Interview with Andrea Kane

Interview with Andrea Kane

What genre do you write and why?

I write psychological suspense thrillers.  They’re based on the workings of the characters’ minds and motivations, rather than a more blood-and-guts approach.  I find the human mind to be fascinating, whether I’m writing a strong protagonist or an equally strong (and often terrifying) antagonist.
Interview with Andrea Kane
Tell us about your latest book.
A Face to Die For interweaves two overlapping cases and throws them into the laps of the Forensic Instincts’ team.  It’s the story of two lookalike women searching to find the truth behind their birth and about those who would do anything to keep them from finding out that truth.  It’s about family and loyalty and betrayal and about the lengths the guilty will go to to protect their secrets—including murder.  I loved creating the characters and relationships in this book, as well as building the escalating suspense.  And, as always, to bringing in Forensic Instincts to uncover the pieces of the puzzle and to fit them together so they can save the day!
What formats is the book available in?
A Face to Die For is available in hardcover, eBook, and audiobook formats.
What's your favorite quote about writing/for writers?
“There are three rules for writing a novel.  Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” – W. Somerset Maugham
What's the best thing about being a writer?
The ability to do what you love (most of the time) and, at the same time, to bring enjoyment to your readers.  For me, it’s also the sheer joy of creating equity in a real world where little exists.  It’s great to see the “bad guys” get theirs!
Where can people find out more about you and your writing?
The best place to go is to my website at:  The entire site has been revamped (the design is absolutely awesome!) and is being published simultaneously with the release of A Face to Die For.  So by visiting there you’ll be current on everything and able to keep up with me, my books, my blogs, and links to buying options.  Also, visit my Facebook page at: where I love to chat with my readers and always keep them up-to-date on all my book news.
Who is you favorite character in your book and why?

No matter how much I care about the new characters in a specific storyline, the Forensic Instincts team themselves are always my favorites.  I feel as if they’re longstanding friends, and I absolutely love writing and developing each member of the team.  I have some new favorites in A Face to Die For, but I can’t give explanations without ruining the revelations!

Interview with Andrea Kane
How long did it take you to write your book?

It always takes me at least a year to write a book.  Between my ongoing and intensive research, and my thorough character development (not to mention the unexpected twists and turns the book takes, together with the unexpected red herrings that pop up), I can’t seem to write a complex thriller any faster than that.

Who or what inspired you to become a writer?

Without a doubt, my parents.  Even though I’ve been telling stories in my head since I was about 4-years-old, they were the ones who told me how talented I was, who advised me to put my stories down on paper, and who were ultimately the ones who convinced me to take that first scary step into the world of getting my work published.  Having them behind me was a true blessing.

Does your family support you in your writing career? How?

My family is the front line in my writing process.  We brainstorm together throughout my intensive creative and research processes, discuss the main characters and plot as I’m developing them, and even toss title suggestions back and forth among us.  They read my book in chunks, probably a third at a time, so I don’t miss a crucial thread that has come undone or a red herring who needs to be better addressed.  Throughout my many years as a writer, they’ve attended conferences with me and visited cities and countries where my research took me.  Through good times and bad, they’ve cheered me on, never wavering in their belief in me (even during those times when I did).  In short, they are truly indispensable and I know that my writing is, and always has been, tremendously enhanced by their involvement.
When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

I spend most of my non-writing time with my family.  The hours we all find to be together are few, given our crazy work schedules and outside commitments.  So I treasure those moments—things like watching a movie together, either laughing or getting into a deep discussion over it—those hours are my favorite.  When I’m on my own and not writing (which is infrequent), I love playing word games and doing crossword puzzles.  I’m also a Fitbit fanatic and faithfully walk an hour a day (even though I’m still trying to find the “zone” that others tell me they lose themselves in—I just plow my way through them and anticipate them being over!).  And I always love watching my New York Yankees games, cheering on the Bronx Bombers and hoping they’ll win!

Interview with Andrea Kane


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