Book Showcase: Burning Bridger by Traci McDonald

Book Showcase: Burning Bridger by Traci McDonald

Title: Burning Bridger

Author: Traci McDonald

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Book description:

Burning Bridger is a romantic thriller about 23-year-old party girl Lily Pinion, who survives being raped only to watch her best friend die, she swears off men to retreat to the Island of Maui. Unfortunately, Maui doesn’t mean safety. Lily’s escape into isolation and alcohol leave her at the mercy of a strange man who appears from the jungle-like landscape of the island, armed and seeking her life. 

Ex-army ranger and bouncer Bridger Jacoby finds himself reluctantly in the wrong place at the right time to rescue her. Lily’s twisted life collides with Bridger’s scarred service in Iraq forcing them to both run from and rely on each other. Even if they manage to let go of the past, it won’t save them from the unknown stranger stalking them down the Road to Hana.

Author bio:

Traci McDonald has been blind for eighteen years and began writing full-time after recovering from a kidney transplant in 2009. She credits modern technology and good training with enabling her to enjoy all facets of being a mother, music lover, reader, history enthusiast and author.

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