Book Showcase: Haunted World by P.M. Griffin

Book Showcase: Haunted World by P.M. Griffin

Title: Haunted World

Author: P.M. Griffin

ISBN/ASIN:  978-1-77127-777-8

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Book Showcase: Haunted World by P.M. Griffin

When Ranger-Colonel Dermot O’Donnell’s Fourth Regiment sets out to prevent inevitable invasion by fortifying the one breach in the otherwise impervious barrier separating them from their enemies, he expects to encounter trouble from the savage environment and is not disappointed.  What he does not realize is that the super volcanoes which ravaged the continent, taking out almost every living thing on it six centuries previously, did not erase every trace of its victims.  The spirits of a massive column of refugees remain, guarding the place to which the soldiers have come.  When the anticipated invasion begins early, long before effective defenses can be prepared, the Fourth’s only hope of survival lies in the favor of the ghosts and their willingness to wield the terrible force that exterminated them.  Can O’Donnell win their aid?


Pauline (P. M.) Griffin has been writing since her early childhood.  She enjoys telling a good tale, and since she always works with characters and situations deeply interesting to her, she finds the research as rewarding as the scribbling/keying.

Book Showcase: Haunted World by P.M. Griffin
Griffin’s Irish love of storytelling coupled with her passion for history, the natural world, and the above-mentioned research have resulted in twenty-three novels and fourteen short stories, two Muse Medallion Award winners among them, all in the challenging realms of science fiction and fantasy.  She has also written several nonfiction articles, primarily for the Brooklyn Aquarium Society’s publication AQUATICA, several of which have won the Editors Choice for Excellence Award.

She lives in Brooklyn , New York , with her cats Jinx and Nickolette and three tropical fish aquariums

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