How to Get Your New Book Reviewed

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So you authored a book or some type of report writing. And it is really a thing of magnificence. It's refined to brilliance; you have adoringly written your work of genius in the stolen minutes surrounding a difficult schedule or you had the help of a professional service like where you can do more than just buy a book report. 

You have commissioned probably the most tasteful of covers, paid for a professional editor and meticulously modified the inside formatting to guarantee the fragile sensibilities of your readers won't be suddenly jarred with dodgy font pairing or flawed folios. 

It is now the time. Time for you to share your development with the world. Time for you to get the review of the book. 

Here are some tips:

Begin Early. 

Begin right now, prior to your custom book report or book’s launch. It will take time to develop the contacts and relationships you will want to get the high quality and amount of reviews which will have an effect on your gross sales. Waiting around for your book to get published almost always means rushing-and rushing usually means lower quality, unless you work with thepensters.

Email or Call First. 

If you can, email or call a reviewer first to check if they even have an interest. You will save money and time if they should they say no. Furthermore, make certain once you have received the okay to deliver it that you send it to the particular person you spoke with and write ‘Requested Material’ on the exterior of the package.

Target Sites and Publications that Review your Genre

Sending out for review writing without sufficient research in advance will probably lead to your book being thrown in the wastepaper container without even being read. 

Search for sites with related subject material of your book, and then verify if they do book reviews. Take a look at other books inside your genre and their sites to see whether or not they have published reviews. Get their contact information and names, and then send an email or letter to compliment them about their positive, stimulating reviews, requesting if they would be willing to review your new release. 

Talk to other writers to learn how they received their reviews. Don’t Make it Easy for Reviewers to Disqualify you

. There are a great number of books competing for attention with limited time/space in a reviewer’s schedule. They're looking for ways to reduce their submissions; ensure you don’t hand them over a reason to disqualify your book right from the start. Follow their instructions thoroughly. If they request a press release, be sure you send one. If they desire completed books, do not send galleys. Ensure they even review your book genre before you submit. Stick to their publication-date deadline. Most importantly, be sure you include all of your contact information such as: name, mailing address, site address, number and current email address. Likewise incorporate book details such as: ISBN, number, price, how many pages and genre. 

And lastly, send hard copies of your book in boxes or in padded envelopes. You do not want them destroyed before they are seen and possibly risk the editor passing them up because they don't look professional.


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