The Art of Creative Flow

The Art of Creative Flow, guest post by K.J. Larsen
I sometimes think my muse is a drunken floozy on a two week bender.

Every writer knows what it’s like to be abandoned by her muse. We’ve all experienced god-awful times when we stare at a blank computer screen and choke. We feel uninspired. Every word we write sounds forced and stiff. Thankfully, we know the dreaded brain freeze will thaw. The creative juices will stir and we’ll be in the zone again.

Researchers say when we’re in the creative zone, we’re in a state of “flow”.  We’re fully engaged when we write in flow. Time flies by. We write with greater focus. A difficult chapter that once gave us fits, unfolds effortlessly. The muse whispering in our ear is on steroids.

As writers, our goal should be to learn to achieve and maintain a state of flow.  It is only when we write in the flow state that we can create our full potential. You may be able to write well on your own. But you can only make magic in the flow state.   
Here are six things to help jumpstart your creative juices and maybe kick in some flow: 

1) Clear your head of distractions. Your muse doesn’t give a crap about your problems. Sit at your desk and be present with yourself. Know you have everything you need to create something magical.

2) Do the cross crawl and try some brain exercises to balance the left and right sides of your brain. Google is your friend.

3) Follow your passion. If you’re not flowing, you might not be allowing yourself to be challenged. Open your heart wide and write what you love most.  

4) Let go and surrender to the creative source that is you. Give up any expectations that can limit the creative experience. Open yourself to wonder.

5) Write for yourself. Write without thought of what others will think. Trust your passion. And trust your muse to take you where you are meant to go.

6) Good writing flows without resistance. Honor your voice and allow the story to unfold. If you get out of your way, the story will write itself.  And it will be magic.

The Art of Creative Flow, guest post by K.J. Larsen

One day three sisters, linked by a voracious love of mysteries, set off to write their own. Hunched over a mojito and bucket of steamer clams, the Pants On Fire Detective Agency was born. Julianne, Kristen and Kari Larsen, (horse trainer, minister and irreverent baker) deliver a sizzling read and easy smile. Liar Liar is the first book in the Cat DeLuca mysteries. The sisters live in the Pacific Northwest and Chicago area and are currently at work on Cat’s next, most fabulous adventure.

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