#IndieReCon Takeaways

Over the past few days I've been busy at an online conference called IndieReCon.  The event was founded by authors S. R. Johannes and Ali Cross in 2013, but this year has partnered with Alliance of Independent Authors.

#IndieReCon Takeaways, www.writersandauthors.info

What is IndieReCon?

IndieReCon is a global conference focussing on all stages and levels of self-publishing. Run across three days, we’ll be offering live events online and offline, wherever you are in the world.
Our aim is to make publishing a mission possible. We offer advice in a fun and practical way, with an emphasis on ensuring we get the best people to tell you the best ways to publish your books and reach your readers. 

The event was awesome! So much great information being throw around, and such a supportive, engaged community. I highly recommend attending this event in the future if you've not been before. 

With so much information being offered it's been hard to keep up with all the action but here's a few of my favourite snippets from IndieReCon:

How many of you are indie authors? What made you pick that publishing route? What advice do you have for writers considering self publishing?


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