How To Find Your Writing Muse

How To Find Your Writing Muse, guest post by Lisa Griffin

Nowadays people spend more and more time sitting in front of their computers, chatting with their friends in the social networks or searching the answers to the questions such as “How to order an essay?” or “How to become a successful businessman?”. However, this article can only guide you on how to find your muse. Therefore, the first tip is to stop staring at the screen of your computer all day long. How can you be inspired and grasp some new ideas if you are doing nothing interesting? Moreover, numerous studies have shown that long sitting at one place can take away your productivity and, therefore, make you lazy. Take a look at this list of tips that can help you to find your writing muse and make your life more active:

Music always helps
Listen to the music, which has the lyrics and a melody similar with the plot of a story you want to write. However, at the same time the other styles of music may boost your inspiration. Although, it is hard to recommend something suitable for all the writers, remember that classical music never hurt anyone.

Explore the world you live in
Mostly people go to the same places from day to day. For example, a typical person goes from home to work and from work to home each day sometimes spending a bit of time with his/her family and friends. Therefore, you are used to the places you pass by every day. However, if you want to find the muse, open your eyes wider and listen to every sound. You will see a lot of different people and situations that can be turned into the written stories of your book after.

Ask and develop
Meeting new people is always a good chance to broaden your knowledge in some spheres, to develop your communication skills and definitely to hear new information and feel the emotions of others. Socialize as much as you can with different types of personality. Therefore, consider finding your muse in the park, cafĂ©, gym, mall, airport, gym, bus. Wherever and whenever! Do not be afraid to ask people about their lives (but not the questions such as: “Where do you usually put your money?” or “How old are you?”). Ask carefully. For example, if you want to write a romantic story, you can take a sit beside a couple of old man and woman. They will be, probably, happy to tell you about the story of their lives and how they live together for so long. This is just an example, but you know what we mean. In addition, you can make your stories brighter adding some information invented by yourself.

Gain new experience
Try something new. It can be something simple such as cooking a pie, reading a book in a genre you do not like, watching a highly-ranked movie or walking with a dog of your neighbor. If you like extreme and the muse may come to you while you are experiencing a light shock or a commotion, then try bungee jumping, rafting, mountaineering, hang gliding or base jumping. The world is open to you, the only thing you have to do in order to find the muse is to choose the option you are interested in!

The destination does not matter. Travel to the different places to broaden you view. If you are on a budget, consider travelling around your local area. New emotions and impressions can inspire you better than anything else.

Change something at home
If you are such a busy person, make at least some changes in your room. Your working place should always be clean and appealing at least to you. Muse always comes, when people make changes in their lives, therefore, design it and reorganize the place you spend a lot of time in.

Be positive
Never give up! Keep a positive thinking all the time through and you will see that the changes will come to your life as soon as possible.

Dream a lot
Think about a life of your dreams.

Ask yourself a couple of questions such as:
∙How will I look like in 10 years?
∙What is a trip I dream of is going to be?

Dream as much as you can and imagine everything in details.

All in all, the writing muse may come when you try or hear something new, enjoy new emotions and meet different people. Do not ask the muse to come right now, better have fun of the things you do and the inspiration will come spontaneously.

Lisa Griffin is a blogger whose credo is "Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on."


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