York City.

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Book Showcase: Leave the Pieces Behind by Shirley Anne Edwards


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Tips for Formatting Your Manuscript

Tips for Formatting Your Manuscript, by Carol James

One of the most frequently encountered problems when studying is writing an essay. If the study of exact sciences and the solution of problems requires a clear following of the algorithm and the knowledge of the formula, then everything is much more complicated with essay writing. It is a flight of fantasy, a play on words and meanings. Many students immediately say that they have no imagination, but even they will manage to write a beautiful composition, following certain tips. However, do not forget that writing college papers is a laborious task, and it is for this reason that some of them are available for sale. Regardless of the origin of your work, an additional check will not be superfluous.
Check Your Structure
Regardless of the discipline, all the works have a common structure that must be checked first.
The work should be started a bit distantly, but it should not be stretched; it should be several proposals that smoothly let the reader down to the main thing. As a rule, this is a general view of the problem.
Main Thought
Further, it is necessary to formulate the thesis, proceeding from the theme proposed for the composition. The thesis is the main idea, which the author proves in the following text; here there is a place of rigor and conciseness. It is better to formulate it briefly and close to the topic. The correctly formulated thesis will help the author "push off" for writing a beautiful and structured work.
The author's opinion requires a logical confirmation. Therefore, it is necessary to explain in the pair of proposals the chosen position. Arguments should be logical and consistent, and it is necessary to follow closely that the author does not contradict himself in the text.
Successfully selected examples will help to confirm the arguments. Examples from the literature, which successfully emphasize the author's choice, will give imagery and connectivity to the composition. But do not be limited to literary examples. History is also rich in cases that may be suitable for presenting the main idea of the work. However, in order to beautifully emphasize the basic idea, you can also set an example from your own life.
It is very important to make a correct and clear conclusion. It should be clearly formulated and logically follow from what was said in the previous text. This part can be the smallest (or comparable with the introduction) part of the work. Some subjects require a certain understatement. This technique is well suited for the completion of works on abstract topics.  In this case, the conclusion should be designed in such a way that the reader can think of the end himself.
Check Your Spelling
You can check the spelling of the text using the usual spelling dictionary. It can take a lot of time and not all words can be found in a conventional dictionary. If you need to quickly check the spelling of a large text containing hundreds of words online spell checker will be rather useful. This service revises the specified text for the presence of spelling errors in it and offers options for their correction.
Check the Style Used
Different disciplines require the use of different scientific styles. At the end of the work, look whether the title page, quotes and references are correct, and if your sources used are relevant.
Check for Plagiarism
Theft of content is unacceptable under any circumstances, especially when writing students papers. Writing an author's work requires a preparatory process, which includes the systematization, analysis of information, a complete study of the topic. The final step is to check for uniqueness: in order to check the text for plagiarism quickly, you can use various online services.
Carol James, writer and editor EssayLab

I'm an academic writer at EssayLab is a great service that provides write proficient school essay help for people of all school star. Our objective is to simpleness your high school studies and gives everyone a possibility to flourishing without having excess strain.

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Excerpt: Whine with Cheese by Brooke E. Wayne

Excerpt: Whine with Cheese by Brooke E. Wayne

Title: Whine with Cheese

Author: Brooke E. Wayne 

About the Book:

Excerpt: Whine with Cheese by Brooke E. Wayne
Swirl a hot mess, a savvy vintner, and a meathead ex into a chaotic adventure and indulge in a taste of humor when a sensual journey of self-discovery collides with true love.

Twenty-five-year-old Max Novaline just had her heart ripped out by her meathead ex-boyfriend, Bart Moore. Determined to bounce back, she heads to Napa Valley’s Angel of the Vine Winery, maker of her favorite Moscato, to scout out tours for work and—let’s be honest—catch a glimpse of the owner’s drool-worthy son, Chase L’Angevin, as seen on YouTube. 
Chase, who likes a pin-up girl with a sexy derrière, starts to pour on the charm the moment he meets Max. When their first date rolls into a long, romantic weekend, their chemistry ignites faster than a matchstick in hell. 
But after their second date is interrupted by Chase’s work-related obligations, Max bides her time wine tasting awaiting his return, which is no biggie, until a drunk tourist catapults her into a whirlwind of chaos, that dumps her right back into the clutches of her manipulative ex. 
Not only that, determined to reconcile with Max, Chase keeps sneaking around, insisting they had a hotter connection, only to come off looking like a stalker with only one thing on his mind—his own ax to grind. 
Even more adventures arise when Max has to deal with what she wants and what she has. Not only does she need to do major damage control with the entire L’Angevin family thanks to Bart’s shady deeds, but she also has to convince Chase she’s worth a second chance despite her antics having practically snuffed out their flame. 
WHINE WITH CHEESE (Vineyard Pleasures Series, #1) is about a young woman discovering her full potential while falling in love one sweet wine tasting at a time.

***This novel is a classy, passionate, sexy, funny, feel good CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE - ROMANTIC COMEDY full of twists and turns that will have you laughing out loud from start to finish. Grab a bottle of Moscato, kick up your feet, and enjoy the ride.***
(Heat Level: Sensual but Closed-Door)

Although a standalone as Vineyard Pleasures Book 1, Max’s bestie, Blanca Grazia, will have you belly-laughing with her own crazy romance in Love the Wine You’re With, (Vineyard Pleasures Series, Book 2), Coming November 1, 2017.


She couldn’t tell if she was nervous or excited. The sensations felt the same. Her heart raced, her stomach tingled, and her unabashed thoughts ran wild.
I’m not a rebound kind of girl. I’m just not. Right?
Chase pulled up on a vintage Honda CB 750 motorcycle, kicking up gravel and brandishing a huge smile. Max tried to avoid staring at his sculptured chest defined by his tight, black t-shirt, as a tinge of guilt rose up in her unexpectedly.
I have every right to spend the day with this guy. I’m single now, and we’re just wine tasting.
But the instinctive habit of loyalty to Bart flared up in her like acid indigestion.
“Good morning, beautiful. Let’s get this day started. I’ve got bread baking in the oven. Hop on.”
Again with the beautiful? He actually thinks I’m beautiful.
“You bake?”
“I do.”
Oh, good lord.
Max’s giddiness curled the corners of his lips as he handed her a helmet and tilted the bike to the side. She slung her leg over and perched herself above him, looping her long purse strap across her back and fastening the helmet onto her head as a shock of exhilaration rose up in her at the thought that he was already between her thighs.
She had never experienced such hospitality before from a man—a gorgeous, bread-baking, sensitive, ponytail-wearing kind of man—and it rallied her nerves with feelings of unworthiness.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she muttered.
“What do you mean?”
“Oh, nothing.”
It’s just wine tasting. Tasting … wine. That’s all.
She slipped her hands around his waist, reeling from the feel of his ripped abs against her palms. She even leaned in to breathe in the skin on the back of his neck. Her eyes rolled back in her head for a split second as she resisted the urge to plant a kiss on the exposed patch of skin behind his ear.

Excerpt: Whine with Cheese by Brooke E. Wayne

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About the Author:

Excerpt: Whine with Cheese by Brooke E. Wayne
BROOKE E. WAYNE is a Contemporary Romantic Comedy novelist who lives the RomCom dream in California. She is married to a South Philly, Eagles-obsessed Italian who she met online before it was cool. They have two young daughters who flood their happily-ever-after lives with girly giggles and immeasurable love. 

When she is not dribbling sticky sweet/sensual romance with a lighthearted, witty twist all over the pages of a RomCom manuscript, she teaches English Language Arts.

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