How to promote yourself as a writer and build an audience

 How to promote yourself as a writer and build an audience, guest post by Michael B. Judkins @MJudkins2 @iReadBookTours

The best method for a writer to build a platform or audience is simple… be yourself and create something worth reading. When starting your journey of writing, create the story that’s inside of you with humanistic appeal and sincere emotions that will attract your reader. This method will inspire you as the writer to stay focused on the project, yet, remembering what your audiences will gravity towards. Here is my list of the most effective ways to promote yourself as a writer and build an audience:

  1. Be yourself and write a great story
  2. Find your audience through your writing
  3. Network with friends and family, co-workers, store owners etc.
  4. Create a blog or website for an online presence
  5. Revise, revise and revise
  6. Ask for help
  7. Find a graphic designer/editor/ copyeditor that works with you
  8. Add depth with the characters and bring them to life with humanistic appeal
  9. Remember back story
  10. Lastly, keep writing!

Although, this list may not meet some writers' expectations of how to promote yourself or your writing. It’s a fundamental list of to-do’s that would help separate yourself from another writer in a saturated market. Remember, creating a great piece of work will bring or build your platform in the literary world.

However, the business of writing is about promotion, marketing and finding your niche to sell your works. The creative process of telling your story or writing a strong poem, short story or essay/ blog post, will foster the relationship between author/ writer and a potential reader. Allowing the reader to learn about the writer, embark on the journey with the writer, will hopefully, when a connection is made, result in a purchase.

As a writer, you want to give the reader the opportunity to get to know you as a person, a visionary, creative, and a motivator whether it’s through storytelling or business writing. Keep your audience in mind when writing and create a piece of work that is suitable to your own standards and foster a sense of togetherness to attract potential readers to your writing.

What does that mean? It means to create from your heart, imagination and back story (life experiences) and allow the reader to find you through their own journey. Most of all, remember the business of writing, promotion, marketing, cover art, editing, and finding your niche in the market. I hope these suggestions help and enjoy your writing.

 How to promote yourself as a writer and build an audience, guest post by Michael B. Judkins @MJudkins2 @iReadBookTours
Michael Barry Judkins was born in the Bronx, New York, along with his four brothers and sisters. Michael’s childhood memories, although bittersweet, provided a rich foundation for him to draw upon later in life as an accomplished author.

Delightful memories of trips to the zoo or picking apples with his mother contrast greatly to daily reminders of what any hard-working family must battle in building a life in an urban setting. Domestic violence. Drugs. Gangs. All play their part in shaping a person – whether for good or bad is often an individual’s choice.

After spending years immersed in typical, reactive adolescent behaviors like skipping school, smoking and drinking, Michael began experimenting with other alternatives to developing new relationships and helping resolve social issues. As he took these first, proactive steps to be part of the solution, and not the problem, the germ of the idea for his first book – Sentimental Me – was born.

Graduating from high school a year early, and after a foray into the music business, Michael completed a BS degree in Human Services and MS in Mental Health Counseling. A daydreamer for as long as he can remember, Michael’s inability to forge a relationship with his beloved father before he passed when Michael was only two years old still haunts him today. His mother’s cherished memories of his father’s spirit and honored Armed Forces service, while providing some solace, also serve to make Michael wonder what might have been, if only…
 How to promote yourself as a writer and build an audience, guest post by Michael B. Judkins @MJudkins2 @iReadBookTours
Today, with several poetry collections and short stories in the works, Michael’s first release – Sentimental Me – displays his ability to wrest good from bad, to display the courage to dig deep within himself to help others. Through an inspired melding of his unique voice and inspiring photographic images of nature, Michael provides the reader with a unique perspective of the human condition, inspiring others to follow their own creative paths without boundaries.

Michael now resides in Allentown, P.A., and welcomes all readers to feel free to contact him at to discuss your reaction to his work, or learn more about upcoming releases.

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