Dudes Can Dig Romance Too

Dudes Can Dig Romance Too, guest post by Brett Scott Ermilio
So there are quite a few puns having to do with romance novels. I myself have been guilty of many in the past. Anybody every watch the television show Friends? Joey Tribbianni ruthlessly made fun of Rachel and her love for romance novels. He did so, until he read one. Then he had a different take.

Now, I am not recommending men across the world rush to their local Walmarts to purchase 50 Shades of Grey. However, keeping an open mind may be a better strategy. As I made fun of my wife, she gave me an interesting challenge as an author. “If you think you can do better, then you try and write one!”

So I did. I even made her read the romance-suspense novel a single chapter at a time to see if I was on the right track. A funny thing happened as I wrote my first book of this now trilogy entitled, The Connolly Affair; my wife and I started having all kinds of crazy sex. I’m talking better than make-up sex-sex. And as a writer, I broadened my horizons and truly challenged myself in an area I once been a foreigner to.

The fact she was reading the story chapter by chapter challenged me to come up with suspenseful exciting scenarios. Soon, she forgot about the challenge she made to me and sexually became jumpstarted. Now, my wife didn’t read too much romance. She is more of a suspense girl reading books by the likes of James Patterson. But she fell in love with this. And a funny thing happened. So did I. The passion from the book inspired me as well. We began to reenact ever romantic scene in the book ourselves. It was a windfall of good sex for the both of us.

I know what you’re thinking: If I’m not a freakin’ writer, how does this impact me? I’ll tell you how. Just as Joey Tribbianni discovered, these novels can infuse passion into the passionless. Create your own challenge. As your wife or girlfriend reads the romance novel YOU hand-selected for her, the both of you reenact all the sex scenes inside. This turns a distracted wife into a willing sexually infused fireball. The same is true on the other side. Perhaps a woman sets forth a challenge for her significant other. Find a romantic scene in this book and we’ll have some fun just as they are. The sky is the limit once you start participating and she is excited you are thinking of her! Win-win, boys! So don’t laugh as your significant other peruses the romance section. Don’t snicker and make jokes. Instead, be the trailblazer! Research and purchase the book for her and create a whole new sexual ballgame! It’s a whole new world, fellas. Dive in!

Dudes Can Dig Romance Too, guest post by Brett Scott Ermilio

Brett Scott Ermilio is an award winning writer, authoring a music biography, Going Platinum: KISS, Donna Summer and How Neil Bogart Built Casablanca Records and two novels, Jacob and The Connolly Affair.
Dudes Can Dig Romance Too, guest post by Brett Scott Ermilio



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