Creating Effective Author Newsletters

Creating Effective Author Newsletters #Authors #BookMarketing

When social media hit the scene experts predicted the end of email marketing. Email is far from dead. In fact, it's one of the most effective marketing channels. However, just like any other marketing method it needs to be done right to get good results.

Why should someone want to have your content delivered directly to their email inbox? With such a vast amount of material available online, why should they give up their precious email address?

In this video I talk about the importance of making your newsletter content exclusive. 

There's something about emails that feels more personal than other online marketing. It's like being invited into someone's home. This means you need to make sure you're a good house guest so you get invited back again i.e. they don't unsubscribe, or worse yet, mark you as spam.

This brings up another very important point. Always make it easy and quick for people to unsubscribe. It's far better to lose a subscriber, than have them mark you as spam. 

Another thing to remember is to make it about them. I know it's your author newsletter, and as such will no doubt talk about the projects you're working on and the books you've written, etc... Drop the "me, me, me" though and turn it around so it's about them. Why is your new release good news for them? How will reading your latest blog posts benefit them? What will they get out of coming to your upcoming book signing?

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An author newsletter is key to effective book promotion

Do you have an author newsletter? How often does it go out? Got some tips to share? Leave a comment below.


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