How To Categorize Your Book

How To Categorize Your Book,

What category should your book be listed under? This is a question that often comes up, especially from new authors. We get told all the time about the importance of listing our books under the right categories but with so many new sub-genres cropping up daily it can be hard to keep up and know where to place them. 

The category you place your book under can have a huge knock on effect on sales and so is an important element to research. 

This article How to Figure Out Your Book’s Genre at Rock Your Writing gives some good suggestions for working out what category to use and covers some of the common umbrella genres.

Write to Done has an excellent article about genres and categories. It takes a look at why genre is important, from a selling point of view but also when it comes to working with agents and publishers.

On Amazon you get to pick two main categories. This article at Digital Book Today takes a look at the importance of narrowing in on your niche when deciding which categories to choose. 

Want to hit more categories? Read this article at Inkless. It shares some tips for how to make your keywords work with your categories to improve your category ranking on Amazon.

If you're trying to work out what categories to list your book under on Amazon, check out for a full list of their categories and sub-categories. 

For more tips about Amazon categories and ranking check out this article at The Future of Ink.

What genre is your book? What categories is it listed under? Got some tips of your own for picking categories? Tell us about them in the comments below.


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