Book Review: Father of Fear by Ethan Cross

Title: Father of Fear

Author: Ethan Cross

Book Review: Father of Fear by Ethan Cross, reviewed by Jo Linsdell #Books #BookReview

A father returns home to find that his family has been kidnapped and the only way to save their lives is for him to kill another innocent person…
So begins a journey that will force Special Agent Marcus Williams of the Shepherd Organization to question all that he believes, unearth his family's dark legacy, and sacrifice everything to save those he loves. In order to stop the serial murderer whom the media has dubbed the Coercion Killer, Williams must enlist the help of one of the world's most infamous and wanted men...the serial killer Francis Ackerman Jr.
Rippling with intensity, charged with tension, and brimming with a relentless spirit of humanity, FATHER OF FEAR is the latest evidence that Ethan Cross is one of the finest suspense novelists on the planet.

Ethan Cross is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and Father of Fear was just as good as the other titles I've read in the Shepherd series.

This book gets a 5+ star review. An awesome read from beginning to end. Strong characters, action packed, thought provoking, and plenty of twists and turns along the way.

I highly recommend this book if you like the crime, or thriller genres.

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