5 Brilliant Skills That Will Impress Every Reader

5 Brilliant Skills That Will Impress Every Reader, guest post by Jake Lester

Being a writer is not enough to write catchy and captivating posts and stories. A writer should always work on their personal writing skill developing it in such a way they can reach any audience and carry their message to any person. Of course, not every writer understands that writing is not a talent but a skill that should be mastered, that’s why there are so little professional writers and so many writers-to-be.

Developing of writing skill always happens in practice. You may read thousands of books on how to become a good writer but you won’t become a professional until you start to write. So, now let’s move to practice and try to implement a couple of ideas into your posts, stories, essays, or any other pieces of writing that you want to improve.

Create strong visual images

When you read a book, you never just see the words and sentences. You see images and even the whole movies. So when you write, you need to make sure that your reader sees the picture that you want to transmit to them. In fiction, use as many details as possible to describe the events and the characters. Do not be afraid to use metaphors that will help you describe the situation better. If you are a writer at one of the companies and write copies for advertisement and marketing, you should also remember that you need to create images with your words. People should not only hear you, they need to perceive the information and see why they really need the goods and services that you promote.

Talk to one person

One of the strongest techniques to reach your audience is to talk to every single person that will read this text. This requires a real mastery as not everyone is capable of creating such a piece of content that will be perceived personally by everyone. However, there are some features that are common for everyone, and you should always remember about that when choosing the points to include to your texts. For example, when people come to the website with some services and goods, they are looking for the real benefits. They are not interested in the fact that you are a top-rated online shop if you do not have delivery. That’s why a writer needs to select the benefits that will capture hearts of all visitors.

Wake up emotions

Emotions have always been one of the strongest tools to reach people. The ability to provoke emotions is equally important for every writer, the one who writes novels and books and the one who creates content for a company website. This is also important for people who have their own blogs or who have active social media lives. Emotions may help understand your brand, and emotions can turn website visitors into customers. Writer’s responsibility is to wake up proper emotions, that’s why any text should be clear and make your readers talk about the main or additional messages of your writing.

Use fears

Frequently, emotions are not enough to write persuasive content. Here is where you need to use the fears of your readers. It does not mean that you need to scare them, but you need to understand those fears to explain to the readers that they should not be afraid. For example, if you work on the promotional materials for some offer, you need to include in the copy not only the benefits of this offer but also explain to your readers that they lose nothing if they use it.

In fiction, the role of fears is also extremely important. The matter is that by using people’s fears, you may create a novel that will capture everyone’s attention. Just remember Stephen King who is a master of playing with fears!

Make your readers think

We have already mentioned that your texts should be clear and carry the message in the most straightforward way. However, you should always leave some space for thinking. That’s why do not be afraid to speak on some controversial topics and engage your readers in communication. Here is a very important moment that plays a crucial role in marketing. You should never leave your readers with a choice to buy a product or not! You should leave them with a choice which product to buy. This will be the space for thinking for them.

You can try these methods right here and now to see the effect they have on your readers. You will notice that with these techniques, you can make any text more effective and persuasive. With time, you will not even notice that you implement these techniques automatically. We recommend you to try each of the methods separately and to try to create a text using all of these methods. Thus, you will be able to estimate what exactly works perfectly for you and your audience.

With a background in education and entrepreneurship, Jake writes for many blogs and gives useful advice for entrepreneurs, students, and educators. He likes to cover stories in productivity, careers, and education. Connect with him on Twitter.


  1. Very true! I agree with you, making the reader think, feel and imaging what you've written is very important when you want to achieve success as a writer. If I don't feel it or have trouble creating an image in my mind I quickly lose interest in what is written. Thanks for sharing! This is all true.


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