Book Showcase: The Royal Gift by Drae Box

Book Showcase: The Royal Gift by Drae Box #giveaway #EnterToWin

Title: The Royal Gift

Author: Drae Box

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About the book:

Book Showcase: The Royal Gift by Drae Box #giveaway #EnterToWinIf everyone you grew up with were relying on you to save them, would you be able to do it? Thrust into the deep end, teen Aldora Leoma has to do exactly that. Her village under attack, she is asked by the king to locate the just stolen Dagger of Protection – one of six Weapons of Protection made centuries earlier to protect others. With nobody else near enough to protect her home, Aldora can’t say no. Aided by a talking prince of the cats and a law enforcer hunting a murderer, failure is not an option.

Book Showcase: The Royal Gift by Drae Box #giveaway #EnterToWin
About the Author:  

Drae overcame reading, writing and speech difficulties by reading every night to her twin sister whilst in lower school. It was because of this that Drae discovered her love for stories, going on to read such books as The Animorphs Series, Shade’s Children, Sabriel, The Lord of the Rings, Jungle Book, the Dirk Pitt Series and many others. At the age of fourteen, she completed her first book (The Royal Gift) and kept writing. She currently lives in the UK, and loves finding cafes to drink mochas and meet new people.

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