Book Showcase: Cut by Emily Duvall

Book Showcase: Cut by Emily Duvall

Title: Cut
Author: Emily Duvall

Book Showcase: Cut by Emily Duvall
About the book:

Jessica Cahill is having one perfect night. In six weeks shell walk down the aisle and marry her long-time boyfriend. But for tonight, shes celebrating hard at her bachelorette party. Its the time of her life until… she takes things too far.

Brent Harrison is having the worst night of his life. Across town, seven rare diamonds are tucked safely in the vault at his brothers mansion. These diamonds are special. They hold significance. They belong to the infamous Abbott Tiara. The task should be easy, he should have them by the morning. Thats when everything goes wrong. Thats when he runs into her.
One tiara
Seven diamonds
Sometimes beautiful things come at a cost…

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Book Showcase: Cut by Emily Duvall
About the Author:

My love of reading stories began as a young girl. I read my first romance novel decades ago, and I was hooked. Seriously. I still am. And although I have not always been a writer, Ive always been a reader. I encourage writers everywhere to keep their love of reading during the “process” of writing.

No matter what genre I read, I always come back to romance stories as my absolute favorite. Theres nothing like that one book that stays on your mind long after youve read the ending. But thats the entire point of writing in this genre I suppose, to create characters that stay on your mind and your heart, to bring on the falling in part of love and all that comes with it: wrong choices, complications, miscommunication, and loads of heartbreak.

Advice to you if youre starting out on your writing journey? Write each day, even if its only a sentence. So much of writing is just doing it. Just write. Just give those characters in your  mind a story to tell. I worked in educational research for the National Assessment of Educational Progress where I developed training materials for national studies for years before I began writing. Then I had my children. There was no time for much of anything. However, between the two, I started writing early in the morning (since I was up anyway) and fed my creative outlet. Motherhood, careers, college, and whatever life throws at you can coexist if you want to pursue writing. – Emily



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