6 Tips for Writing Wildly Successful Guest Posts

6 Tips for Writing Wildly Successful Guest Posts, Guest post by Jillian Petrova

Bloggers often write hit guest posts without knowing what made it oh-so-popular. For them, writing guest posts that were good, not-so-good, great, or mediocre is quite routine. Very often, they’re not even worried about the quality of the guest posts and they just keep cranking out new ones everyday to meet the “quantity” standards of the blog.

However, doing so often results in a blog with a lot of potential, but limited content to meet that potential. By “potential” we mean more visitors, page views, leads, subscribers, and benefits for the audience.

By now, you’re probably wondering what it takes to meet that potential and the quality standards of any blog. So we pretty much summed it up for you:

1)  It fits the niche: I’ve seen so many guest posts that seem like the writer had no idea whatsoever who they were targeting. I’m not just talking about the topic of the guest post. I’m also pointing towards the needs, interest, habits, and language of the audience. The more niche-oriented your guest posts, the more likely they are to succeed. If you’re hiring a writer, write specific guidelines. Whatever you do, keep the audience in mind!

2)  It is engaging: The best blogs (or bloggers) pay attention to each and every comment, and try to solve any issues or suggestions the reader presents or offers. The more you respond the more you “engage”. The more you engage, the higher the chance of getting feedback and increasing your blog ratings.

3) It is fresh and unique: Yes, every single hit guest post needs to be fresh and unique! This is the number one rule to writing a guest post that is more focused on quality and returns rather than quantity and merely fulfilling requirements.

4) It gives you credibility in the niche: The most wildly successful guest posts are also those that position you as an “expert” in your niche. How you do that is entirely up to. Perhaps, you can highlight what makes you qualified enough to discuss the subject matter in your guest posts. For example, “I have been doing this for five years now…”. Or can provide recent in-depth research and knowledge in the field. For instance, “I spent an entire week figuring this out…”

5)  It DOES consider SEO: There has been quite a buzz lately about SEO being “dead”. This is not entirely true. While it is true Google has made it almost impossible to create “quality content” through keywords stuffing and other linking schemes, there is still some substance in search engine optimization. There are still rules for topping search engine results and you need to be familiar with them. For example, social relationships, authority, and keyword research is still the best way to give your guest posts more value. The best posts keep the latest search engine rules in mind.

6) It has been considerably promoted: The best guest blogs are also those that are regularly promoted. Despite where the ownership lies, you should share it, tweet it, email it, or create a buzz about your new blog that offers great advice. Make sure you also provide a catchy caption everywhere you promote it.

Finally, we’d like to add that although your efforts should be rewarded instantly, sometimes it’s just a matter of accepting that it was the best you could do and moving on. Don’t get too hung up on what you could have done to make it better. Writing is a skill that improves with time. Keep exploring new topics, new audiences, and new techniques, and you’ll come across something that works best for you—and when it does, stick to it. Whatever you do, don’t give up!

Happy posting!

Jillian Petrova is a student of Arts, and a professional career consultant currently offering coursework help UK at an online startup. When not consulting, she loves to write online blogs on anything that catches her interest.


  1. I love this, The tips are great. I find myself writing about what I am learning in life. I think that journaling a lot helps me practice writing unfiltered, so when I sit at the computer, I can write from the heart. It definitely takes practice!


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