Self Publishing: Things You Need To Know

As more and more authors are opting to self publish their books I thought it would be a good idea to pull together some information about what self publishing is, how to self publish, and a few other tips and info that might be helpful to those of you considering going this route/ for the self publishers amongst us.

Self Publishing: Things You Need To Know, gives some good information and insight into publishing via Amazon and also mentions selling directly from your own website. gives a good summary of how to self publish both for print and ebooks. offers a quick overview of how to self publish a book. offers a more in-depth look at how to self publish and some great advice. gives a great introductory guide to self publishing. looks at some of the worst self publishing mistakes you can make. looks at how much it costs to self publish a book. had lots of articles by, and for, self published authors. is an excellent resource for information about self publishing. looks at some of the common mistakes made by first-time indie authors. asks and answers some great questions about self publishing, both in the article and in the comments section. looks at some of the differences between traditional publishing and self publishing. 

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