Story Drops – A mobile app for writers… a mobile app for all

I invited Roy Schiftan from Story Drops to join me today to fill you all in on what they do. I think you'll agree that their app sounds like fun.

Over to you Roy...

Story Drops – A mobile app for writers… a mobile app for all,

Wouldn’t it be great if a writer could generate fans and followers where they would be notified when he creates something new?

Wouldn’t be even better if those fans and followers had the option and opportunity to participate in that creation and influence its plot?

Think about it… It can be a whole new way of generating content, getting ideas and interacting with fans.

Much like those interactive books, we love so much, where you can choose between several options, and the plot changes accordingly, we have created the app "Story Drops", that allows you to do so LIVE, Giving your audience a chance to create with you, to be a part of your world, to contribute from their imagination and to influence the plot.

Publishing a written creation can be very frustrating and trying to gather active fans or followers can be even harder.  One can send his creation to friends, upload it to countless sites and the brave ones will even try sending it to publishers, hoping to get a positive response.  Friends and the various sites offer you a very narrow audience…

As writers ourselves, we wanted to come up with an alternate way… a bigger wider approach, which will enable writers to express their talent, collaborate with other writers, gather fans and followers and giving them the ability to be a part of their favorite writer's world. The result is the Story Drops app, which lets writers take advantage of the mobile world.

In our days, people use the social networks to share almost anything, knowing it has a chance to reach millions. Story drops, lets you use the social networks to share your creations, but most importantly, it lets you invite people to actually take part in them.

The process is designed to be fun, easy and rewarding, thus opening your world, your talent, and your creations, to a much wider audience, attracting many people with a diversity of writing expertise, from professionals to amateurs, as well as readers and fans of the written word.

Story Drops – A mobile app for writers… a mobile app for all,

These advantages are not reserved for any specific kind of writers or any specific literature category … the possibilities are endless. Using Story Drops, one can create:

·         A worldwide cooking book in a couple of days, with the help of cooking lovers from around the world
·        A reserved group can create a travelogue
·        A documentation of worldwide extraterrestrial encounters
·        An educational tool, encouraging children to practice creative writing by creating a joint story with the entire classroom.

And the list can go on and on as far as your creative mind takes you

Our vision is to grow in to becoming the first social publishing. Imagine a worldwide community, large enough to generate quality content and influence which creations should become an official, commercial, hard print versions, or eBooks.  

No more trying to work with a publisher… work directly with the readers.
The Story drops app platform allows you to:

·        Create stories, poems, articles and share them
·        Create a funny "crazy tales" where each writer adds a section, based only on the last sentence of the previous writer… it gets crazy fast J
·        Join creations of others and contribute
·        Invite others to participate in one's creation
·        Read published creations
·        Gather fans and let them be a part of your world
·        Have fun with your talent
·        Get notified when someone joins your creation or contributes
·        Have it with you on the go

We wish you all a lifetime of creativity wherever you go…


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