Book Showcase: Dimorphic by CY Wyss

Book Showcase: Dimorphic by  CY Wyss #Books

Title: Dimorphic
Author: CY Wyss
Genre: Thriller, Mystery 
Published by: Nighttime Dog Press, LLC 
ISBN: 0996546510 (ISBN13: 9780996546515) 
Note: Dimorphic contains Strong Language 

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Book Showcase: Dimorphic by  CY Wyss #Books
It's easy to become a superhero. First, discover a superpower. It might take a while to get used to, though --- especially if it's something as weird as being your twin brother half the time. Second, recruit a sidekick. Or, two. It'd be nice if they weren't a pyromaniacal sycophant and a foul-mouthed midget, but you get what you get. Third, and most important, hire a mentor --- preferably not a vicious mobster with a God complex, however, this may, realistically, be your only choice. Finally: go forth and fight crime. Try not to get shot, beaten, tortured, or apprehended in the process. Good luck! 

Author Bio:
Cy Wyss I live and write in the Indianapolis area. After earning a PhD in Computer Science in 2002 and teaching and researching for seven years, I’ve returned to the childhood dream of becoming an author. I better do it now because I won’t get a third life. Behind me, I have a ton of academic experience and have written about twenty extremely boring papers on query languages and such, for example this one in the ACM Transactions on Databases. (That’s a mouthful.) Now, I write in the mystery/thriller/suspense genres and sometimes science fiction. I know for some people databases would be the more beloved of the options, but for me, I finally realized that my heart wasn’t in it. So I took up a second life, as a self-published fiction author. Online, I do the Writer Cy cartoon series about the (mis)adventures of researching, writing, and self-publishing in today’s shifting climate. I also love to design and create my own covers using GIMP.
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  1. Thanks for showcasing my book. I'm really excited about the blog tour.

  2. Thanks for the post!
    This was a GREAT book!!!!! I loved it!


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