Book Showcase: The Evolution of Elizabeth Grant by Paul R. Meredith

Book Showcase: The Evolution of Elizabeth Grant by Paul R. Meredith

Title: The Evolution of Elizabeth Grant

Author: Paul R. Meredith

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Book Showcase: The Evolution of Elizabeth Grant by Paul R. Meredith
Book Blurb:

Imagine a six-year-old girl being taken from abusive parents and her three siblings and placed in an orphanage. What will become of her? It is not a pretty picture. But Young Teresa Harden endured and evolved from this rough start in life to a life beyond expectation for most people. Once adopted, educated and raised by loving parents, her life takes on challenges that most of us will never face. Her life as a young woman introduces her to life-changing events that will eventually cause her to live a very secret and often shameful life of crime and prostitution during the middle years of her existence. Then after a happenstance meeting with a very special man, she feels she has to change her name and run away to save him. Years later after being found once again by that special man, her life begins the evolution into a deep love and a life filled with treasures even she could hardly believe.

Author bio:

Paul R Meredith is a product of the Midwest. He lived most of his life in Illinois and Iowa before moving to Florida a few years ago. Meredith has a total of twenty print-on-demand and soft cover edition novels credited to him, including thrillers and romance novels. Many of his novels are Kindle e-books. Meredith has had a number of newspaper articles written regarding his writing in Illinois and has also been interviewed by three radio stations. He has held several book signings. His books are widely available on most of the Internet book seller sites, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iUniverse and others.
            Prior to taking up his passion for fiction writing seriously, Meredith worked for thirty-three years for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company. Most of his later years at the company Meredith was a senior quality engineer with responsibilities as the chief auditor of all office and factory certification processes. He managed a crew of auditors to cover the large facility. Meredith also worked as part of a team to help develop corporate quality procedures to govern quality certification efforts for the company facilities located around the globe. He traveled extensively both domestically and abroad to help facilities with quality certification plans and approved auditing techniques.
For an additional five years after his formal retirement Meredith worked as an independent quality consultant specializing in shop and office process auditing. His extensive background includes both factory and office supervision and mid-level management positions.
Meredith has written a non-fiction book on quality auditing techniques for small companies that he eventually hopes to have published. He has also written a play, a two-act stage drama.
            Meredith lives with his wife Sandra in the coastal community of Ormond Beach in Florida. Together they enjoy time with friends and love to travel to see their children and grandchildren scattered around the country. Meredith is an avid golfer and loves being able to play all year long in the fantastic paradise of Florida.


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