Meditation For Writers

Meditation For Writers, guest post by Laura C. Cannon @iReadBookTours

Meditation is another tool that writers can use to sharpen focus, overcome writer's block and boost creativity.  Try meditating for at least ten minutes in the morning and in the evening to reap the benefits.

To begin, choose a comfortable, seated position on either the floor or in a chair.  Make sure your spine is aligned so you sit up straight and the room is quiet.  For a more receptive posture, place your palms face upon your thighs.  For a more grounded posture, place your palms face down.

Meditation For Writers, guest post by Laura C. Cannon @iReadBookTours
Close your eyes and imagine that someone is pulling a string at the crown of your head, lifting your spine up nice and tall and bringing space in between each vertebra.  Pay attention to your breathing and notice how your breath is flowing in and out.  Be aware of the rhythm.

Take a deep breath through your nostrils and all the way down into your belly. Keep your lips lightly touching and exhale through your nostrils. Keep breathing smoothly and evenly and focus on centering yourself.  Writers often find that their minds are cluttered with a thousand details so when a thought arises merely note the thought for what it is-thought-without focusing on its content. Simply note, "Oh, a thought," and bring your awareness back to rest right on the breath.

With each breath focus on the present moment.  If you get caught up in a stream of thought about your next deadline or which character you should develop next don't get mad.  Be compassionate with yourself while bringing your attention back to the present moment.  Keep focusing on your breath.

If your thoughts are so constant and you can't stop the chatter in your mind try reciting the following mantra, "I am here now in this" over and over.  Using a mantra is a way to trick the brain into replacing your mental chatter so you can stay focused on the present moment.

While you focus on breathing, pay attention to your body.  How do your heart, head, throat or stomach feel?  If you become aware of any tightness or stress in a particular area, don't resist it - simply be aware.  Send your breath to the places that are calling for your attention.

After ten minutes, bring your awareness back to the room around you, and be proud for taking the time to meditate.  If you practice every day, you will find it easier and easier to stay in the present moment and your mind will calm itself quickly.  You'll discover that the daily worries of life will lessen while your creativity and focus increase!

Meditation For Writers, guest post by Laura C. Cannon @iReadBookToursThe past fifteen years of Laura’s life have been a period of deep self-exploration, teaching, healing, and love that has involved apprenticing and studying with spiritual teachers, ministers, healers, and shamans from across the globe. At the same time, she has been balancing her spiritual practice with a busy and successful professional life including entrepreneurship, leadership training, and professional public speaking. Laura currently owns several businesses, including Ceremony Officiants™, one of the largest and most successful wedding officiant companies in the United States. She is also the founding president of the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants.

Ordained as a non-denominational minister in 2003, Laura has been ministering and coaching individuals and couples for over a decade. She holds a B.S. from Towson University and an M.A. in Human Sciences from Hood College with a specialization in Thanatology and Grief Counseling. A lover of all things that blend the practical and the spiritual, Laura is also a 200hr RYT yoga instructor and meditation teacher.  Learn more at and


  1. Thanks for allowing Laura to guest post on your blog today. I hope your readers enjoyed the article!

  2. Thanks for sharing the post! I encourage any of your readers interested in learning how meditation can help them to contact me!

  3. Thank you for allowing Laura to guest post on your blog today. Your readers will find The Conscious Entrepreneur has many wonderful take-home quotes that provide inspiration and insight:

    "Trying to be liked by everyone, or trying to present an image of the "good" person we are, can often cause us to lose touch with our authenticity. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get along with others, but when that desire outweighs our own drive to achieve our goals, it's impossible to move forward with bold action."

    So true. Be your authentic self, and pursue your goals boldly!


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