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Takeaways from #SMMW15, www.writersandauthors.info

Social Media Marketing World 2015 took place last week and all I can say is WOW! I wasn't able to go in person (on my to do list for the future though) but I did follow along on Twitter using the event hashtag #SMMW15. My head is still spinning. So much information and great tips!

Here's a few of my favourite tweets from the event:
There was a lot of talk about video content this year. This tweet via the event organiser, Mike Stelzer, gives an idea for incorporating it into your Facebook strategy. Facebook has been giving more space to visual content lately and has big plans in the video department so adding a video to your Facebook page is definitely a good idea.
This quote is so true! I've heard so many people complain that they're not getting results from their marketing efforts and often they put the blame on the platform (go on, hands up if you've complained about Facebook updates killing your page reach. Yep I thought so. A lot of people are guilty of that). You are the wizard, and it's your job to create the magic. The platform (wand) is just a tool you've been given. 

This next quote made me giggle, but again, so true!
We ALL want more followers. That said, we should be trying to build the right following and not just get hooked on the numbers game. You need to be connecting with the right people, grabbing the attention of the right people, and getting the right people to follow you, if you want to get the best results. By "the right people" I mean your target audience. As an author being followed by someone is great. Being followed by someone who loves to read is better. Being followed by someone who loves to read books in your niche/genre is even better.

Put out content for your target audience. Reach out to your target audience and engage them in conversation (it is social media after all). Make it about them and show them why you are the perfect person for them to follow.

That leads nicely on to this next tweet:

If you're using social media as part of your marketing strategy one of your big goals will be to build relationships. A simple and effective way to do this is to mention people in your posts. Whether you post a quote and tag the person who said it, or send out virtual high fives to your top fans, name recognition will put you on their list of wonderful people. 

If you're using Twitter, a great way to do this is by using hashtags like #WW (#WriterWednesday) or #FF (#FollowFriday). You can list a group of people for wider reach and networking, or just one per tweet with a reason for why they are awesome. 

This tweet is one from last week from author Dan McNeil:
Dan tags me in his #WW tweet pretty much every single week, and for that reason definitely caught my attention. He's continuously recommending me to others as someone to follow, and that feels pretty dam good :) I've also made some awesome new connection by checking out the others he lists. 

This quote from Mari Smith is a great reminder for dealing with negativity on social media.

You've probably witnesses arguments on social media. In most cases the end result is not a good one. It doesn't look professional, and it's not good for your author brand. Don't get sucked in. Unfortunately there are people who just love to start trouble. Don't fall for their bait. Go offline. Scream. Go for a run. Pull out your boxing gloves and work off that anger. Solve your issues offline.

The last takeaway I'd like to share with you is one that didn't come from a tweet, but instead from all the tweets. Even though I couldn't be there in person for the event I still gained huge amounts of knowledge from it. I also connected with loads of people and saw a massive jump in my followers, as well as being added to a large number of lists. Taking part in events is a great way to learn more and to grow your network.

Find events related to the writing industry, marketing, etc... and get involved. You'll be glad you did.

Before call it a day on this post, I'd like to let you know about an upcoming online event that you should all attend. Promo Day is an annual online event for people in the publishing industry dedicated to promoting, networking, and learning. This years event takes place on Saturday 30th May and registration is completely free. Just go to www.PromoDay.info and click on "Register Now".

The day will be packed full of free webinars by industry experts on a variety of topics related to author branding and book marketing. There will also be live pitch sessions with publishers, and loads of opportunities to promote and network. It's going to be awesome!

Hope to see you there, and remember, you can get more out of the event by joining the conversation using the hashtag #PD15 to talk to the people who will also be attending, even before the event starts.

Register now for #PD15 at www.PromoDay.info. A whole day dedicated to promoting, networking, and learning. It's completely free too!

Did you follow #SMMW15? What was your favourite tip/quote from the event? Will you be attending #PD15 in May? What are you doing to prepare so that you get the most out of the event? Leave a comment below with your feedback.


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