Book Review: Polygraph by Cy Wyss

Book Review: Polygraph by Cy Wyss

Title: Polygraph

Author: Cy Wyss

Purchasing link:

Today I'm reviewing Polygraph by Cy Wyss. I grabbed a copy when it was free in a Kindle promotion on Amazon.

I'm giving this a 3 star rating.

About the book:

"Like most bad ideas, it started with alcohol." 

When a vicious serial rapist terrorizes the Bay Area, lowly beat officer Lukas Richter knows he can help. It’s said he can see through your skin and is more effective than a polygraph at detecting lies, which might seem like it would be a killer talent in law enforcement. But when a drunken boast has Richter seeing something he shouldn’t, he will be sorely tested: Does he have what it takes to make it in the SFPD --- or will his career dissolve before it even starts? 
If this short story were a movie it would be rated R for hard language and intense violence.
Watch the video for the full review: 


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