Is This the End of Google+?

Is This the End of Google+?

Just curious, how many of you actively use Google+? 

This post (which is also full of loads of others info and tips) talks about the possible end of Google+

I think the main problem with Google+ is that it's being viewed as direct competition to Facebook. If another site had 2.2 billion profiles it would be considered a success. The big problem seems to come from the fact that although a lot of people have Google+ profiles, not many of them are active users.

I was a little surprised when they said that "More than 91% of Google+ accounts are empty. Yep, there’s not even one post on these accounts." Although Google+ is not one of my main social media platforms I am active there. I share all my blog posts to my G+ profile and check in once or twice a week. Not the daily activity I have on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but I still get good return on investment through the site. It's actually very good for increasing traffic to my blogs and engagement isn't bad either, especially considering how little effort I put into it.

Google recently made an announcement about some changes happening over the coming months (read here). The most notable of which is that you'll no longer need a Google+ account to access other Google sites, like for example, YouTube. Separating Google+ from the rest of the Google network is not a good sign about the future of the social media site.

Some Google+ features are being moved e.g. Google+ photos will now be in new Google Photo App. I'm personally curious to see what happens with Google hangouts as it's one of the features I liked most. 

Do you use Google+?

Do you think this marks the end of Google+? 

Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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