Advice for New Authors

Advice for New Authors, guest post by Jeremy T. Ringfield

Well, if you’re new as in you’ve decided to write a book and still haven’t published yet, I’d say keep writing. Four frogs are on a log, and one decides to jump. How many frogs are left on the log? Four. A decision is just that.
Writing doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is sometimes heard to be. If you’re writing something that you want to write, then it definitely won’t be. I have found that when I get into my writing, like actually start living in my writing, there doesn’t ever seem to be enough hours in the day. To me, that’s when you know you’ve got something. That’s when you know it has to come out of you and onto the paper. I remember having that first urge to write, but when I got to the paper, my hands felt heavy and only wanted to write at a five words a year kind of a speed. It was because I was so hyper focused on placing each consecutive word on the page in an order that I predicted the final product would look like. Eventually, the ideas overwhelmed my rate of writing, and I had to make a decision to just throw it onto the paper without so much focus on ‘getting it right the first time’. That’s why I would suggest just jumping, or in other words, vomit writing. 

Like any other art form that involves craft, an eraser is part of the pencil too. You’ll find out that editing is just as much fun as writing it in the first place.

Jeremy lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He grew up in the south Atlanta area, where he eventually earned a football scholarship to Duke University. After experiencing enough life to form his own opinions, he enjoys sharing some with friends, reading, watching fantasy thriller and romance films, listening to music, and jogging when he is not writing. He writes new adult fiction.

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