My self publishing journey

My journey into the world of self publishing started in 2013. It was not planned. I was struck by inspiration on a beautiful spring day in Spain. The story followed spontaneously. We all experience moments in life we wish to document and share but rarely do so. Less than a year later, fuelled by the recurring image in my mind I decided to take myself up on it.

My self publishing journey, guest post by Corine Timmer
Good fortune arrived in the form of Story Jumper. A site I found during a brief online search dedicated to story telling, creativity and sharing. It proved such fun that my book took shape and grew together with the images I created using their props. There was one downfall. My stripy wild boar Squeak called Djabali had no choice but to be a pink pig and I very much wanted him to resemble himself.

This eventually led me to creating, managing and directing a new version of the book with beautiful water colour illustrations by Kristina Muñoz. Kristina, like Story Jumper, crossed my path through what I considered to be an act of fate. She was the first person I clicked on during a random search for illustrators and it turned out she grew up less than 5km away from the actual spot where the baby boar ran in front of my car. Thus I looked no further and hired her to do the illustrations.

To see the pink pig turned into Djabali and his surroundings into Andalusia was a joyous moment. But that was only the beginning of what turned out to be a long and intense journey, not without its obstacles. One could compare it to ultra trail-running. Ultras are not easy. Mine was exhausting. But with good information and a little preparation they become manageable and totally rewarding.

10 tips for surviving your first ultra trail-running book experience

My self publishing journey, guest post by Corine Timmer1) As a first time runner, don´t race. Be glad simply to complete your journey.
2) Write down a plan. Organise your thoughts and what you need to complete your run. Keep a note book.
3) This is long distance so be prepared to fall, get up and carry on.
4) Do your homework before you start. Know your terrain.
5) Choose your gear well and don’t rush it. Make sure your gear fits you and is suitable for the terrain and conditions. You need to feel comfortable.
6) Don´t assume that even with a solid plan and good gear you will automatically have a great race the first time. See it as a learning curve.
7) Some of us, myself  included, learn the hard way. To shorten your learning curve, get a knowledgeable coach and be open to discussion and advise. But don’t lose yourself.
8) nutrition. Feed your mind regularly with relevant information and make a note of what is useful. Don’t overdose. Remember to enjoy the view.
9) Be selective and consistent with social media and how you market yourself. Control your enthusiasm.
10) Remember you are not running alone. Show an interest in others who share your passion and goals.

Written by Corine Timmer


  1. Passion, passion, passion! Here is Corine Timmer for you! The car journey ended up in a writing journey! I love your book and can't wait for the next one!


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