Jobs of Bigname Authors Before They Became Famous

Jobs of Bigname Authors Before They Became Famous

I was recently approached by the team at Unplag with their latest infographic. I think it's pretty interesting, and hits on an important topic that will hopefully provide you with some writing motivation.

When we see the names of famous writers we rarely think of them as more than writers. That's what they are known for. They gained fame and recognition due to their talent with words. But what about before they reached success? 

This infographic takes a look at their more humble beginnings and is a great reminder that we all start some where... even in places that have nothing to do with writing at all.

Jobs of Bigname Authors Before They Became Famous 

You can find the original post this infographic is based on at

So if you ever feel discouraged about your writing career as you work your other job, just think about these writers and where they started out. Then, when you finish your shift, go write something brilliant.


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