Excerpt: Her Final Watch by Marguerite Ashton

Excerpt: Her Final Watch by Marguerite Ashton

Title: Her Final Watch (A Detective Blanchett Mystery Book 2)
Author: Marguerite Ashton
Genre: Mystery, Thriller

About the book:

Excerpt: Her Final Watch by Marguerite Ashton

Speaking second-hand truths can be deadly …
Detective Lily Blanchette will stop at nothing to solve a murder. Her current case involves the killing of an undercover cop working to bring down the mob for prostitution and drugs.
But Lily's usual laser-like focus on the case has been disrupted.
Two weeks earlier, she learned she was pregnant by her murderous husband whom she'd killed in self-defense. Unsure whether to keep her baby or place the child of this cruel man up for adoption, Lily keeps the pregnancy a secret from her colleagues.
Under mounting pressure to solve the case, Lily arranges a sit-down with a local mob boss only to find out her suspect is also wanted by them. But before Lily can warn her team, she and her new partner, Jeremiah, are shot at, and another body is found.
When she discovers Jeremiah has a connection with the underworld, she is pulled into a conflict that swirls around the boss's son who's hell-bent on revenge.
To add to the complexity of the situation, Lily learns that her victim might still be alive if it wasn't for opportunistic Assistant District Attorney, Ibee Walters, who has a twisted vision of justice.
As Lily gets closer to finding the killer, she unravels ugly secrets that point to Ibee and Jeremiah - placing Lily's life and her unborn child in danger.

**On sale for .99 cents!**


Chapter 1

December 10, 2015 4:13 p.m.
Detective Ariel Weeks stabbed at the small block of ice until it split into several pieces across the counter. She tossed the jagged cubes into the glass and made her client a drink.
In less than twenty-four hours, Ariel would no longer have to use the name Jasmine and keep men company to protect her cover. All she needed to do was make it through this last night, and she’d be allowed to be who she was; a mom just doing her job.
After gathering evidence and recording all the data she had, it would be hard to detach. Towards the end, she’d learned things she’d wished weren’t true, leaving her stomach in tattered knots.
Back at home, there were two reasons Ariel would never take on another undercover assignment.
Ariel ground her teeth as the door to Cabin D opened and closed. She could feel Mikey Surace, the mob boss’s son, staring at the backless white dress she wore at his request.
The man who smiled at the sight of blood was standing behind her, breathing heavily.
She turned and handed Mikey his drink. “Your gin and grapefruit.”
Mikey took the drink and pulled Ariel down on the bed next to him. His hand, smooth like velvet, traced over her dark brown skin, along the length of her arm and rested on her thigh. “I had a shitty day.” He loosened his tie, removed his gun and put it on the ottoman.
Ariel stole a glance at the weapon, thinking of ways to grab it before he did. Just in case. “Wanna talk about it?”
“I had my talk with Pop. He wants me to get married and have kids so I can take over as head of the family soon. He wants our family to be seen as more law-abiding than the other three families.”
“Nowadays, no one gets married to have a family. Would he accept a long engagement?”
“No way. My old man still believes in marrying now, ask questions later.” Mikey took a sip of his drink and sat it down on the nightstand table. “My father asked my mother to marry him on her seventeenth birthday.”
“I’m sure you’ll find a woman who’ll accept you for who you are, who won’t care about the lifestyle you lead, and who knows when not to ask questions about your business.”
“You always say the right things. Why won’t you let me take care of you?” he asked, planting a kiss on Ariel’s full lips. “This is my third time asking you to be with me.”
Ariel wanted to wipe off the lingering citrus taste from her mouth but didn’t out of fear. She had already been spotted by one of Surace’s men and couldn’t believe that she was still alive. Probably because Ariel, at any moment, could tell the boss things that the other person was doing, clearing herself from any suspicion and allowing her to keep her cover. Even that wasn’t a guarantee.
Drops of rain peppered the window facing out at the bare branches of a willow tree. Wind hissed against the cabin.
Ariel stared into Mikey’s almond-shaped eyes. The olive tint of his skin masked his fiery temper. Things were getting heavy and out of control for a first time U.C. like herself.
She undid the strap on her stilettos and let them drop to the floor. “Because your ex-girlfriend is in charge of my money and I need every penny. I wanna make my money and maybe one day get out. It’s a dream of mine to stop escorting and waiting tables at the club.”
“If you get with me, you won’t need money.” Mikey cupped Ariel’s chin and squeezed. “Why do you keep turning me down?”
“I’m not turning you down.” She pulled out of his grip and rubbed her chin. “I don’t want to ruin my friendship with your ex. She’s my bestie and the only one I can trust in this business.”
“You don’t trust me?”
“You’re a dangerous man.”
“I’m only dangerous to those who cross me.”
Ariel wanted to ask Mikey if he’d kill her but decided against it. It was best to redirect the conversation and talk about what he enjoyed the most. Him. “What’s it like to kill someone?”
Mikey pulled Ariel back on the bed and laid on top of her. “When I put my finger on the trigger, it’s like foreplay. With each pull of the trigger, that’s the build-up. Once my target is dead, I’m satisfied. For me, it’s a lot like sex.”
“Has anyone told you you’re crazy?”
“Yeah. They never lived to say it again.”

About the Author:

When Marguerite Ashton was in her twenties, she took up acting but realized she preferred to work behind the camera, writing crime fiction. A few years later, she married an IT Geek and settled down with her role as wife, mom, and writer. Five kids later, she founded the Crime Writer’s Panel and began working with former law enforcement investigators to create; Criminal Lines Blog, an online library for crime writers who need help with their book research.

She’s a workaholic who hides in her writer’s attic, plotting out her next book and stalking Pinterest for the next avocado recipe. 

A member of Sisters in Crime, Marguerite grew up in Colorado, but is now happily living in Wisconsin and playing as much golf as possible. She can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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Excerpt: Her Final Watch by Marguerite Ashton

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Excerpt: Secrets? by Christer Tholin

Excerpt: Secrets? by Christer Tholin

Title: Secrets? (Stockholm Sleuth Series Book 2)
Author: Christer Tholin
Genre: Mystery Crime Thriller

About the book:

"Dammit! She’d made a huge mistake. She’d never make it out of here - they were going to kill her."

In the crime novella SECRETS?, fledgling private investigator Elin Bohlander takes on what looks like an easy assignment — at first: to determine if her client’s boyfriend is having an affair with another woman. To do this, Elin follows him to a secluded cabin in the woods, where she soon discovers that what’s actually transpiring is stranger than anyone thought. Having ventured too far, she’s stumbled upon a hornet’s nest and put her life at risk. But it’s too late. Can Elin win the unequal fight against a gang of brutal child molesters?

SECRETS? is the second, standalone book from Christer Tholin’s Stockholm Sleuth Series. In the previous novel VANISHED?, Elin and her colleague Lars solve their first case together.
If you like fast-paced action and surprising twists and turns, then you will love Christer Tholin's sleuth series.


Another day at the office went by with nothing special going on. But Elin was now on fire, and she constantly checked her mail in the hope of finding a new request, but there was nothing. It was enough to drive her insane! She so wanted another assignment, one that would truly challenge her—one that was even more interesting than Helena’s. Elin had driven to the cabin a third time and seen the men there, but since nothing new had come of it, she decided she was done with it.
Now back at her apartment, she had changed into something comfortable and eaten a snack. She was standing in the bathroom washing her hands when Maja came home.
“Elin!” Maja was screaming. The door to the apartment slammed shut. Maja’s bag made a loud noise as it landed in a corner, and her rapid footsteps could be heard crossing the living room floor. Elin hurriedly dried her hands. This was not at all like Maja, who was usually the image of calm itself. Something must have happened. Elin opened the door to see Maja standing before her, her hands on her hips. Her face was red; her breathing, quick and shallow. She stared at Elin, furious: “What have you done? Where did you go with my car?”
“Maja, calm down! What happened?”
“I will not calm down! I want to know where you went with my car. Damn it!” Her dark eyes flashed at Elin.
“Fine, no problem. I’ll tell you. Come on, let’s sit down.” Elin stepped toward Maja and tried to take her in her arms, but Maja pushed her away.
“What? I haven’t done anything to you. Whatever it is, I didn’t do it intentionally. What’s going on with the car? Is something broken?” Elin looked at her, distraught. She had never seen Maja like this before. Usually, it was Maja who had to calm Elin, not the other way around. “Come on, let me hold you in my arms. I love you.”
That seemed to work. Maja lowered her eyes, and her shoulders dropped. Elin put her arm around her and drew her close. What was going on? Maja was sobbing. She embraced Elin and held her tight. Her shoulders jerked, and she was howling like a hyena. God Almighty, this must really be bad. Maja seldom cried, and never this hard. Elin was getting seriously worried. What had happened here? After all, she had parked the car in the courtyard, and everything had been fine. Unless someone had tried to break in, but that would have happened later. And why did Maja think Elin was to blame? That wasn’t like her at all.
Gradually, the sobbing subsided. Elin led Maja into the living room and sat her down on the couch. Squatting down before her, she looked into her tear-filled eyes.
“Now tell me everything, and if I’m to blame, I’ll admit it right away. Promise! And I’ll formally apologize. But I honestly have no idea what could be wrong with your car. I borrowed it again the day before yesterday, but then I parked it in the courtyard, as usual. Everything was still fine at that point. I swear!” Elin raised her right hand.
The corner of Maja’s mouth twitched briefly into an unsuccessful smile. She dug around in her pants pocket, produced a tissue, and blew her nose. Then she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. Luckily, she wasn’t wearing any makeup, or she would have looked even worse.
“I was attacked,” she finally gasped.
“What? Are you hurt?” Elin couldn’t believe it. Maja was extremely well trained—she could perform any self-defense move in her sleep. And what did this have to do with the car?
“No. They only threatened me.”
“That’s lucky.” Elin breathed a sigh of relief. At least, Maja was unharmed. “But who threatened you? Now please! Tell me the whole story from the beginning.” Elin gave her a penetrating look. “All right, Maja?”
Maja blew her nose once more and leaned back. “Yeah, OK. So I was walking out of the studio on my way to the underground. Since it was still so light out, I took the shortcut through the park. There was no one in sight other than that guy who’s been following me for the past few days. He was sitting on a bench in the middle of the park. I was trying to decide whether to turn around. But then I thought, ‘This is my chance to find out what this is all about,’ and I walked right up to him. He immediately stood up, and it was only then that I noticed he was wearing a mask. I wanted to go back right away, but when I turned around, there were three other guys standing before me, all with masks as well. I tried to escape to the right, but these guys already had a knife at my throat, and they were restraining me on all sides. Then they pulled me off the path and down into the bushes, and one of them whispered that I should keep my trap shut. I was sure they were going to rape me, and I was desperately trying to figure out how to break free. But then one of them—a tall guy, definitely over six feet—said that they just wanted to talk to me. I didn’t really believe that, but I waited to see what they would say.”
Elin stared at her, spellbound.
“I need something to drink,” Maja said.
Elin rose and went to the kitchen. She had an uneasy feeling for some reason. Four guys, of all things, and one of them very tall. That was surely no coincidence. But why?
Elin handed Maja a glass of water. Maja drank eagerly. “And what did they want?” asked Elin.
“They claimed I’d followed them in my car. And that they didn’t like having someone sneaking around behind them. This would be their first and final warning. If they saw either me or the car nearby again, our next meeting would proceed without a lot of talking. They said they’d make short shrift of me.” Maja had tears in her eyes again, and she let out several sobs. “I had to confirm that I understood. I obviously said yes. After that, one of them hit me in the stomach full force, and I blacked out. When I came to again, the four of them were gone.”
“God, how awful! I’m so sorry—I’m sure they were the same guys I was observing. I just don’t understand why they reacted so viciously. I’ve already put the whole thing to rest. Honestly, Maja, I didn’t want to pull you in. I’m sure it was me they were after.”
“Yeah, that much was clear to me by then. But did you go back to the cabin another time? You only told me about two surveillances. And the men didn’t see you at all, did they?”
“Well, yes, they did. The second time, they stopped briefly next to my—I mean, your car. I ducked right away, but they might have written down or photographed the license plate number. I’m sorry—that was my mistake. The first time, I did better and parked around the corner. I’m sure they didn’t see the car that time. Then the day before yesterday, I was there again for the third and last time because I just couldn’t get the whole business out of my head. I wanted to get through the surveillance quickly, so I drove the car down the dirt road to the fork where it turns off to the cabin. On their way back, they obviously drove by your car, but I was hoping they didn’t see it.”
Maja sighed. “But they did. Did you find anything out?”
“No, that’s why I put the whole thing to rest. The assignment is done. I just wanted to make sure one more time that nothing new had come up. But it was the same game as the other times: working together on their computers, four guys in two cars—nothing more.”
Maja was calmer now. Her breathing was steady again. “I’m sorry I lit into you earlier. It’s clear that it wasn’t your fault. I just needed to vent my frustrations on someone.”
“No problem. I probably deserved it, anyway. When I think of how they could have attacked me instead, then I know that I got off lightly with your tirade. But that should be a lesson to me: I’ll no longer use your car for detective work. I see now what comes of that. But tell me, can you describe these guys at all?”
Maja shook her head. “No. They all had on black masks, hoodies, jeans, and sneakers. The one who was following me earlier was wearing a brown parka, as usual—otherwise, I’m sure I never would have recognized him. And as I said, one of the other three guys was very tall. Aside from that, I didn’t notice anything special.”
Elin thought it over. “It fits in any case. I mean, who else could it be? I just don’t understand why they would make such a big deal out of it. If all they’re doing is playing harmless computer games, they wouldn’t have had such a violent reaction. Something about the whole thing stinks—I’ve had that feeling from the very beginning. Four guys who meet in secret in a secluded place several times a week ... that can’t possibly be harmless.”
Maja sat up. “You’re not really thinking of pursuing this further, are you? To be honest, I’ve had enough. I can usually put up a good fight, but four men armed with knives—I’d rather not risk that again. And I can tell you: they meant what they said.”
Elin raised both hands in defense. “Stop worrying! Under no circumstances do I want anything to happen to you. But it bothers the hell out of me that they could get away with this intimidation act so easily. In my view, our best move would be to bring in the police. They’d definitely find something interesting here—if only I knew what it was.”
“Thanks, but I really have no interest in dealing with the police. You know how overworked they are. And since nothing serious happened to me, I can imagine what priority they would give this incident. Also, if these guys ever caught wind that the police were involved, they’d get in their heads to make good on their threat. I really don’t need that, thank you very much.”
“Yeah, I know. But this situation doesn’t exactly feel safe, either. I mean, how do we know that they’ll leave us in peace, even if we just lay low? Think about it. You run across one of these guys by chance. You don’t even recognize him, but he alerts the others, and there you are again with a knife at your throat.”
Maja looked at Elin in horror. “Do you have to be so graphic? I’ve got chills running down my spine.”
“You’re right, though. It’s still a risk. Let me see how I cope with it. Ask me again in a few days—maybe I’ll change my mind. But please do not do anything without my consent! This thing concerns me now, too. You can’t make the decisions on your own.”
“All right, Scout’s Honor. I’ll discuss everything with you beforehand.”
Elin could easily understand Maja’s point. And she would keep her promise. On the other hand, her detective instincts had been aroused, and she wondered what lay behind this thing. Just what sort of plot were they hatching in that cabin?
Elin rose and walked to the window. She looked down at the entryway to the house on the other side of the street. There was no one there.
“At least, they seem to have called off their surveillance. I don’t see anyone there.”
“Sounds good. That’s something, anyway.” Maja made no effort to check Elin’s observation but instead went straight to the kitchen. “I need to eat something now. And a glass of wine would also be good. Now that I think about it, more like several glasses.”
That was something Elin could fully endorse. Right now, a little normalcy and relaxation were just what they both needed.

About the Author:

The author grew up in the North of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein. Today, he lives together with his family in Stockholm, Sweden, where he works as management consultant.
Already for ages he has been a great fan of crime stories and therefore, had the desire to write his own crime story with the characters acting in Sweden. This crime-fiction is now available under the title "Vanished?".
The crime novel starts at a slower pace - like Martin's holidays, but the tension goes up more and more. It comes to a number of surprising turns giving new impulses to the story. Apart from that, the lovely country Sweden is described with the view of a foreigner.

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Book Showcase: Seeking a Familiar Face by May Patterson

Book Showcase: Seeking a Familiar Face by May Patterson

Title:  Seeking a Familiar Face: The Transformational Journey of Connecting with God 
Author: May Patterson

Category:  Adult nonfiction,  175 pages
Genre Christian Living
Publisher:  Exploration Press

About the Book:

Book Showcase: Seeking a Familiar Face by May Patterson
The greatest adventure of your life awaits. And it will change everything.

Ever feel disappointed? Like your life isn't as fulfilling as you had always dreamed it would be? Are you laden down with responsibilities, feeling overwhelmed and empty, or maybe even a bit caged?

You're not alone.

Many people in the Bible felt the same way. Most had difficulties. Some felt stuck. Others were depressed, afraid and uncertain. And some just wanted to get closer to God. So they set out on life's adventure —seeking God—and encountered the One who fulfilled their longings and changed their lives forever.

The same can happen for you.

Seeking a Familiar Face guides you on the transforming journey of connecting with God, through simple, yet extraordinary ways. It doesn't matter if you are already seeking Him or just getting started, this book will encourage you to go a little farther toward locking hearts with God.

In this book, you will discover engaging narratives from ten biblical characters, along with stories, humor, and practical ideas for seeking God. There are thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter to discuss with a friend or a group. Most of all, "Seeking a Familiar Face" will offer you fresh hope for deepening your intimacy with God.

Book Showcase: Seeking a Familiar Face by May Patterson
About the Author

May Patterson has been writing and teaching bible study classes for several years. Her new book, “Seeking a Familiar Face,” was birthed from a Bible study she wrote in 2014 called “A Time to Seek.” She was trained in small group dynamics for over ten years at Bible Study Fellowship, serving as a leader for four years. She has written for several magazines including Focus on the Family, Upper Room Magazine and Shattered Magazine, among others. She is married to her dear friend, Mike, and they have three grown children. She loves to tell stories, laugh, and talk about the adventure of seeking God.

Connect with the Author:  Website ~ LinkedIn ~ Facebook


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Interview with P. J. Aitken

Interview with P. J. Aitken

Tell us about your latest book.

The Online Writers Companion is a bible for online freelancing, written with aspiring writers and authors in mind, while also being accessible for anyone who wants to make a little money freelancing. Its a guidebook that will explain every step of the processthe same process that I used to earn a six-figure salary as a freelance writer, even while I was still juggling my job as a fiction and non-fiction author.

I wanted to create something that was comprehensive and covered every aspect, leaving no stone unturned, but to do it in a way that was very accessible. So, as well as advice on how to start a freelancing career and how to develop into a full-fledged 6-figure writer, there is also advice on how to start your own successful blog/website, how to invest wisely, how to deal with taxes, and pretty much everything else that you need to do as a freelancer.

The Online Writers Companion was published by Allworth Press and is available in paperback in all major online and offline retailers. It is also available as an eBook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

How was this book published? (traditional, small press, self pub, etcc...)  Why did you choose that particular publishing route?

I have gone down the self-publishing route in the past. I am originally a fiction author and after trying to make it for 10 years I eventually self-published my books. I did very well with those books and within 2 years I had sold them to a traditional publisher, who took the workload off my hands. By that point I had started to freelance and just didnt have the time or the desire to continue with the self-publishing. It was a relief to have the help of a traditional publisher.

The Online Writers Companion was proposed a year later, by which point I was freelancing full-time as I awaited the re-release of my books. So, while most of my books were self-published initially, this one was not. And Im glad for that, because it makes a huge difference having the support of a publishing house behind you. Not only do the editors, the designers, the sales team and the PR team help with the work, but you get the sense that youre all in it together, you all want to make the book a success and will do what it takes for that to happen.

When you self-publish, youre alone, youre overworked and its easy to feel pressured by all of that.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing?

They can visit https://FreelanceWithUs.com. It was created to market the book and to talk about freelancing in general. These days I dont get as much time to post on the site as I would like, but I have contracted some other freelance writers to fill in the gaps and offer some advice of their own. There is also a Facebook page for the website.

Why do you think readers are going to enjoy your book?

I think its going to be an eye opener for many aspiring writers out there. It would have changed my life if I had known this information a few years ago and thats the main reason I wrote it. I was a penniless writer for many years and I discovered freelancing after I had been a successful fiction author, so by that point I was no longer penniless. But I still went on to earn more as a freelancer than I ever did as an author and if I had known then what I know now, my life would be decidedly different.

This book is for writers who are struggling to make ends meet and want to be given the opportunities they deservebecause its not just about the money, freelancing also opens doors. It got me a nonfiction book deal, it introduced me to publishers and agents who have changed my life and my work, and I have also made great friends and business partners.

Who designed the cover?

I have been very lucky to work with an exceptional cover designer who created all of my fiction covers: Lilith C Graphics. She helped me when I was self-published. When I eventually sold my books to a traditional publisher, I asked if she could come along and pitch her ideas. In the end, my publisher loved her work just as much as I did and she has since designed all of my novel covers.

The Online Writers Companion was a little different. We sent some idea drafts in, but ultimately the publisher wanted something a little different. So, they took a basic theme from those ideas and hired their own designer to do the rest. Im still very happy with the cover, so it all worked out in the end.

What are you doing to market the book? 

I have been offering my services as a freelance writer in exchange for some marketing. Ive also worked with a few PR companies and have had a lot of help from Allworth Press. The book has featured in national newspapers, on freelancing blogs and in a few other places. I also created a video for the book and have been using Facebook ads as well.

I realized early on that I was at the mercy of websites with a lot of readers. They were charging a small fortune for me to feature my book on their website and I just didnt want to throw my money at them. I offered to do interviews and even to write some of their content and this worked to an extent, but some sites were only interested in money.

So I created a few websites of my own instead. As a freelancer I have worked a lot on SEO over the years and know what it takes to create a successful website. Its a slow process, but it means that in a few months I will no longer be at the mercy of those sites and will be able to advertise my book on my own sites, for free.

Do you believe in writers block?

This is something I never experienced until recently. I have always had a novel on the go and when I was still an aspiring novelist I would write every day. The irony is that when I was eventually published, when people were actually reading my novels and I was being paid to write them, I stopped writing and entered a dry spell.

For me, its all about creativity, or the lack of it. As an aspiring novelist I was living on the bread line. I didnt work and I gave it my all to be a writer. Poverty has a way of inspiring you to write, as does knowing that you have invested everything into being an author and that if you fail, you will have nothing.

As a full-time writer who is also trying to promote books across three pen names, I havent had time to write for myself. I still write every day (articles, content, promotional stuff) and pretty much every second of every day. I can also write non-fiction at the drop of a hat. But it has been a struggle going back to the mindset of a fiction novelist, which is essentially what I began my writing career as and what I still consider myself to be.

Last month was the first time I worked on a novel for over 2 years. In the end, it was just a case of finding some free time, trying to relax and zone out of the chaotic day-to-day, and knowing that I just had to write something creative, even if I deleted it a few seconds later.

What is your work in progress? Tell us about it.

My next non-fiction project will be a book about how to build a successful website from scratch. This will actually be the first book that I have co-authored as I am working with a friend and online entrepreneur who owns many successful websites himself and has taught me a lot about the industry.

There are many similar books out there so we wanted to do something different. The Online Writers Companion offered a unique approach to an old industry and with this book we aim to do the same. One of the first things that we did was to create a brand new website and as we have been writing the book we have been applying the methods we discuss to that website. Its our way of saying, Do as we do, not as we say and of proving that these methods work even when you have a budget of less than $20.

Were currently about half-way through the book and already that site has made a substantial profit, so were very optimistic about this book and the good that it can do.

We decided to go down the self-publishing route with it because we both already have the network to market it and sell it, and the fact that we are two and not one means the work and the spend wont be as high.

If it was just me, it would have been traditional publishing or nothing at all, purely because the idea of delving back into the world of self-publishing (and the demands it brings) is too much. But its easier when you have the support of someone like that.

What books or authors have most influenced your life?

The thing that has helped to shape me the most as a writer is the fact that I have always enjoyed reading multiple genres. When it comes to fiction, my main influences are Philip K. Dick, Stephen King and Terry Pratchett, a combination that helps me to inject comedy, suspense and surreality into my work. My nonfiction influences include Bill Bryson, Danny Wallace and Jon Ronson.

There is usually an element of comedy to everything I read and I think this has influenced my own work as a writer. There is humor in everything I write. I think this is especially true of The Online Writers Companion. Its a reference book, a how-to, but its also a reflection of my journey as a freelancer so there are a few moments where I rant about clients and use humor as a way of making it a little less offensive and grumpy.

When youre not writing, how do you spend your time?

I dont have much of a social life anymore because Ive pretty much been working flat-out for the last 5 years. Theres always something that needs to be done, whether its working on a freelancing contract, a fiction/non-fiction book, promotional work, or one of my websites. Its 100+ hours a week, 52 weeks a year, but I still enjoy what I do, so I have managed to maintain my sanity.

On the rare occasions when I get a few hours spare, I play guitar, go to the cinema, read, and try to spend some time with my partner, who only knows me as the human shadow that sits in the corner of the room and is always accompanied by keyboard noises.

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