Book Showcase: Arkyne, Story of a Vampire by Caroline Farrell

Book Showcase: Arkyne, Story of a Vampire by Caroline Farrell

Title: Arkyne, Story of a Vampire

Author: Caroline Farrell

ISBN-10: 1522787763ISBN-13: 978-1522787761

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Book blurb: 

Arkyne, Story of a Vampire...a Celtic tale of folk horror, myth and magic On the Aran Island of Inis Mor, where Caleb Flaherty encounters the beautiful French girl, Coco de Rais, he discovers that she has unleashed a daemon vampire, Lucius. Drawn together from vastly different lives, and finding themselves in mortal danger, the lovers must accept and utilize the power they have each inherited through their strange and magical lineage. 

Author bio:  

Caroline Farrell is a writer and filmmaker from Dublin, Ireland. ARKYNE, STORY OF A VAMPIRE is her first novel. She has also written several feature length and short screenplays and has co-produced two short films of her work, ADAM [2013] and the multi-award winning IN RIBBONS [2015]. She is currently working on her second novel. Caroline is a member of the Irish Writers Guild and the Irish Film and Television Academy.

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