Content Marketing Is Not Rocket Science

Content Marketing Is Not Rocket Science

Content marketing is not rocket science – it’s all about how you’re delivering the messages, and how your visitors perceive it. Good content draws your attention, but great content keeps you hooked until the end, and you can barely realize when you clicked the Buy Now button! Writers can create content that people would be interested and use it within content marketing to promote themselves and their brand.

Online content costs 62% less than offline marketing, but it gets 3 times more leads. That’s an awesome deal, so let’s see how you can improve your conversion by writing valuable content, that keeps people in the loop:

1. Use infographics. We’d say the more, the merrier, but it’s not always the case. Get your facts and stats right, and combine them in a fine infographic that can be read within 2 minutes. The greatest advantage of this marketing tool is that you can put all the dots on all the i’s and captivate the reader. Everything you want them to know about your service or product can be condensed in a nicely designed infographic (just like the one in this article).

2. Don’t underestimate the power of videos. They are more than 70% of all online traffic, and can skyrocket your business. Because more than 90% of the people like their promotional content to be delivered via e-mail, using “video” in the subject line boosts the open rates with 19%, the click-through rates by 65%, and the unsubscribe rates are decreased with 26%. These numbers may not seem large, but they are insane!

3. Have your content combined. The best mix consists of 65% created, 25% curated, and 10% syndicated content. That doesn’t mean we’re telling you to copy one quart of your work from someone else’s. You can get some ideas, adapt, and adjust them to your writing.

4. Post consistently. If you’re the proud owner of a blog or even a social media dedicated page, make sure you post at least once a day. Your customers need to be constantly entertained, and you should become one of their main sources of entertainment. And by this, I mean that you need to keep them focused with things of their interest. If you’re not doing it, your competitors will, and guess from which one of you will the prospects end up buying?

5. Know when it’s better to post on the blog and when on social media. As mentioned earlier, videos perform great in any context. However, social networking platforms are a better bet than blogs for promotional content. Blog articles resonate well with relevant images, getting 94% more views than the ones with plain text. Moreover, the average blog post length is around 1000. The ones below 1000 dominate the media, but the larger ones get more shares.

All in all, it sums up to delivering the customer the service they want, in the way they want it. You can test the waters, but not without knowing your customer's’ profile first!

What other tips and tricks do you use when writing? Which ones from the hints presented will you integrate from now on in your work?

Content Marketing Is Not Rocket Science
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