A Time to Write

A Time to Write, guest post by Sandy Sinnett #Writing

A few years ago, I found myself in a state of what I would simply call, unrest.  It wasn’t a bad place to be necessarily, but it can be one of flux and uncertainty, especially for a woman.  Especially for this woman – a mother of four kids, in my mid-forties, and a marriage of almost 25 years in turmoil, eventually ending in divorce.  I think that pretty much sums up the word ‘unrest’, don’t you?  So how did I move past this state?  Well, it wasn’t easy.  Honestly it’s still a day-to-day challenge, but reading and writing definitely helped!    

A Time to Write, guest post by Sandy Sinnett #Writing
The Mamas and the Papas wrote a song about it, and the Bible mentions it in Ecclesiastes – that there is a season and time for everything.  A time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to grieve and a time to dance.  For me, I fall into the “a time to read – a time to write” category.  I loved reading when I was young, but somewhere along the way I lost the desire.  Writing poetry and keeping journals were a lifeline during the more dramatic dating years of life, but once I married and started a family, it too became nonexistent once the busyness of life took hold.  My family and career were great at the tie, but after my oldest son moved forward in life, I found myself looking back and longing for more.  You might call that longing a ‘mid-life crisis’, and maybe it was on some level - I’m not sure.  But I was certain of one thing…I wanted to inspire and ignite a change in not only myself, but others around me.

As a writer, my goal is to move the reader, as should be yours if you write - to engage and inspire! Writing should never come from a place of stress or pressure, unless it is the only thing that pays your bills.  Instead, the best stories are those that are written from a place of inspiration, passion, personal experience, or even writing about a friend’s struggle/story.  Then, you are writing for all the right reasons.  Those emotions that your pen is laying on the crisp, white pages will later jump off the page when a reader comes face to face with your words.  That reader becomes a spectator of the story you have created, watching it unfold scene by scene and making an indelible impression upon his or her mind.  Once your words are read, they become part of that reader’s life forever.  Your story is now their story. 

Writing gives you the ability to touch lives that you never thought possible, but it can also be a way to free yourself of many things that cause stress, pain, worry, and more – healing to some degree.  It was for me in many ways, but I also wanted my writing to give women hope in second chances in life and love.  I decided to write a story that I would want for myself if given the chance to start over and find new love.  If your desire is to write, and you haven’t yet begun, then I highly encourage you to find a good book and make the time to read.  I was told once that the best writers are avid readers, and I find this to be true beyond any doubt.  Keep a notebook by your bed, and when a thought or idea enters your mind, write it down!  One tip I will share is writing down words as you read other novels – words that speak to you.  Dig into the meaning behind the word and make a ‘wish list’ of words that you could use in your own story, and when you’re ready, bring it to life. 

We all have a story…what’s yours?  Write it!

Happy Writing.

A Time to Write, guest post by Sandy Sinnett #Writing
Sandy recently moved back to her hometown of Mt. Vernon, IL and lives there with her two youngest kids. She currently works in Marketing for a local Children's Home and is busy working on another book.


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